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How can anyone be morbidly obese and happy?
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By being happy and morbidly obese.

It's not a difficult concept to understand.
With enough delusion, anyone can be happy.
What are the feelings behind those looks they are giving the camera?

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Stop Deleting Us Edition

Post gay stuff, talk to cute boys, make friends, and maybe more! Please keep homoposting contained in here, so that our straight friends don't get mad
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I will never be a qtboi I want to cry
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I love this thread, thanks anon~

on topic..

I want to suck cock NOW!
hope u get deleted honey :^)

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Post your current feels
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>tfw there is no face that can describe the nothingness your crippling depression has filled your every waking moment with
I spent 7 months getting fit to gain the confidence to ask a girl out, she still said no.
>tfw no idea what to do with my life

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>about to go on vacation with family for a week
>won't be able to masturbate for that entire timeframe

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>meeting a girl and going back to her place
If only it were that easy.

>Just approach some girl at the pool or the beach and say "hey, I need to get my rocks off, come to my room"
Jack off in the bathroom faggot.

Who here thinks they have a porn addiction? What are some signs someone is addicted to porn vs just liking it? And is being an addict really that bad? How can my life possibly improve by cutting it out. It's the one thing that actually gives me enjoyment.

Here's how bad it's gotten for me:

>Member of several private porn torrent sites
>Have seeded over 6 TB of content
>Downloaded probably well over 20 TB
>Have several HDs dedicated for my collection
>Will uninstall steam games to make space in a pinch
>Haven't watched probably 75% of the collection. The thrill of finding pictures and video is what does it for me
>Will become obsessed with a certain model, and dedicate an entire day sweeping the net for every photo and video ever taken. Once all is found, the files are sorted into the collection and I lose all interest
>Will have a mild panic attack if I have to delete anything from the collection. Even weird shit from 2005 that hasn't been touched in ten years
>Literally a librarian, the collection is perfectly organized

What should I do robots? Part of me wants to torch the whole thing, but I don't think I can bring myself to do. It's just porn. It's not like I'm an alcoholic.

Pic related, wasn't he a porn addict? Share stories.
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>delete the files you enjoy the least/never watch
>delete the degenerate stuff
>delete all the videos
>delete all pics that contain full nudity

It's not true enjoyment.

What if I regret it? There's rare content there that probably doesnt exist online anymore.

And what's to gain? It's not like deleting the collection will make me social get me a girl.
I spend at peast an hour a day fapping/browsing porn. At any given time I have at least 20 tabs of porn open. My laptop hates me.

>tfw the tabs become so small that the icons disappear amd you can't tell them apart anymore

>gf doesn't want to fuck
>jerk off 3 times a day, not enough
>buy fleshlight
>go into bathroom lets go boys
>feels better than sex
>i've came inside Sarah 5 times in the past 2 hours
>gf says the sound of the lubricant squishing is keeping her awake
>thinking about telling her to move out because pocketpussy is superior
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If the "doesn't want to fuck" happens too often you should imo. Once they start with that shit, what is the point?
>jerk off 3 times a day, not enough

i can't possible understand how this is even possible for someone who's circumcised. are you not circumcised op?
i am circumsized, i jerk off around 2-5 times a day on average, when my gf would regularly fuck 4-5 times a week i would jerk off less.

if i don't cum this much i become extremely irritable, can't focus, and find myself not maintaining good nutrition.

i haven't been laid in 2 weeks now, and i was jerking off 3-4 times a day and not feeling satisfied

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What games have you been playing lately, /r9k/?
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I have been playing a lot 7.62 high caliber and M&B: Warband
Also a little Elite Dangerous
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I haven't played a game in months. Tempted to do a KOTOR2 replay though
Been playing Gigantic. Basically a rip off of Paladins, which was a rip off of Overwatch, which was a rip off of TF2.

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What's the most romantic moment you've had this summer, /r9k/?
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jerking off while holding my waifu pillow
I went to sleep late a night and my blanket was there to hold me. It was pretty hot.
Hung out with this girl i like. We went for a hike and sat there and cuddle each other. Then she "Fell" into me just to hug me. But i havent talk to her since the date she refuses to talk to me now

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Hwy have not you found your perfect partner?
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My perfect partner is myself.
Aye, but have you not the rope to have a she-slave with ye?
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my standards are too high for this rotten world

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>above average intelligence but underachiever

Sure guys, sure.
>Under average
>agnostic but open
Forgot to mention it but also was lower class and mainly read as a kid

What did you have for breakfast robots?

I had a full English.
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Banana, berries and a sweet roll
Coffee and toast
I had two mcdoubles

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>someone complains about not being able to get a job
How the fuck. Literally take one hour and apply to everything you can you lazy faggots, guarantee you get an interview
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pretty sure this is a bait but ima say it anyway
>get interview
>walk in room
>firm handshake
>tfw you say 'thank you' for no apparent reason
>remember you sperg out at every opportunity
>try for a few more minutes and after you begin to sweat profusely and fuck up 4 more times the job is lost
no point even trying anymore
It's alright anon, everyone has a bad interview or two at the beginning. You just gotta keep at it
I have no references and no previous work experience.

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>tfw seeing prime teen pussy for the first time
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I fucking hate you x
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You and I are enemies for life now.
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That's some good original pussy.

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raccoon gf.png
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One of these threads pIease
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gf template.png
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Here is the template in case anyone needs it
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dead gf.png
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anybody there? testing...

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Dear czechbots, how's life treating you?
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old thread died
wake up czechians
slovaks are superior
fuck all of yous north magyar trash

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