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Why are anime fans so gay? Does anime make you gay or does anime attract gays?
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Bimp, I am also interested in this topic
anime audience is made up of social outcasts and homosexuals are more likely to be social outcasts? they are perhaps also more likely to be true to themselves perhaps???
i just dont know

i'm prison gay myself
anime will be viewed in the future as a virus

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I'm going to die soon, It's been fun.

Love and hate you guys
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backstory please

if you are going to kill yourself please say how
I'm going to the store soon, It's been fun.

Love and hate you guys
you're going to live, you're going to hate yourself and it's going to suck but you'll keep on doing it because that's all you can bloody well do as a human being

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Why is it generally so hard to find people who treat you like a person, a human being?
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Nah I'm just kidding buddy. Friends are made through shared activity, you need to pick a hobby that involves interaction and through working towards a common goal you will find people who like and respect you, or so I believe.
Coming to r9k every day for the past ~7 years has given me depersonalization and has made it hard for me to trust people in general
Because everyone is so caught up in their own wants and needs and don't have time for other people. Plus everyone feels like the world owes them, they don't feel like they owe anyone else anything, which in a sense is true, but at least common courtesy should be easy for everyone

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Hey guys how do I get a girlfriend lol
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Put all your skill points into luck
And charisma! Don't forget that.
I want a girlfriend who does her hair in fringes/bangs because it's the cutest haircut out of them all and seeing those girls with that kind of haircut is hard to sexualize because it looks too pure for me, i wish i had a girlfriend who did her hair in that style and i would guarantee her there will be no sex involved but some affection since im not good at showing affection but i do the best i can i want to make stuff for her if that counts as affection

Why do Millennials choose to be Children forever?
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Because the world has nothing to offer. Job opportunities are imploding. The dream of owning a house is dead. Having children is financially impractical. And since Chads are monopolizing women through hook-up apps, average guys no longer have a chance at love.

At this point, fantasy worlds are all we have left. Fuck civilization - let it collapse.
Because fuck it man
I don't know how to nor do I want to "grow up".

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I think women in general view me as asexual. They seem to want little to do with me as they won't respond to my text. Won't go out of there way to talk to me, or even acknowledge I exist for the most part. I try, I get numbers from girls in my class... they seem cool until I ask them out or it seems like ~maybe~ I am interested, then they quit responding. I'm not ugly, probably a 7. I feel like maybe I was born to never have a sexual experience....

How do you go from meeting them to fucking them?
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>I'm not ugly, probably a 7
Until you post a picture, you're a 4-5.
If you were a 7 girls would be approaching you or at least responding to your texts.
should i ask out as soon as possible or should i chitchat before for a while?
That hurts. How do I deal with being average? What confuses me is I match with 7s-8s on tinder. None of them reply to me either. I almost give up.

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>go to r9k
>tfw no gf
>poast meme arroz
>feel better
1 bump = 1 ree
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I wanna die I wanna die die
Please someone kill me
Don't be sad :)>>36831933 nice dubs

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Only one more day of freedom, wagie. My how time flies, doesn't it?
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why do people who post these neet fog memes assume we get off every weekend. i
worked from 1:30 to 10pm today, and tomorrow I work 10am to 6:30 fuck you leech
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The wagies will never learn, my friend. I haven't risen out of bed this weekend, and I'll continue to not do so well into the week.
Slave away, slave away
Everyday, o everyday
The wagie is a cuck
By your boss you get fucked

Wagie o wagie. You are the real leech.

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I just finished eating a large pizza fdrom Dominoes in the parking lot. Ask me anything I guess. Hopefully you don't end up like me
what ingredients were on the pizza?
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Did you actually eat a full medium pizza, a mcdonalds shake, and a coke? christ.

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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You have dedication I'll give you that.
I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day
Hey anon I love you. Oreganalooli

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holy shit bestiality is gross
>"I told you too"

American teachers are illiterate?
These women are just failed normies of the female world.

>in her 30s
>no husband or bf for close to a decade
>needs male attention
>gets it from children

They basically become beta providers. Its more funny than angering.

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Just finished 13 reasons why, and I had in no way shape or form anything like this experience in high school.

Not just the suicide, but the way people interact, talk to each other, treat each other, like absolutely nothing was even similar to my experience.

Did anyone else think this? Is it because I'm a robot?
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I dunno man my highschool life was two years in two schools.
Quite honestly never did anything in high school so both experiences are foreign to me.
it's because yo're a robot and because you're a male.

Nobody even tangentially involved in the production of that show understands in the slightest what "nobody cares" actually means

Like if they think an attractive girl with friends and love interests can somehow be neglected and isolated enough to warrant suicide, I'm perplexed by how I'm still standing as a 29 y/o khv who hasn't left my parents house in over 2 years.

My highschool experience amounted to nothing more, than getting beaten to a pulp everyday, so i can't relate to that story at all. Seems just like another movie that was made to appeal to roasties.

But kys is also a pretty pussy way to go out. You should at least go the columbine route and take those who have wronged you with you.

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>Want to get cute bf.
>Parents want me to get a gf.
This is a surprisingly shitty feel. What should I do?
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Be my friend that could help.
Stop being a mentally ill fag, that's what.
tell 'em to get fucked, then go suck some cock

>Universe is young and every action will have incomprehensibly vast affects on how the rest of the universe behaves, forever
>Every action you make or don't make could spell the beginning or end of a great utopian civilization in some distant galaxy, billions of years in the future
>We're just sitting here wasting our lives despite being the most beautiful, complex, intelligent objects we have discovered in the entire universe so far

How do you deal with this existential anxiety and make yourself act upon the desire to do good, in an informed way?
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butterfly effect is baseless
and there's nothing wrong with being largely hedonistic, anon
No it's not baseless, it's obvious

Small actions in your past can drastically affect your future, and your actions can drastically affect large objects like the planet itself through rocket launches and such. A single rocket launch at escape velocity will change Earth's location by massive distances in a billion years, propagating to the sun and outwards
the butterfly effect involves small causes, rocket launches definitely do not qualify, considering how limited humans' actions currently are (there's a ceiling)
will my moving my chair 1 cm to the left drastically alter events in superclusters far, far away? you tell me.
i'm all for determinism but this is ridiculous
it feels to me like you read that single example about rocket launches and were totally and irreversibly convinced

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>drop soda and only drink iced tea because im fat
>start getting alergic symptoms
>figure out its the ice tea
Well guess ill just stay fat and go back to soda. I was really enjoying tea too
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drink water little juice and walk for a few minutes day please
Why not just fucking drink water or fruit juice you fat disgusting fuck?

I bet you're american too aren't you?

get shat on by my twin op

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