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So anon tell me about your exciting life.
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What shameless liar told you my life was exciting?
Why... Uhh.. Ah.. I d-don't... C-Can I put my penis in your vagina?
i recently found out that if i eat 3 brazil nuts in the morning and 3 at night, after a few days i have better erections and more pleasurable cum shots

l think my dog has gender dysphoria
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Is that your dog
Your dog has some sexy legs, bruh.
it does. now dress it up in cute dresses and post pictures plox.

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Yo do robots like kratom or not

Just answer me

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I like it for social anxiety, But I don't like the increased heartbeat and thirst side effects
If Kratom does anything to your body you are not a true robot. Fucking laughed out loud @ your life OP: kratom's the lowest tier and if taking less than like 8g's does anything you are fucking worthless to me.
Was thinking of getting some since I'm out of weed, but it's way too expensive for me to justify not getting high.

What will the next war be?
Who will fight?

I've concluded I'm so bored because there aren't enough wars happening right now, so my options are extremely limited in accomplishing my life goals.
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Nukes and biological warfare mean mutual destruction. There will be no more wards. Only police action, and terrorism.
This is a good feel, bad feel for me.

>We're so good at killing each other we need to stop else risk going extinct
>We're so good at killing each other that military action is not as viable anymore

I still gotta laugh when people tell me globalism and things like the EU stopped conflict.
Shut up cuck you clearly don't know anything about this plane of existence

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I'm going to marry Anri Okita!
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I should get paid to have sex with her.
Asians look ugly when they aren't wearing layers of make-up/photoshop
stupid opinion of uneducated moron

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>bloodlines spanning thousands upon thousands of years culminating in this one scene
Truly magnificent.
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is racial humiliation and familial disgrace the ultimate aphrodisiac?
they look like cavemen desu
Why are you so upset? They would never fuck you anyways...

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>Wage slave for big company
>Normies realise I am weird
>Don't react on the same emotional level as they do
>Also have no facial expression or normie hobbies and interests
>They now think I am a literal psychopath-robotic-sociopath-monster
>Its okay because they still talk to me sometimes and this gives me my needed social interaction
>Boss is nice and wants to be friends with everyone
>Nice guy boss now uses me as HR guy even though we have a HR department
>My job now also consists of telling people they're fired
>Everyone is now even more scared of me because "I fire people"
>People completely avoid me now
>They only send me emails related to work
>I also get hate mail from the people I've fired

I've completely fucked my comfy life Anons, is it possible to fix it?
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they just assigned the worst task to you (firing people)

you're getting bullied at work, just like in school
Your Boss isn't a nice guy, and abrogating his responsibility to fire people to you is honestly an abusing workplace practice.

Join your union and inform them about what your boss has done. They'll understand.
You could do much more eith that power

HOLY SHIT BREHS, how have I not known about this goddess the whole time?

Look at her, she's the sexiest woman alive!
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Well, I mean, I would totally have sex with her if I had the chance, but I don't think she's THAT attractive.
Breh come on, just look at her.
She's not though. She is like a wooden plank with tits

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>tfw no tech savvy bf
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is this a running meme here?
i don't frequent /r9k/ but goddamn everytime I check you guys out I see this bullshit
Tech savviness has what use?
yes it is

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Was Mechazawa a robot?
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Was Chicken Boo a giant chicken?
Is OP an original faggot?
was jackie chun just master roshi in disguise?

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>tfw /pol/ is right about EVERYTHING
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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. Go sort your life out. >>>/adv/
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And nobody will admit it and you're all alone OP.
well, yeah


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I wish i had a Tomoko gf

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I wish I had a Tsuyu Asui gf
File: 1495510953416.jpg (1MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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me too, anon
but in an original kinda way
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And I wish people would play videogames with me, can't always get what you want.

>tfw gf plays 1 game of cs then says shes too tired to do anything at 9 o clock

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Has any other robots just given up on getting a girlfriend?
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Yes. Girls have ridiculous standards.

Yeah. I've never had an interest in romantic relationships. If it ever happens it will be for other reasons like financial stability or raising a family.
Gave up years ago my friend. I'm a pathetic loser to be sure. No girl would ever be interested in me.

It's simple. Even numbers decide what to say to her.
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can I make you asshole and vaginal cavity into a single brutalized gape

So, how long have you been on HRT?
"I envy death. Technology is just another thing to distract you from the joys in life. Technology will destroy you. Run,run,run."

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>meet girl on tinder
>get her snapchat
>talk to her for a week every day
>we have a lot in common, she messages me right away
>agrees to go out with me
>bails last second
>today just casually says "btw i have a bf ;)"

Why do women do this?
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the best part is she had a bf and would so easily replace him with the nearest chad from tinder
I have had multiple women pull this shit on me. They always end up saying sorry for the lies but I just really wanted a male friend. I always block them at that point.
>on tinder

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