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any robots muscular guys??

I'll cut to the chase, I'm looking for a fit introvert who likes femdom and feet and no LDR nonsense.

if you post your bod and face ill drop my contact if i like it :)
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go to >>>/soc/ you mongo
Im pretty /fit/
But whores like you can go to hell and churtle on the devils hairy scrotum
I'm a virgin

I dont want a normie

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Anyone else here have a hairy pussy fetish?

Pubic hair on a girl is so sexy to me

The pic is of my ideal woman
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Its a case by case basis for me.
I used to actively avoid porn with hairy cunts when i was younger, but now i actively seek it out.
Hair is the best but no fatties

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Dear gay anons that lurk /r9k/, could you date this man, knowing about his "condition"?
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I don't mind his condition, but I couldn't date that face
Not my type also dating scares me
I love big guys, but that seems a bit extreme. I'd definitely try though, sounds like a fun relationship.

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Why do roasties gain 50-100+ pounds while pregnant when babies only weigh like 8 pounds
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Are you retarded?
This is an original question, I'm curious.
Well first off, most of the weight isn't the baby. There is the liquid within the womb that the baby floats around in, and the extra flesh produced around the stomach area, both of which acount for most of the weight gained. Pregnant women are also more prone to gaining weight, an evolutionary insurance policy most likely.
1st of all, they gain 25-30 max pounds of baby fat
2nd, because their range of motion is limited and they are constantly tired, women tend to be more recluse and not as active, meaning their consumed carbohydrates will be converted to fat
3rd, because making a fucking human takes a lot of energy, they tend to eat a lot, which leads to point two.
>legitimate question
Are you actually stupid, OP?

>be a socially anxious teenager
>can't really connect with the people you were once friends with
>generalised anxiety makes you nervous in public and for pictures
>never could care about school but in high school they begin busting your balls over it
>feel trapped in a small town
>some think you are trying too hard but its only because you just don't know exactly what you like so it comes off as fake
>as soon as you leave the small town you get a better sense of who you are and become more comfortable doing shit you're actually good at with people you like
Lars is the realist work of an awkward teenager finding himself.

I don't know if you are Into steven universe but a side character who was a certified robot just became a space pirate with a neat crew being chased by some sexy space police. I felt like sharing seeing as how /co/ fucking hates steven universe.
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Nobody here is into Tumblr universe get the fuck back to your containment board or trash

you know /sug/ is still on trash right?

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have a nice night everyone, I'm going to sleep.
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you too anon. I love you. I fucking love you.
I gotfor the last time I had a good night but thanks
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Good night friendo, have good dreams!

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what drink will get me black out drunk the fastest?
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Get a cheap bottle of vodka. Every time you take a drink, wash it down with coke. Or even better, with beer.
Everclear is the only acceptable answer to this.
minute made

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Reese's Puffs is literally the best cereal and I will fight any of you over this
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I dunno OP, I've never had reese's puffs but I doubt they're better than a good bowl of granola
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hate to break it to you, but reese's puffs is mediocre at best.

Pic related is actually a respectable cereal. Maybe not the best, but in the running.
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>be me
>hanging out with my friends
>oneitis was talking about how "would being penetrated by a penis would feel like" (yes she's a virgin)
>I pinched her lips shut and said "ah ah, girls don't talk about naughty things."
>she was disgusted and called me a "fucking weirdo"
>anxiety kicks in and ran from my friends to my house

This situation happened about 4 hours ago. I Hope I don't see them again.
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it's funny because if you were a Chad that completely retard line would've been considered smooth
Play it off aloof as if it were a joke.

Stick to the fucking plan anon.
Thank me later.
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What made you become like this??

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> Things that fuck your shit up.
Seeing girls kiss other people and knowing you've never kissed even though you're almost 30 and always wanted to know how it feels.
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Are lips as soft as they look?
That video is beautiful. Like, they're so pretty it's not even sexy, just magnificent.
They're like renaissance paintings except moving.

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So Anon, where are we going after this?
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on a diet, bitch
im a black guy btw
To the FUCKING gym
>LET'S GO!!!!!

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loli inf.png
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you're only allowed to post if INTJ
>tfw normies think we are psychopaths
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Myers Briggs is a meme.
>tfw Normies think I'm a racist piece of shit

I just find racist jokes and making fun of races funny. I don't mean anything by it.
>tfw everyone thinks im an arrogant asshole
I don't see myself as smarter than anyone else, but when I try to help people solve problems or with issues etc I come off as an asshole

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>one chance at life
>born black with an above average IQ
>doesn't matter because I'll have stupid children anyways due to deviation to the norm
Fuck genetics
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Go away you dumb nigger
go find some smart black cunt and make smart children, work that eugenics
>be op
>have above average intelligence
>in a socioeconomic group with low iq's due to income/education
>come out as not a retard
>because of this see yourself as superior
>unknowingly isolate people because they see you as smug and shitty
>think about why people don't like you

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>start new job that stresses me out
>start to develop bad abdominal pain
>it never goes away
>go to doctor
>does all sorts of tests, examinations
>go to a different doctor
>same thing
>nothing helps, no meds or anything
>try to cut out all dairy, doesnt help
>still cant shit
>haven't had a satisfying shit since october unless it was diarrhea

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Possibly stress related, I used to get this when had bad anxiety
Try drinking more water and eat fibre
i drink a lot of water, and fiber i dont even know. do chicken wings count as fiber?
you dont drink fiber, you eat

Get in here and let's fuck some cute traps and twinks.

How am I doing?
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2/5 love dem qt traps
3/5 gonna get my dick wet
4/5 we gettin laid this weekend

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