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i hope she says yes

she's so hot
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i hope this is a bait post op, pls tell me this is bait.
dude you are so in.
Change it to "there's a McDonald's down the street from your house"

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some background here

i know 100% it's not a scam, i met her IRL years ago when we were both studying overseas.

she's chinese living in yunnan province and i'm american. she's pretty decently hot, has a nicer apartment than mine, works a comfy job in the PRC government and speaks very fluent english

i think it would really be kinda nice having a reason to get out of america. i probably wouldn't be able to work in my field if i went there (i'm an RF engineer but i'd be retarded without knowing mandarin) but maybe i could work at some nice international hotel or teach english or something. i've heard white people seem to enjoy somewhat of a special status in china

on the other hand, being cutoff from western internet really sucks. the great firewall is a lot smarter today than it was a few years ago. then again though, maybe that isn't a bad thing for me.

so come tell me how retarded i'm being or if i should do something crazy and take my shot out of this robotic hellhole i call my life

p.s.: i feel kinda like the opposite of that one chinese guy meme on here whose parents forced him to go to china
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china is a shithole and you might die
t. never been to China
how would you be able to teach english to mandarin speakers if you didnt know mandarin?

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Come in share feels, order drinks. You know the drill. Things are going okay I guess.

Jukebox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d25O7qQ3Sn4

To the memory of Jack.
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i'll have a rum and coke lad

just a bit stressed about work lately. i work five days a week at a fast paced 'popular franchise themed' gift shop and i'm working minimum wage and i'm just fucking tired all the time.

like i can't complain about anything though because there's so many people applying to work here every day, i'm the definition of disposable. it's just the eight (mostly more) hours on my feet rushing around to help customers fucks me up, especially five days in a row and over busy holiday weekends

File: o.jpg (101KB, 1000x747px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Retail is pretty shit for everyone and I know how hectic those 'popular franchise themed' gift shops can be. I work retail too but it's at my dads (i guess it's mine now) shop so it's a bit better.

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That's it Robots. We're going all in or nothing.

It's senior year, my parents have a pretty big house. Fuck it. I'm going to throw absolute bangers for Homecoming and Prom and that should boost my popularity.

If I get arrested I don't give a fuck. I'll manage it and be responsible but it's time to do something and stop being a pussy nobody.

I need to stop being a loser senior year.
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This is a bad idea and you will not make friends this way.
oh op that's cool

am i invited
Someone's watched project x too much.

Only Chad can host parties like that, anon

or maybe you could tell people you're inviting it's exactly like project x and see what happens

Hope you have a pool

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How do I learn to be sexual and surprise my boyfriend for once? I was a fembot virgin and I'm very awkward but I just want to be sexy and turn him on. How do I learn?
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If you don't give him your asshole you don't love him.
um no
Can i get real advice?
it is the only advice.

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my scrotum.jpg
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I'm scared. What are these bumps on my balls?
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eruptive testicle antennae
they'll help direct you to the broodmares
doctors ASAP

Do they itch or hurt? Could be anything from herpes to poison ivy dude.

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Dubs names new pipe.
Also pipemaking general thread
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Bexause thats what it looks like
El duderino

*original comment sponsored by Dow Chemical*
just get someone to buy you a bong you dumb high schooler

you must have one irresponsible old guy in your group

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>Asian guys can't have big di...
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All races can have big dicks and small dicks
Why don't these guys do more porn, what the fuck. Also source
>asian porn made for asians

Literal trash, women are autistically submissive

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ITT: comfy stuff
looking for a new anime, preferably a comfy one. Any recommendations?
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heres some comfy pictures in the mean time ^w^
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File: 1500430845982.jpg (507KB, 1500x1124px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would you ever get a catgirl? What would you do with her?
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I'd make her my girlfriend and live with her
first post best post as always oregano
Can I get a cowgirl instead?

If so, can I get multiple cowgirls? I want to start a dairy farm.

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ITT: times you accidentally revealed your power level in public
>be in class
>flock of normans talking behind me
>conversation turns to trannies
>one chad mentions how trannies aren't gay
>accidentally whisper "good goy" out loud
>"what was that, anon?"
I don't talk in class anymore.
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>good goy
Holy fucking shit you're autistic
I always say stuff like "Oy vey!" when my family makes stupid Drumpf jokes
>whisper out loud
can you teach me how to do that op you magician

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game of thrones is the best TV show to have ever existed on planet earth

prove me wrong
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The Sopranos exists
Mad Men exists
The Wire exists

Not enough explosions and magic for you?
Art cannot be objectively measured.

>not anime

Opinion discarded

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Well /pol/? What do you have to say for yourselves now that you've been exposed and humiliated?
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alright, i'm a fucking nazi.

now what?
Wrong board, you are on /r9k/. You may have meant to post on /pol/ instead. Here, let me direct you there since you are unable to find it yourself: >>>/pol
go to /pol/ for politics

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Any stories of pissing or shitting all over a public toilet or public bathroom? Or having to clean up after people who do it?

It pisses me off when people do it (even though I don't work a job that requires cleaning it), but I laugh my ass off at stories about it, since I used to do it all the time when I was younger.

>Be 10
>My friend and I used to unfasten the plastic around the toilet paper holders and shit directly in them, fasten them back up like normal so unsuspecting people would get shitty toilet paper when they started pulling toilet paper out.
>Sometimes would just shit directly on the seat or floor.
>One time my shit formed the letter J and stood up pointing in the air with the curve part of the J being the part touching the toilet.
>Do this for about 10 days over a month to the same bathroom with my friend.
>They know it's us after a while because they catch us going in on camera every time.
>Leave after shitting.
>See manager approaching me.
>Stop and pick up pay phone, pretend to put quarters in, pretend to dial a number and pretend to talk to someone for five minutes.
>Manager waits until I'm done.
>Avoid eye contact even though I'm nervous and sweating bullets.
>"Excuse me, sir, we've been having a problem with someone repeatedly defecating and urinating all over the bathroom whenever you or your friend visit, at the exact same time. Do you know who might be doing this?"
>"Uh, y-y-yeah, I think it's [another friend from school who is a straight-A kid and who was not there and has never done it], his phone number is [phone number] if you want to call his parents."
>"Thank you."
I don't know if she believed me.

Not as funny as another story I read on here a few years ago where an Anon started peeing all over the bathroom, eventually aiming at the ground and wall of the empty next stall over, only to hear a loud "what the fuck?!" come from it.
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>walk into public bathroom to piss
>smells like shit
>open stall
>someone took a soda-can size dump and didn't flush
>get horny from the stench and cum
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Vince feel.
File: disgust.jpg (46KB, 620x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're a nasty motherfucker anon

File: 1502237953910.jpg (65KB, 800x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>see nigger in public
>boy pussy starts to ovulate
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why are you working so hard to associate card captor sakura with fag stuff

not that I'm complaining but jw
>be sissy white boi
>make a stupid ass thread
File: 1491341291924.jpg (261KB, 850x1478px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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are there seriously people who react like this just to seeing one

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