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How do I stop matching with this?
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those are like the majority of women on okcupid

any girl who is actually thin/pretty will have a full inbox and okjewpid will make you pay them money to message her
The system matches you with people who might be compatible. These are your options. Take it or leave it.
lol peoria

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Why do uggo guys resort to changer their gender just because they had a bad day/week/month? Why do they assume that things will get better for them?

Look at how unsure he is of himself during this stream. He'll spout utter nonsense, then quickly dart his eyes downward or to his chat in hopes that he'll get some sort of positive reaction. Some of his fans eat this shit up and encourage him to keep this unhealthy behavior up, even though it's evident that he's on the verge of suicide.

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>haha amazing, cute and lovely haha <3.. super fun! omfg ye you're the greatest!! haha <3.. you're amazing!!.. what a powerful stream and feels and words! i will always love and support you and try to show it! i'm just one more of yours.. <3 ! and i apologise for the bad things i could had make you experience and feel i didn't wanted to, you know! >< .. thanks for the stream and much more Narci, you know!
>Why do uggo guys resort to changer their gender just because they had a bad day/week/month? Why do they assume that things will get better for them?

Why do you even care about it, most of these guys end themselves before 40

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I'm outside ama
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You're lying, it's raining outside.
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Caught me desu
Are you in Windsor?

Will lifting make a manlet like me more attractive to women?
Or will they think I'm compensating?
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6'1 here. I see girls with guys shorter than them occasionally, and with guys shorter than me all the time. It does matter, but it doesn't matter as much as all the manlet troll threads tell you it does.

But yes, generally lifting does make a guy more attractive to women.
>Or will they think I'm compensating?
Yes, just like 99% of people who lift.
If you get too much muscle you'll look like a retard but a six pack and an athletic body are always better than being skinnyfat.

>Anon do you go to the store and still groceries?
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Yes. After all these years, I still groceries...
I have them delivered to my house so I on't have to go to the store
>not telepathically ordering your food

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>chad roommate had 3 kids before he was 18
>I'm 23 and still a virgin
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Wait, sorry, you're jealous of a person who had 3 kids before he was 18?
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>He wants kids
Kids ruin your life more than you think you do already
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Haha you're still a virgin what a loser
So am I
Life is suffering
t. 25khv

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Is this the perfect fembot? I mean, c'mon!
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T H 1 Q U E
She has really really super duper pretty eyes
"fembots" are losers who have roasties and fuck their dogs. Quit this fetish u loser.

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>siblings have blonde hair and blue eyes
>I get stuck with dirty blonde hair and green eyes
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blonde hair looks really gay on men, don't worry about it
A) Realise dirty blonde can be pretty good when done right
B) Dye it
>when done right
Explain anon.

>tfw have Beg bugs

Just fuck my life up.
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Welp. Time to nuke your house.
What do they beg for
I woke up 4 times last night because of this shit, OP. Itching and frustrated, wanting to sleep, but getting too itchy because the bites are inflamed and my body is reacting to them. We got rid of them for like a year, but they're back because it's summer, I guess.

The worst part is the psychological aspect of it.

If you live in an apartment, take it up with the landlord. it is their obligation to provide safe living space without bugs. If they don't do anything, take it up with the health board or tenant's rights board or both, (depending on where you live)

you can get diatomaceous earth and sprinkle that shit evrywhere, it dries them out and kills them. But you have to do it multiple times because of their life cycles.

You can also get traps that make it so they can't climb up your bed posts. Be sure to have your mattress raised up, not on the floor, and away from the wall.

godspeed, OP.

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Why is it acceptable for little girls to wear chokers?
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Why is it acceptable for them to wear thongs?
because it gives me a boner
good question, normal panties are much cuter
Because chokers are not, and never have been inherently sexual. They are accessories for the neck.
Stop blaming women and girls for your own perversion.

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>Be me
>Look 1/10
Lazy eyes (which make me look retarded), acne on face and back, shitty hair, dandruff, moles
>almost no friends and never gets invited out
>Good grades, some government scholarship
>Bascially next to no parental oversight as a result

>My Sister
>9/10 qt
> a few years younger than me
> has plenty of friends goes out with friends virtually every other day
>terrible grades, fails on average , pretty dumb , fails at things like basic chemistry/math/physics
>going into liberal arts (I tried to stop her by talking some sense into her but she didn't listen)
>as a result constant parental oversight
Who has life worse?
Me or my Sister?
Would you rather be smart and ugly or dumb and pretty? Truth be told after 18 years on this planet I can tell you I feel my life is pretty shitand wished I had my sisters life. Who else /siblingjealousy/?
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Exaggerating there for sure. There is a strong correlation between intelligence and attractiveness. Smart people tend to be more good-looking.
Must be a fucking anomaly then and I must be shit outta luck
You didn't mention if you are a guy or girl.

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Would you guys ever impregnate your mom?
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thumbs down
Heads down, Thumbs down
no, thumbs down

Let's talk about Elliot, share some fun facts about him if you know some
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Artificial wombs will be a reality in ~5 years
Elliot's prophecy is coming true

Elliot was a retard for getting stopped by a locked door. What he should have done before hand is either learn how to pick a lock, or learn how to use a shotgun to breach a door.
The best doppelganger i've ever seen in my life

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>You are communicating with other people on this board
>It's almost impossible to relate to people face to face, and it feels foreign, but you're essentially doing the same thing here
Is anyone else weirded out by this?
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File: 1491319724796.jpg (90KB, 600x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No, I've been communicating this way since the 80s.
File: IMG_1487.png (723KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>spergs relate to spergs
File: ijjjmuj.gif (706KB, 303x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no, it's comforting BECAUSE i can't relate to other people face to face. no faces, no fucking up.

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when will moon.png
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>the average life span is around 75
>you'll be a robot for about 50 more years
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Jokes on you fucker, I recently got cancer! HAHA! FREEDOM!

Not but really I am dying of cancer and I'm spending my time here really makes ya think.
Most people will end up getting killed by something or someone by age 55.
How long do you have?

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