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whats the purpose of 'get a job' if i cant have my own family because my ugly face and my short height?
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suicidate mogolico
Money to spend on escapism/the event you get kicked out

Not applicable if you're happy with your neetbux/mummys allowance. I bet it's pretty nice having some spare money laying around and not having to do thousands of online surveys for a new vidya, though.
Since when did employers discriminate people for not having families, Jorge?

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Why the fuck wont you talk to me anymore
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Because you're a boring pathetic neet
Iam not a neet you cuck
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do it fag.jpg
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tell me something we can talk about with you , you inbred gay futa neet


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This song is being sung by a post wall hag. The song is called: "Where Have All The Good Men Gone"

And she brings up all the stereotypes. Singing how women approach 30 and need to settle down with a good man. And how all available men are sub par. Having shitty jobs, refusing to pay for dinners, being loners and so on. It is not satire, but an actual song for women by a woman.

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A real man will fight for his woman.
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I don't need no man! I am independent!
Are those kids retarded, or mixed race?

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Stupid, white pig. Can't wait until the 3rd world replaces you.
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No,u. =3 0w0
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Without the West you'll be either a shitty communist country or a Japanese colony
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without the west there wouldnt communism and japan would not have advance
without the west we wouldnt have swj thats creeping up to the east
without the west asia would be perfect

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>niggers ruin every country they're in!
>stable economy
>low unemployment
>130 murders between 2000 and 2014
>tons of culture, mostly West African influenced
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They're not African American/African American influenced. Africans are cool and happy as fuck all the time for some reason and I wish I could be like that. Nigerians on the other hand...
Barbados is in North America, so technically they're African American.
Oh so I post a successful Black Country and no one wants to respond

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New academic year just started lads

any qts in your classes / dorms?
did you make friends yet?
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my dorm is made up of sterotypical chads and stacies. Literally refer to me as "bro".
get friendly with them for a free supply of beer and friends
No friends, no qts, only unending struggle and depression.

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Women are beautiful creatures
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women are womderful
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I think I'm straight guys...
It's just a phase anon.

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Just visiting here for the first time in a while and my god this board is pathetic.
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Wait until you see these threads.


I've seen alot shit here but rarely a good thread, mostly porn lately dunno why
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So they are literally all closet faggots here who want to dress up as girls and get fucked? This board is beyond pathetic.

Had a psychotic fit from LSD and now a weed high just feels like a psychedelic trip.

>I've smoked daily for a long time
>my life kinda revolves around weed
>in all my free time i just sit around and smoke with friends

I wan't to continue smoking but i don't think i can if it doesn't even feel good

You think a tolerance break will make anything better?
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I think fucking off from this website might help.
A looooong tolerance break is in order. When did you drop acid?
I dropped 2 weeks ago for my first time and I just now feel almost normal. I don't think I ever will.
That's nice


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britfeel 2017.jpg
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One of these days either I'm going to go insane and hurt my family or my dad is going to go insane and hurt my family edition
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chill out bro! comfy times are ahead!
Lads, how you gonna make it on your own if luck is a lady?
wrong month, you tit wish your daddy beat some sense into you

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Hi mods, could fix the captcha on phones sometime? Thanks
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There's nothing wrong with it. Don't you remember that screencap I posted in the last thread? That was really from my phone right before I posted.
it's still broken for me, it says i completed the captcha with the check mark, but the next page keeps saying i miss typed it, please fix this mods
Android or iPhone?

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why you haven't killed yourself yet?
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too stupid to tie a noose
vidya, books and music
404: balls not found

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>tfw no girl to motivate me
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Motivate yourself you stupid fuck. You think a girl wants a project or a partner?
Project, definitely. It's why they love unemployed Chads with a prison record. They want to feel like they fixed someone and get rewarded with a Chad who treats them well by the end of it.
Be the girl in your life, anon.

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Daily reminder no matter how shitty was its finale, there will never another tv show who will be able to even draw near the fascination and appeal of LOST
Daily reminder no TV show will ever be able to build a better season opening scene than LOST 2x01
Daily reminder no TV show will ever be able to build a better season final sequence than LOST 3x23
Daily reminder there will never another fictional character as perfectly written as Desmond Hume
Daily reminder you will never have a girl who loves you as much Penny loved Desmond
Daily reminder 2004 was 13 (THIRTEEN) years ago
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Daily reminder that Locke was the best character.
>tfw I was 14 in 2004
every season was worse than the one that aired before it, the first two were the only ones i truly enjoyed

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Is this the ultimate chad?
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No, this is.
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I'd like to refute.
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try again

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