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So robots, what's your sexy ass sleepy voice sound like? You do have one, right?
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Apparently I sleep in weird contorted poses and have a tendency to slap or punch whoever is next to me.
Dimmu Borgir - Puritania
I found I had one, because my sister and my aunt said I did

I'm kind of shy in asking them what it sounds like

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PSA for fembots: Thin lips are unattractive, that is all
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PSA for OP: you are unattractive.
Thin lips are genetic, so you either have em or you don't.
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Yes we know
Why do you think we're on r9k, it's not because we're the highest example of being hot.

What do I have to do to get lesbo chad to notice me?
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Goddam she looks so ugly. Have some standards.

t. Doesn't like 10 pounds of makeup and huge fake eyebrows
Are you a pretty girl? If not then just give up
she's super hot for a lesbian. most lesbians are fat and hideous transmen

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does anyone in utah wanna sell weed to a robot?

how do i obtain weed if i'm a beta socially awkward robot with no friends
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I found a connection through working a minimum wage job
If you already do that just ask around, several people are guaranteed to smoke
Stop being a degenerate, you don't want to smoke that crap
Do you live in salt lake city?

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you finally secured yourself a gf and this happens, what do?
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What's with all the cuckposting in the past couple of hours?
>you finally secured yourself a gf and this happens, what do?

take a beating
my boipucci can handle it
lol this nigger isnt so tough his muscles are oviously steroid or worse, synthol giving him no real strength advantage over me. while this guy was putting shit into his bod I was actually mastering muay thai, this guy is fucked if he think he can slap my petite qt3.14 gf

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comfy cozy thread post whatever comfy/cozy zzz
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thread's not flowing OP.
post some stuff yourself next time.
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I love the idea of living condition disparity; probably not the best thing, but it's pretty comfy to look at.
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Comfy is a weird property. Colours are the largest
comfy-causing factor I think.

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>losing my hair at 21
>tfw I never had a gf or friends anyway so this isn't going to make things any worse
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>tfw back hurts AND I'm balding
being a friendless virgin probably increases your chances of balding ten fold
How? Isn't balding down to genetics? I know it can be accelerated by stress, hormone imbalances (steroids), etc., but if you've got the genes for it you'll go bald eventually.

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confused math lady.png
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Why are pedophiles hated so much more than all the other scums of society?

For example, murderers and corrupt politicians are viewed as 'horrible human beings,' but still human beings. It seems like pedophiles are regarded as an entirely different species; something subhuman and truly irredeemable. They are vilified beyond human parameters. I mean, murderers literally end lives and corrupt politicians could help completely destroy the planet and nobody seems to care about them, but one pedophile touches one kid and suddenly it's "I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL AND GET ASSRAPED BY A THOUSAND SHITDEMONS I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE" etc etc etc

I'm not saying pedophiles deserve warm welcomes or congratulations or whatever, but I just want to know why people hate them more than everybody else.
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because muh fee fees desu
you can't get an answer for this out of anyone that doesn't involved expletives or violence
If you actually touch kids you are a terrible person, just like all of the crimes you mentioned. I don't think people can help it if they have urges though. Just don't act on them.
because everyone was once a child, but not everyone has been mugged (PRIVILEGE)

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Pharmacists fucking piss me off so much
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Why? Wouldn't give you drugs?
do us a favor and commit suicide
stupid fucking connieposters
>Why? Wouldn't give you drugs?
I don't need their drugs I'm perfectly fine
I hate them because they are worthless morons who are abusing the system

they only exist because by law doctors aren't allowed to count the pills themselves because they might get confused or something

they are like car dealerships, they entrenched themselves so deeply into the system without actually providing value to anyone

and every single pharmacist is SO cocky about it

these pill counters are so smug and I HATE THEM

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>tfw you realize it's all over
>lack of proper parenting leads woman to seek out missing moral guidance an alpha father provides
>even traditionally reserved woman start getting ego-boosted and pumped and dumped by chad
>beta orbiting allies start weaseling their way into the sex hierarchy
>woman only have abusive experiences and fall for the asexual meme or have a kid when they're a teenager and the cycle repeats

