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I have a problem, /r9k/.
I don't really browse this board often, I'm more of an /a/ and /v/ guy but I feel like you guys would understand.
I'm an autistic loser. I don't have any friends, mostly because I'm annoying. The only friends I have are a few guys I met over Steam. I've hung out with these guys for almost four years and I felt like we were close friends. Or so I thought.
First of all they're ignoring me. I'll invite them to play games on Steam or on ps4 and they'll just ignore me. They also stay suspiciously quiet in our group chat whenever I say anything. The worst part is whenever we do end up playing games they always use me as a verbal punching bag. I'll be honest, I'm not good at banter. I always freeze up because I'm scared my comebacks will just be fucking stupid. They know a lot about my personal life and my family issues so they'll make fun of me for that. They've made fun of me for being a high school drop out, they've made fun of me for not speaking to my parents after a huge falling out, and they even make fun of the fact that I've tried to commit suicide. They also don't talk to each other that way, just me. I just don't really want to hang around these guys anymore but at the same time they're literally my only friends. We've had really good times and they're the only people I really relate to. I don't want to just stop hanging out with them, but they're just treating me like dirt. I just don't know why they're suddenly treating me like shit.
How do I make friends, /r9k/? Should I just move on from these guys? They're not the type of people who are understanding of my anger.
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Well OP, you really only have two choices. You can continue to entertain people who don't really care about you, or you can want something better for yourself. Have some self respect and don't let people use you for their own means.
fuck those gaylords if people are cunts to you don't stick around them either rape their boypussies or just fuck off somewhere else why waste time with them
you're right, but I'm just worried about what will happen after that. I'm scared of interacting with people. I'm a pretty ugly guy so I can't hold a serious conversation with people face-to-face. I'm just scared that if I stop hanging out with my "friends" then I'll be even more alone.

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We all deserve love.
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love is stupid, no one should feel it
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No one deserves anything beyond life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is no guarantee, however.
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>>we aII deserve Iove

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hi ! i am a young large breasted asian woman who has finally successfully blended in with the normo crowd despite being a little autistic and into chinese cartoons
i was treated like a freak loser outcast all of high school (wore all black no friends weird fetishes) but finally became cool in college
ask me anything.
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I'll take this bait because I'm bored. What's the ideal male height for you fine asian women?
I wish I was a block of text. being the product of meaning on a massive scale, with a slight chance of seeing two timelines of the universe, two separate iterations of electronic life.

So lonely
Tits or gtfo? Actually that's not a question. Tits or gtfo whore.

I'm having gay thoughts again bros
I want to dress up as a pretty girl and fucked hard in the ass
What the fuck am I doing with my life?
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Same but I could never look remotely like a girl unfortunately
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You're doing great things with your life
Same but never gonna do it even though its the only thing that gets me hard. I cant get hard for women anymore even though Im romantically attracted to them. Tfw no gf applies to me for the rest of my life. Doomed forever alone

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>tfw peaked in high school
I used to walk into rooms not knowing anyone and everyone knew my name. How did I end up here?
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Other way around for me. I was a beta robot in highschool but as an adult ive slowly climbed the social ladder
>tfw peaked in high school
>I used to walk into rooms not knowing anyone and everyone knew my name. How did I end up here?

same i had a great time in high school, had gfs, went to parties and everything. only in my 20s did i start feeling depression and anxiety. then at 25 i was diagnosed with schizophrenia. my life has been utter shit ever since.
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How did you do it? How do you make meaningful relationships? Looking back, I can see that I was always an awkward robot but people saw me as some kind of endearing Michael Cera white dude so I was always surrounded by distant acquaintances that I only talked to out of convenience. Girls I didn't even know were obsessed with me. What the hell happened?
I'm sorry, but it feels a lot better knowing I'm not as bad off as you. Hope it gets better.

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Will you every get over the fact that you missed out on teenage love and will never be able to experience relive those years?
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Shameless selfbumb.

>have asthma.
>looking like shit.
>getting older.
>have a receding hairline.
>have no friends

And I can live with all of this shit.
But I can't handle missing out on teenage love.

I had all the opportunities. We had many nice girls, and there were parties, events and dancing every weekend.

The friends I had back then, always invited me, and I never went to a single party.

Grinding MMOs was all I ever did.
I regret it so fucking much.

This is honestly, this is the single worst thing in my life.
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N-no one?
I just want to share those feels.
I don't care. There's no teenage "love", it's all just hormones. True love is something more and when you are a teenager you're too stupid to understand that.

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Would you like to have a qt Latina gf?
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At this point, I think i'd settle for a qt gf (male)
To shit out brown kids?
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Fuckin' A right I would. Especially if she's one of those really shy girls who gets like really fucking passionate when she's excited

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How the heck do people even get fat?
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I eat because it makes me happy temporarily. Also because I'm a good cook.
by sitting at home all day and eating shit.
and also muh metabolism
But it's easier to not eat.

What comes to mind when you look at this picture?
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Equitorial orbit with negative inclination, facing out of plane from solar system.

Also how badly I want sci fi to be real
Want to escape from it
A spherical prison
tfw ywn escape mundane spherical existance

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Where's the thread up at, lads?
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What do ISFJ guys like? Pls help
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can male infps be sexy? asking for a friend im not an infp myself haha!
the malnet personality so no

is me :C

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Have you ever had a bad experience with a muslim person?
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no, but with browns and blacks and thug acting whites i have a lot.
You mean besides the constant stream of terrorist attacks in Europe?
No, except the one time some guy allahu akbared himself near my moms work and I didn't know if she was safe or not

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whats a guy gotta do to get a cute bf
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not be fucking gay
Well shit I don't know if I can do that
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Probably break into our houses because we're all recluses.

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You are approached by heavenly pete.

He gives you another shot at life, you're guaranteed to live 100 years in full biological potential.
You are also given one wish, but every word you use to write out the wish takes a year off you're life.

What do you wish for?
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Shapeshifting ability
Oh heavenly Pete I wish OP didn't shit post and that he would write your*
i wish to be the little girl

said everyone

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Life goals thread
Share what you want your future to be like

>Join Military
>Save up enough to buy 500 acres of land
>Build my house to raise my kids and have a family in
>open up a farmers market
>live out my days off grid and in the peaceful country side
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Become an engineer in Air force, manage to finish an Ironman and learn six languages are my goals. Maybe getting a farm and a small plane would be nice
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1. Leave 5+ year NEET'dom (pretty close)

2. figure out investing (HHAHAA im a tard, it's gonna take me way longer than i thought, i should of started years ago)

3. Become rich. (conflicted on this, on the one hand i want to be really rich, but if i become rich i could be tempted to go back to being NEET just at rich guy level.)

4. have cool set up. House, car, etc.....

5. debate getting a hot gf in eastern europe
i'm a 28 year old male so i've had a few years to really think about this. right now i wait tables, but here are my real goals

>become a lawyer and spend my life defending causes that i know to be just

>become a judge and spend my days giving impartial and insightful judgement

that's all i really want

i'd love to say money, women, etc etc. but when you're good at something that benefits other people, those sorts of things will come

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Did you do anything productive today? Or at least open your window blinds to get some sunlight?
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I went outside and walked to the store to get some sunflower seeds and took the trash out. Thats about it.
Yup. Did my standard workout routine but got a whole other set of dips/chinups in. Got that test boost and am still runnin good 13 hours later. Shits so cash
applied for college.
I usually do have my window blinds open, I don't want to burn my eyes out in the dark or use up the electric bill further, and the sun usually doesn't leave any glare on my screen.

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