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Any robots here Jake Paulers?

It's everyday bro!
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*dabs on h8rs*

eks (di di)^5
England is my city xD
I swear his hair is thinning.

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>look like 9/10 stacy
>still no bf
Any fembots here knows this feel?
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Nice digits
Guaranteed replies






Get out of here girl stanley

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Why are nerds so sexist and racist?
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If a man doesn't get it, he becomes depressed, bitter and angry. It's in our biology.
And they don't get it, because they're not valued as men.
Social rejection? Even if they aren't being sexist, they'll be accused of being a nice guy anyway. Not to perputuate the wrong redpill thing, but there is some truth in not being a nice guy.
Hint: don't be desperate. They'll know. Don't act like soul mates exist either.
Which is of course why I won't find a girlfriend. No perfect girl exists who won't divorce you anyway or is actually both attractive and likes your hobbies while being simultaneously faithful.
Also, for racism, I guess because blacks are more sexually successful in general?
Because they're smart enough to know the truth

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*gives firm handshake*
"I'm sorry."
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Our daddy told us not to be afraid of our handshakes
*drives you around the town*
you dont have to be sorry champ,our dad tought us to never be shy about our jobs
Our father taught us a few things about business too. Like how to impress the manager with good eye contact and a firm handshake.

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>son is born
>immediately have his penis mutilated
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*made better*
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Fuck you I want my foreskin back
Good goyim

I'm not a robot

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What would you do if you won some kind of lottery of 200 billion pounds?
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200 billion pounds of what?
UK GBP pound money
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>invest in robotics research
>invest in AI research
>invest in creation of biological artificial limbs/organs/tissues
>see how the cyber-waifus come into existence before your death

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How do I get the voices to stop screaming at me? Don't say suicide.
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Have you tried seeing a doctor and getting meds?
i dont know i just try to ignore them
I'm on medication but I've only been getting worse.
That's becoming harder to do. They calm down a little bit if I cut myself.

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Friendly reminder that "men" who get married but don't have kids are AUTOMATICALLY beta. I don't care if you're a 7 foot tall ex-navy seal who used to fuck supermodels in between running billion dollar corporations.

Alpha males do not have big weddings. Extravagant weddings are done by sluts with the compliance of their sniveling beta pets.

The alpha male marries solely for the sake of his children and for no other reason at all. The woman is ecstatic just to be upgraded from side whore/baby mama to "wife" status. These are the guys they whine about being "afraid of commitment", not beta billy with his 9 to 5 and prayers said by night.

Alpha males don't do PDA either. Guys who slobber on their wives/girlfriends in public are almost guaranteed to be beta. Alphas just casually allow the tension to build while the girl can't wait to jump him later.

There is no fucking point to marriage if you aren't going to consummate it with legitimate heirs. A man trades his time, his sexual ravenousness, his freedom, his money, and his peace of mind in exchange for decent children to raise properly. Children are the reward for the sacrifice. Marriage without kids is like a pencil with two erasers, no point.
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>tfw no gf
>tfw no wife to breed
>tfw ywn procreate
>overpopulated planet
>limited resources
>most people are scumbags, anyway

To say nothing of free time and disposable income. Yeah, hard pass on that kid thing. Nice bait though.
>Niggers being artificially sustained = The Dying West and East

Fuck you

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>The typical unhappy man is one who, having been deprived in youth of some normal satisfaction, has come to value this one kind of satisfaction more than any other, and has therefore given to his life a one-sided direction, together with a quite undue emphasis upon the achievement as opposed to the activities connected with it.
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What kind of satisfaction is he talking about?

I dont get it.
I'm pretty sure he means prime teen pussy
as far as I can gather, being drunk and being drunk every day this week, and every week past for as long as I can remember

because I had a shit childhood I took to nihilism and substance abuse not for the future goal, achievement, end result; but rather because it makes me actually feel happy in the now.

you can swap my traits I put in there for anything, and the activities connected with the likewise

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Surprisingly unoriginal
That's not even BB
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>implying venom doesn't deserve the title of boss

There are people on this board right now who never had sex

explain yourself

how is virginity even real above the age of 20?
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that tiny dick makes me feel ever so slightly better about myself
thanks bud
>explain yourself
I'm autistic.
I'm too lazy to do all the shit you need to get a girl to sleep with you, like having a job, moving out of my parents' basement, and doing things outside on a regular basis.

