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>tfw wanna burn gf with cigarettes but dont wanna hurt her
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Don't worry, op. Women can't actually feel pain the way people and some animals do. It's more of a defense mechanism to make you think you're hurting her so you don't keep damaging her body. Make it into a sexual thing and she'll love when you burn her with cigarettes.
oh its definitely a sexual thing, we got close at one point but we both pussied out
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Then stop being a pussy and give her what she wants. She only hesitated because you did. They want their man to tell them what to do and they get confused when you're not sure what you're doing.

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Programming study group. Total beginners welcome.

We're going to start studying Python together once we get a few more people.

If you're interested in learning Python 2 hours a day then add me on Discord:

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We'll be studying Python 3.x, not 2.7.
Added. I know a bit of python. How much math do you need?
Not much. If something more complicated is needed than I'll do a math study group.

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Guys I can't fucking take it. My OCD is taking control of my mind and I am probably driving people away cause of it or it might delusion. This shit is driving me crazy and I fucking hate it

Any of you guys having mental breakdowns?
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Took acid once. Cried in the shower.

Not sure if this counts.
what do you mean by this. Extrapolate.
what do you mean by this. Explain...
Do you mean by hurting others? Your environment, or yourself.

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>Old TayTay innocent country girl for white boys
>New TayTay is for black boys now
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wow what a contribution!
she is doing what miley cyrus did probably she will comeback to white boys when she cashed out and is washed up and got bantered too hard for being a slut trying to be innocent again
>White BOIS
>Black MEN
Get your terminology right.

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What will the world look like in year 10 000 ?
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That's a cool picture. Looks like the oasis city in pokemon colosseum.

I imagine that by year 10000 humans will be long gone. Self replicating technology with artificial intelligence seems much more fit for this world.
Everyone is fucking futa's in their VR pods. All of humankty is in a supergrid the size of Texas. The rest of the world is pure nature. Space is launch stations for AI robots that seek life in the stars.
trying to google search that image gives an error

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How is making edm hard? It's so fucking easy I've been sitting here making trap beats and it's soooo ficking easy wtf

>32 bad intro (one melody)
>add kick at a constant speed
>add second melody
>add one or two hi hats notes on loop with a snare in the middle

That's literally it. Add rising effects before it changes and occasionally drop the snare and hi hat. WTF
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>not making industrial/noise/glitch
The weird ass genres you guys like don't make any money
Your shitty trap beats wont either.

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Well guys after a shit 8 hour shift, the crushing reality of being a 20 year old who quit uni while having no motivation or drive to do anything with his life and being too afraid of death to kill myself I've decided to just let drugs and alcohol take over.

Let's drink and smoke to our bleak existence together, if you have anything that you want to talk about or get off your chest I'm all ears. I'll even match you a story if you care for it.
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Hey man, I just wanna say what you're feeling is 100% not your fault. I felt pretty much the exact same as you, but as I learnt more about history, society, economics, etc. I realised unless you're a braindead normie it's pretty much impossible to feel motivated in this world. Now, that's not to say there isn't awesome things you can do with your life, but just getting a career, buying nice shit, reading the news, etc. isn't going to be it.

There are cool people out there.
Thanks man, I like to try and think that it's not my fault, that it's society and past generations and blah blah blah. Though when I look in the mirror I despise what I see, so I strive for change but a crushing wave of procrastination, envy of others and a general feeling of not knowing what to do about any problem sweeps away and my flickering flame of motivation. I do appreciate you going out of your way to cheer me up though.
This. People are fucking stupid. It's amazing how many people base their lives on what other people are doing instead of being more independent. My personal way of keeping happy is going hardcore into hobbies like film and music. Art is so much better than real life.

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>be me
>meet cute 18 year old twink
>brown curly hair and deep blue eyes
>he's a little taller than me but skinny
>cute butt
>says he wants to go hang out sometime
>why not
>we go see a concert
>stay out late a coffee shop and chat
>says he'll drive me home
>we decide to stop by a park and walk around
>he grabs my hand
>butterflies in my stomach
>looking at his cute face in the moonlight
>i cant take this any more
>tell him I think he's really cute and pull him in for the kiss
>mouths everywhere
>hands everywhere
>rolling around in the grass making out
>this feels so good
>cars pulls up
>o shit
>get up and go back to his car
>cram in the backseat of his jetta
>melt into each other
>i still smell like his cum

am i gay now?
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>this will NEVER happen in your lifetime
Life is suffering
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tru love.jpg
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it can anon
i believe in you
You are very gay now,and are the end of human race good day sir.

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How are people alcoholics? Like dude just put down the fucking glass. I'm genuinely curious as to how, because I used to drink a bit but I stopped myself easily.
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It's genetic
>the genes keepin me down
Dude how are you type 1 diabetic? Just like make your liver produce more insulin.
>Comparing diabetics to drunks

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ITT: Views nobody shares with you

>Baby Driver sucks ass
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>yuru yuri is fucking trash
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I agree and I like moe anime
Only moe anime is worth watching

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countryy roooads take me hoome
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That song was written about things that aren't even in WV btw
But I relate to it and feel it quite frequently, though I always find myself bored when I do go home
This time however I am much farther away and it doesn't look like I'll be back in WV any time soon
I miss the rural life
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You got your reasons
And I got my wants
Still get that feeling
But I'm too old to die young now
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>get depressed
>suddenly love country music

shared in a Facebook group i'm in.
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It's probably true in their fantasies but in reality they end up looking like Ben Carson. I'm sure he can get pussy but not as much as a thug nigger. Notice how even in this pic she still sees him as a walking bank account at the end.
but he does say beat it..

I think she's fat, has a baby and appears broke.. And the thug is gone...
The whole point of the comic is fucking stupid.

Yes, the nerd who got the best grades in school, and got a high-paying job will still lose in the end. Why? Because women will not want him for his looks or for him, but for his money. You become a walking money dispensor, and your marriage will go from passable to awful.

Find love in high school or college, robots. After that, women will increasingly seek a provider rather than a lover.

any robots have a job in tech? whats it like?
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I work at Amazon. It's nice because they treat you like an actual adult unlike Google, Facebook, and Apple. Also it's not a politically correct hell-hole like what I've been hearing from the other Big 4.

6 figures is pretty cool too.
can you divulge the interview questions I might get from their online screening thing?
Anything dealing with Algorithms and Data Structures. Hash tables are pretty popular to know. I think one of my questions was to print out if a list of parenthesis is balanced or not. E.g. (()()) is balanced, but )(()) is not. That was the easy question

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Yo, is there a femdom discord? I'm a narcissist and I'm in the mood for being worshiped.

I'm not looking for anything lewd, mind you. I just want to shitpost and be praised for being such an excellent human being.

Picture unrelated.
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Oh yeah, I'm also mentally ill and a shitty human being. I'm shitty and wonderful all at once. Think of me as an anthropomorphic holy shit.

C'mon, losers, lick my boots. I'm bored.
Nice larp stupid nigger
Sounds like you need therapy more than a fuckboy to worship you desu, thot.

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If you got to hang out with ether Eric and Dylan Elliot Rodger Randy Stair or Adam Lanza which mass shooter would you hang out with /r9k/??.
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I'd share some feels with the Rodge. Randy's a fucking disgrace, nobody knows why Adam did it, and E&D are too edgy, although maybe Eric could hook me up with some WADs.
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reminds me, Chris Harper-Mercer's anniversary is coming up. Let's thank him for bringing /r9k/ into international news

He brought more normalfags here.

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