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Who else here is a suicidal INFJ too sensitive for the world?
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I'm ISFJ but I feel that way a lot.
INFP here. Why can't everyone be nice to eachother??
I typed as INTP for the longest time, but I guess these things can change during young adulthood. INFJ now.

>Why can't everyone be nice to eachother??
Animals and their social hierarchies. *shrugs* Not much I can do about it. S-sorry.

Is she right?
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Lies. The only girls that have hard time getting boyfriends are fat girls.
Lies. No girls have a hard time getting boyfriends.
Tumblr leave

>someone wants to listen to music in a social situation
>It's unfailingly nigger shit or pop trash
One a side note, anyone who enjoys that type of music probably isn't worth interacting with.
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The only patrician music types are metal, electronic, classical, vidya, weebshit, or k/j-pop. Prove me wrong.
Low-IQ opinion desu.

You should listen to a bit of everything. High-IQ people like me can benefit from a little hip-hop every now and then. For low-IQs like you, I suggest opera.
tfw just want to drink alone, listen to this and chill


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i am wondering if does anybody on this board usually cums inside women and if they worry about getting diseases and having a child
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I was fuckbuddies with a fatty who had her tubes tied. It was nice but I want kids someday so it wouldn't have lasted. That was two years ago and I've barely talked to women since, looks like the joke is on me.
came inside my gf once so far by mistake when we were doing it raw

we've both only had one partner before eachother so disease isnt much of a concern

kids are though so that required some quick plan b
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Birth. Control.

Then, fire the fuck away. It's literally the greatest thing ever when you don't have to pull out.

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she will lose the weight

Huh? Are we supposed to know these people?
not knowing who boxxy is 2017

How do we fix modern women?
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>A little bit preggers
>A little bit
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some women have no soul
The only thing we want form them is to be loyal and thats how they trat us, then we act like total jerks and they ask why shit has gone so wrong...

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What is the one year you wish you could go back to?
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Anons, I wanna go back or die.
good choice. I'd take it, myself, or 05.
this i want to enjoy naruto again
or just go back to the year i was born and end myself

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What kind of people do you suspect will come out of generation Z?
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normies that meme in daily conversation
Thieves, sex-obsessed, criminals, drug addicts...

I've already seen the worst of my generation(21yo), so the next will be far worse.
Furry conservative memers.

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If "Chad" is the name we use for a popular, attractive, successful guy, what's the name we use for a robot?
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Adolf Hitler the looser of ww2.
Shame on him, shame on us
Adolf had a gf you dummy. He's a ducking normie.

Ann Frank might be a robot.

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>be 28
>feel like I'm old
>80k yearly income
>dating girl my own age
>good waist to hip ratio
>pure white ancestry
>cooks for me daily and cleans my apartment sometimes
>nice to my family

Gonna maybe marry her because those qualities but everyone on /pol/ is always talking about how you need to get an early 20s chick that you can boss around redpill due to her immaturity. How true is this?
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You have a good opportunity here, don't lose her.
Get married and have children ASAP.
Marry at 30
Early 20s chicks are a meme. Older chicks are less likely to divorce you too.

Help me understand this fetish
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I like being on the recieving end its nice to let go and be cared for but i dont really get it as a fetish. I guess it varies, you could be into the pee side of nappies, you could just find them sexual in themselves. Or humiliation. The more gentle dom and sub thing the contrast of an adult woman being like a child and fully dependent on you. you cant really explain fetishes at the end of the day. Its just another thing you like.

Tfw no daddy bf but maybe one day
You're not retarded enough
>tfw little to no diaper content involving humiliation and bondage without devolving into scat and piss

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Does anyone else on here get penis envy?

l don't think l really want to be a man, but I look at my pussy and just wish l had a penis sometimes. I hate getting my period. I wish l could shoot cum. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much easier for men; it makes me deeply depressed... It feels like biology and my body have betrayed me.
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I know you are not one but girls with penis envy are hot.
Especially if they'd like to sport a large one.
>Good sex just seem so much easier for men
Easier than just lying there?
I did as a teen until I actually started fuckinf girls and none ever mentioned my dick and they seemed to enjoy it so whatever

I had an ex who, once we got a good rhythm with eachother said "omg did you dick get bigger"

Lol no, women's perception of sex is very different from our own

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Who here /drunk/? Working my way through a 12-pack of Coors Banquet, currently on my seventh. I forgot just how wonderful alcohol is
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>Drinking beer to get drunk

Enjoy a slightly mild buzz and pissing every 20 minutes

Drink liquor m8
I don't mind having to piss constantly. It keeps me busy. Also, the buzz is actually decent, since I haven't drank in a while.
I'd be getting drunk erry day if the alcohol wasn't making me fat.

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Do guys like girls with flat-chests and big butts?
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A pear body shape is practician taste
My gf is 32b but has a huuuuuge ass fun to ride despite not understanding how this is possible
Just having a pulse is fine.
I swear officer, it's original!

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ITT: Post your sins and be judged for them

Once, while I was giving my dog a bath, I got horny and jacked off then came on his face. If I could turn back time for one task I would kick past me's self's ass before he had the chance.
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What is wrong with you? Are you some furry?
The worst I did was watch loli hentai.
holy shit nu-/r9k/ is tame or you two are just underage
>download lots of cp vids and erase them ,then download again
>ask little girls on youtube to pose,say nasty stuff,show her butts and upload videos then i saved them
>this still works but they erase them quickly because of white knights so you have to download quickly
>touched my big sis on her sleep and spy her
>spy on my mum in the shower
>once putted my dick on my cousins mouth while she was sleeping
>quit a job i hated and steal some tools then throw them to trash
>killed a pregnant cat because she wouldn't leave my bed
>molest girls whenever i have the chance,in bus,subway,alleys,parks
>loli hentai
>worst thing
Taking the lolipill is the best thing anybody can do.
Fucking neat.
The potentially worst thing I did was to jack off to either one of my martial arts classmates, or my friend's hot sister. Both legal by the five-year clause in Canada.

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