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>Meet girl
>She knows I'm interested in her
>We spend loads of time hanging out and talking
>She makes it known she's not interested and keeps saying how she wants to find a "hot, smart, funny" guy to date
>Keeps referring to us as friends
>I get the memo, pull back
>She starts acting like a bitch
>Tell her to fuck off, clearly she wasn't expecting in, probably because she knew I was interested and thought I was too much of a beta to do it
>Get into an argument, she starts crying
>Remove her from facebook friends list
>A couple of days later, I text her apologising for making her cry because I genuinely felt bad about it
>She tells me she doesn't want to be friends anymore
>Mutual friend brings it up, I tell her what happened and tell her to let that girl know I actually am sorry that she cried.
>Two months later this bitch messages me out of nowhere "Hey, how are you?" and tries to add me on facebook

Why do women do this?

Is she trying to make an orbiter out of me?
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Just stay away from her anon, its clear she's a bipolar nigger and can't keep her emotions in check.
If you're still interested, make your intention clear immediately. Ask her for a date, or rather suggest a meetup.
NEVER trust women with fluid emotions. Happened to me, one day she says she'll loves me and says all this sappy shit to me and the next she sends me screenshots of her agreeing to go out with a guy. Bitches shouldn't be trusted at this day and age.

I just paid a virtual hooker $15 to make fun of me on secondlife.
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take consolation in the fact that's no doubt not the most pathetic thing to happen on secondlife
You could have saved fifteen bucks by simply coming here and claiming you did.
on what website? i want to do it too

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Anons, post info about your ideal gf while fembots try their best to become your orbiters.

> Her age
> Her height, build,general looks
> Her ethnicity and location
> Her hobbies/interests
> Why do you want a gf
> What could you offer
> What's the most important thing/trait for your potential gf to have
> Deal breakers
> Quick rundown on yourself. Your age, ethnicity, location, interests.
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>5'4"-5'6" is ideal
>white (esp. eastern european) or asian
>art, music, lit, phil, anime
>i'm lonely
>19, hafu, europe, art
in the mood for memes
>4'11-5'9 anything but a hambeast
>White, Southern USA
>Vidya, Guns, martial arts, fishing
>Help with life shit would be nice, however its not solely about that. I am ready to progress to the next stage of my self evolution which requires assistance
>A plethora of skills, companionship, not being a deadbeat piece of shit
>having a dick :^)
>20, White, Southern US, Vidya and guns for the most part
>her age
A teen.
>her height
A little under five feet.
>her hobbies/interests
Animu/manga, old video games, older rock bands (but no older than 90s), the Internet and computers.
>Why do you want a gf?
Such a stupid fucking question you fucking autistic faggot.
>What could you offer.
Me stupid ass.
>What's the most important thing/trait for your potential gf to have
Pale. Prefer brunette/black-haired, small boned cute brown/black eyed girl that talks alot.
>Deal breakers
Is a christfaggot or similar, listens to rap or country, likes new shitty things that the jews try to get people into, has lots of friends and or loves to go out. Has too much faith in anything at all. Hates men or ironically isn't negative about the world to the point of practically misanthropy whilst ironically being a misunderstood people person, a humanist.
>Quick rundown on yourself. Your age, ethnicity, location, interests.
I'm a forever neet that moved back in with my parents a couple years after aging out of foster care, due to me not being motivated enough to put myself through school, nor do shit work after the world decided to not hire me. I'm twenty eight (haven't applied to jobs since teen, and am not about to try again after they made me wait so long to live my life), fucking a shithole called FL that contributed to my failure at life, and you could guess my interests. I like to fawn over weird things like the pocketchip, though would never buy one because they're not really for sale, so just Soc computers, and other things that you can always have with you so you can have your favorite everything in your pocket with you at alll times, yet I've never owned much aside from androids and hacked video game consoles. Things like fanmade games, computer programming and Unix/Linux are of course interesting, weeb shit is sometimes interesting, especially when I was younger, I like working with my hands to the point of making ocarinas and such, want to make guns, comment long

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cofe pepe.png
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You know the rules.
No talky until i've had my coffee
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*sips cofe*
Coffee is for normies.

If you want the caffeine high, use caffeine pills. No added extra stuff. You can measure the dose exactly. It enters your system in a fast, controlled way.
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"H-have you finished drinking your coffee, yet? M-my name is A-anon, a-and..."

*extends hand nervously*

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