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Why doesnt a single video of gentle femdom exists???

Why does every roleplaying video has to be about rape or humiliation???

What is wrong with humanities sexuality, r9k, what went wrong?
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>What is wrong with humanities sexuality, r9k, what went wrong?
Kek, coming from a guy who wants to be the woman in the relationship, you should have a pretty good idea.
women can't love you
but there are videos like that on the internet

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Stoner Protip: STOP buying lighters. Just buy a can of butane. Holy shit it saves so much money.
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You could also just use flint and stone.
Stoner pro-protip: Get a vaporizer instead and save your health too.
varg tip: weed is for niggers and cucks

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How would you feel if we banned Rem for spamming and blogposting every day?
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Should ban avatarfagging in general
Rem doesn't actually avatarfag, though. He just posts 5 or so threads a day asking for the guy he's in love with to be friends with him again.
this is stalking and harassment
ban when

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This is my oneitis. I'll give you three (3) seconds to say something nice about her.
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She looks attainable. I bet a lot of guys are after her.
She's fat, unattractive and a big girl for you

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>starting my concerta/ritalin medication tomorrow

What am I in for? I'm in my mid-20s, so puberty and teenage related prescription drug issues are obviously not going to affect me. I have asperger's syndrome and ADHD, I have never taken drugs before.

I've read only good things about concerta, but I'm still nervous as fuck that it will fuck me over. I don't care if I'm a drug hazed zombie as long as I can get schoolwork done and actually concentrate on my daily tasks.
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expect to feel very good for the first few weeks or months, then after a while you will begin to feel really tired if you're not on it
Nice. I already feel kinda exhausted all the time so it should be nothing new. As long as I can keep my mind focused it should be a-ok.
Bare in mind the whole first month that this isn't how it feels in the long term.

Remember to take regular breaks from it, every month or so to keep yourself grounded.

Anyone here have sex almost daily on a regular basis? What does it feel like?
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Like a chore.
probably just can't get enough and have to deal with female human
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It feels good every time of course - kind of like eating pizza is almost always good, but there is some pizza out there that is exceptional. Either presentation wise, or taste or both.

I find that most positions that look good like what is seen in porn doesn't feel as good as more boring positions that aren't the best visually.

Even though we have settled into very common positions it never feels like a chore. If it did we would experiment with new things - there is always something new to try to spice things up.

pic related

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Is >likes horses a red flag?
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>le red flag meme

every girl has plenty of red flags

either become a faggot or accept being alone

now fuck off
Yes. A huge one
Girl like that don't have anything else to show for. sometimes they're very autistic about it too

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>Matched with a super cuty yesterday
>Spend all day trying to keep my cool and not replying right away
>Spend all day at work being all happy and joyful imagining how she is gonna reply to me
>Imagine how well we are gonna hit if off and finally find someone to make us happy
>Finally after 24hours of being a match (because thats the standard right?) I say hello and ask how she was doing
>No answer for a few hours
>Look again
>She isn't there anymore

WHy is life so cruel
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>doing it wrong

Not replying immediately is fine, but if you leave it hanging all day, you gotta remember she's just a stranger who found you attractive and it's pretty easy to get tired of waiting and see who else is out there.

>after 24hours of being a match (because thats the standard right?)
Just get to it when you get to it. If I'm not busy I'll reply back immediately once I get a message, but if I am busy, I'll take care of the shit I currently have at hand and then reply. That's all.
Shut the fuck up you fucking faggot im not talking to you
>being this retarded
I shiggity diggity.

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I'm too afraid to live, yet to afraid to die, i need to hang myself but i'm 260 pounds and i'm scared, i need to man the fuck up and do it, should i get completely smashed on cheap whiskey and yolo it or what
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YOLO is precisely the reason why you shouldn't do it.

Having said that, kys faggot.
How about call a suicide hotline or do Elliot Roger shit faggot
Reminder sage goes into the options field
I would say
>tie strong rope into noose
>hang noose high
>take a lot of sleeping pills
>put noose around neck after climbing ladder
>wait for pills to kick in
If it all wen well, you'd fall off the ladder but be too drugged to resist.
Granted I've never tried, this is how I would do a hanging

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jesus christ your links are retarded. just post the youtube
I just like classic rock/pop in general but queen stands out

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Living proof: https://streamable.com/98wxy
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Yeah it's really not healthy to depersonalize people like with this chad stuff

They're just men. They're not heartless automatons mindlessly lapping up female attention
you have no idea how fucked we are as a species

Why, because the internet allows for people to incessantly bitch rather than working on themselves

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>tfw getting 1gbps fiber internet installed in my neighborhood
Feels good to live in the big city, boys.
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>mfw flyovers had to wait several seconds for this page to load
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>tfw no server is ever gonna up 1gbps for you
>Be me
>Have super fast internet
>Mind is racing with limitless possibilities
>Watch porn

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I just spent 24 hours fapping nonstop.
of course i had few a breaks, but very few and not for long. half the time i was barely erect.
I probably did irreversable damage to my dick but desu it doesnt hurt that much. all the nerves may be dead, idk.
I was hoping this would get it out my system but I feel exactly the same as before
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Get what out of your system? You're gonna cum your soul away man.
Did you have an item of worn female clothing to sniff?
I like to do the same while bingeing on dexamphetamine, usually while watching videos of little girls in leotards on youtube.

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why is it so hard to find a gf like this?
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No one likes poo gf. Fucking sick jesus christ. Are you indian? Get your poo gf in india
I think eating your gf's shit is a very nice way to show how much you love her. it's also a nice bonding experience
i do not want this gf

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Why does adderall cost so much? My insurance doesn't cover it, but with a prescription discount card, my script is $25 versus $12 for one 30 mg pill on the street where I live
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Are you using it for something other than it's intended use?
It's not worth it, if so, and you don't really need it.
If you have ADHD legitimately, then same thing. Adderall isn't very necessary for anybody.
>taking the meds
My mom suggests I go see the medicine men and shrinks but I really don't believe I should delude myself with chemicals. I was born this way and I intend to live this way.

Plus, if I go to a therapist, they'll probably take my guns away and fuck that nonsense.
Yeah, I recently was put on an involuntary 72-hour psych hold. It sucked complete ass and now there's a several thousand dollar hole in my pocket.

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