>even the quiet nerdy girl in the library is having casual sex with 10 people and doesn't want a relationship
>female inboxes flooded with attention so you can never even have a conversation with them online
>males literally second-class citizens because they don't have a vagina
>when they try not to be a beta cuck on their own terms they are immediatly shut down if they aren't "daddy" or "chad" or "ally"

>despite all this we still can't escape the need for intimate companionship
>men literally mutilating their genatilia
>fucking each other in the ass
>larping as females

This is society is fucking pathetic.
I thought MGTOW was the cringiest thing ever bit what other option is there?
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probably the best thread on here tonight and no one is responding

I feel you OP
Best thread on this board on a Sunday night. Honestly, I stopped caring about sex a while ago, it's been years since I've jerked off. The only way I release my semen is in my sleep
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The only reason I haven't killed myself is because maybe one day, I'll wake up to the news that the entire earth is being destroyed by nuclear warfare, with me looking out through my window and seeing a massive mushroom crowd towering over my home engulfing the nearby populous.

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Why do women pretend to like video games?

Do they want gamer Chads? Beta orbiters? Just straight up attention? Because I know for a fact women couldn't care less about vidya.
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I know girls who genuinely like vidya
typically it's the best indicator of gf material
My gf is into games, we pretty much just sit around playing video games all day. She even likes Dark Souls, albeit she gets frustrated and gives up too easily.

big willy
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literally me on the right senpai
It's only a matter of time before your girl leaves you for a big black stallion.

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You guys think you're better than women?

Could you take her on?
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Who is that?

roussey? of course I could take her.
Ronda can't box but I imagine in a grappling match she'd kick the average robot's ass.
Yeah I'd go full REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE on her and she'd be lying bleeding on the floor before she knew what hit her

Femanons? (Or Fembots, as you like to call yourself)
How does it feel knowing that you don't even have a chance of competing with 2D girls? Because most men are understanding that you are all roasties that will never give them a serious relationship, so they just give up and go with 2D (true legends even go with 2D traps). And because of that you only have a chance of getting a beta orbiter bf, the worst kind of male.
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Stop perpetuating this stupid myth that only betas who can't get women "give up" and convert to 2D. For many people it's just the obvious choice as soon as they see it. Hell some people are incapable of getting physically stimulated by 3D at all.
2D isn't a thing. You're choosing to be alone. Which is fine, but don't pretend you're in a fulfilling relationship... Or any other kind of relationship.
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Anon? I did not say only betas give up on 3D. I said "most men" give up on 3D.
I mean, I litteraly said that beta orbiters are the one who don't.

Just getting this off my chest and what better place than here. Feeling depressed af and like nothing matters anymore.

>have qt GF and soulmate
>feel like I could grow old with her
>have best bro who is for life
>group of close friends that stick together no matter what
>high level education, got accepted into law school although i had meh grades in high school
>financially crippled from the start
>shitty abusive parents making life a hell
>after big fight with parents, live with bro for half a year
>takes care of me
>find a place for myself
>getting my shit together and slowly getting out of debt my parents caused thanks to financial shenanigans
>Looking to move in with GF

Most of you guys are prob thinking "wtf you whining about faggot". Well from there i fucked up everything.

>have drunk party
>see best bro GF naked and she .e
>no cheating or any intention of any kind
>neither my GF or best bro are at the party tho
>its at my home
>me and other chicks only
> keep it secret for 6 months
> tell GF because of guilt
> it breaks me to see her break down
> best bro would rather kill me than see me again
> best bro GF makes up that it was all my idea and i forced her
> she still hangs out with the whole group and is best bro GF
> GF really wants to break up with me
> lose job and work at McDonalds
> every day have fights with GF
> nightmares every night
> getting further in debt and parents dont support at all
> half of the group stops hanging out with me
> get isolated
> flunk law school and quit
> start smoking cause i dont care anymore
> every month is financial struggle
> GF broke up and goes out with friends and gets drunk right now
> sitting on my couch contemplating suicide
> having suicidal thoughts for more than half year
> guilt tearing me up
>GF is moving to other side country

I had everything I wanted and more. And I chose to fuck it up.

>inb4 you atleast had a GF
Im not a chad, she was everything for me. She was the one for me.
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If you are wondering what to do with this info, be my guest. I am also pretty aimless and clueless what to do so any suggestion is welcome.
Life is simply unfair, don't you think?
why are people so unbearably lost lately?

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