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>constantly obsess over something for months only to drop all interest in it suddenly and pick up another random obsession
I can't stop doing this. Last time it was the S.T.A.L.K.E.R universe and now it's math. I constantly want to do math all the time now. How do I break this habit?
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Get a fucking job and do something with your life
start playing a MMORPG
I have a job nigger. It just stays on my mind during work and I can't help but engage in it during my breaks

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in the middle of a really bad depression episode. feels like my brain is collapsing on itself. I really want to hang myself

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What do you think triggered it?
Check your local hardware store for a length of rope
Then just do it, faggot.

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>be me
>work at some fast food joint
>they put me on cashier
>first customer since I got put on the register
>the man looks at me in disgust, shakes his head, and walks out without ordering

D-did I do something wrong /r9k/...?
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>D-did I do something wrong /r9k/...?
>D-did I do something wrong /r9k/...?
I don't know, can you?
Are you a visible degenerate?
I did this once because I was angry/hungover and didn't want to get coffee from some fag with gauges and green hair.

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>tfw you remember people actually have sex
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>people kiss
>people hold hands
>they rub noses together
>guys stroke their gfs hair
>people smell each other sexually
>girls falls asleep on their bfs shoulder or chest
No they don't, sex is a meme.
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>tfw people actually have romantic relationships in real life

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Opinions on Crem Brulee?
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Nice but a bit often too sweet.
Hard to do the top right I find.
I prefer a nice raspberry sorbet.
Also not /ck/
had it once
not impressed
I like it more when it's not too deep. so there's more ratio of crunch to creme

Women with tattoos are no longer pure. They literally have zero sexual market value. Fucking Arbys roast beef pussy.
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Shut the fuck up, beta virgin. Ahahahahahaha, you actually think you're smart saying "sexual market value."
>wahhhhh girls do stuff I don't like, so they're worthless wahhhhhh
Fucking crybaby virgin.
>roast beef pussy.
virgin detected
T _ _ G G _ _ _ _
(rhymes with niggered)

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are traps gay robots?
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Yeah, pretty much.

This is a very original answer
Yes this shouldn't even be a question you have to ask yourself
It is gay
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>he uses alcohol or any other mind altering substances
What's it like being an unrefined subhuman?
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I dunno, what's it like being a fuckin' dweeb?
What does it feel to not have control over everything you consume?
Caffeine from coffee has pretty much no negative side effects as long as you don't drink it in excess, so I think it's a pretty positive thing.

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>tell parents I want a Lincoln Mkz for birthday

>they get me an infinity

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Could have had this fine automobile
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But I get this trash instead

I feel like a nigger just sitting in it
>dont have a car but parents are willing to shill out gallons of pussy pennies for me to go to penis waxing academy

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>Go to the doctor to get my physical
>My doctor is out on vacation and gave me another doctor
>The doctor ends up being a women
>Tell her that my something feels wrong about my dick
>Tells me to pull down my boxer
>I pull them down
>Doctor touches my dick
>mfw I pretty much got a hand job

Got to feel like Chad, how was your day, losers?
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Did you cum from it? more detail man I wanna fap to this
Didn't cum, but I masterbated 3 times when I got home. Letting you that you can't replicate a women's touch. One of the greatest feeling in the world, the only thing that kind of ruined the experience was more trying not to get a boner.
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>Be at doctors because I cannot poop
>Doctor be female, probably 45 or so
>Has me lay down and lift up my shirt
>She be feeling all over my stomach
>Because I'm bored I start thinking about sexytimes
>Think about how people spontaneously fuck in the movies
>Ponder the possibility of older six-figure salary gf
>Be lost mid thought
>Suddenly, doc literally lifts up my pants and checks out my dick
>Sort of surprised because I thought I was alone in my thoughts
>She puts the pants back, guess she just wanted to make sure dick rot wasn't the cause of my poop problems

Is /R9K/ smart enough?
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Smart enough for what, exactly?
;) it starts

01011001 01001111 01010101 00100000 01110111 01001001 01001100 01001100 00100000 01100001 01001100 01101100 00100000 01000100 01101001 01100101
>inb4 we are looking for intelligent individuals

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What if the mods banned all the normies for just one day?
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no more fembot threads
What if the mods banned all the frogposters for just one day?
>What if the mods banned all the frogposters for just one day?
frog posters and normies are the same

honestly I would really like if they did this
just one day, dole out life bans for every frogposter, just to see what happens

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>tfw you find the best porn and you can't stop fapping to it
i've jerked off 4 times today. i fucking hate my sex drive
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You cant make a thread like this without posting a damn link to the source.

Please post the link.
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Well...? Are you going to share this shit or no?

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as long as we stay positive things will work out. stay positive guys!
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What if I haven't been positive in like 7 years?
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>only 7

try 19 years fuckboi
Then be positive now! surely life will get better!

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I got terrible sleep last night and tonight it's going to be the same. I'm fucking exhausted. Why can't I sleep!?!
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maybe you are stimulating your brain and eye balls with internet screen
Idk but the harder and longer it takes for me to sleep the more pissed off I get. I've been awake for 19 hours, I'm going to fucking freak!!!
Youre retarded and dont know how to google your questions.
Thats why you dumb cunt.

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