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Does anyone here think that autistic people are cute, especially girls?
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You're probably romanticizing it
Yes I am. Are not they nice?
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>tfw want a qt girl but I'm black

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I did it guys! I had a successful first date!

>she's short, blue-eyed, slightly homely looking but still qt
>i'm nervous as fuck, but she was nervous too
>had lunch, then walked around the lake
>sat on the swings and talked
>ended at a le nerdy themed cafe for hot chocolate

Spent about 3 and a half hours together, texted her later and she enthusiastically agreed to again on friday.

I spilled my spaghetti a few times, spazzed a bit and knocked the drink menu off the table, but i literally just beed myself and she didn't mind.

What is your problem, /r9k/? You're too obsessed with 10/10 stacey sluts and unobtainable asians. Go find yourself a sweet little 5 or 6 who might be a 7 on a good day and you can just bee urself all day without fucking up.
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how do i approach a female
You swallowed the final red pill: Inceldom is escapable and 10/10 Staceys are actually inferior to the regular woman

Congrats on your date
Pic related is 9 to me would be 10 if she had blue eyes

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>"Why are you so quiet anon?"
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If you're attractive and say something like

>I'm just thinking

she'll think you're being mysterious and want your cock her in mouth.
>no reason, really, it's just who i am y'know
Stay quite and avoid eye contact

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Fiance said she doesn't love me anymore.

Wants to end things.

Year and a half after the fact been living like this. Not in love with me.

What do ?
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move on to the next bitch u fukin normal scum
if you could get that far once you could do it again you normalfaggot piece of shit
Be free.

Smoke a fattie and drink alcohol.

Buy video games and wake up tomorrow to your food still in fridge and money still in wallet.

Woman causes woe, man.

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Who else /failed crossdresser/ here
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he looks like the guy who wouldn't help me on my math homework
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hey with the right drugs and lighting there's no such thing as /failed crossdresser/

the guy who wouldn't help you out with your math homework was a middle aged tranny?

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TayTay has perfect feet
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what is it with foot fetishes? i never understood them

Imagine how much it would trigger people if TayTay married a black guy. I'm sure she's too pure for that though.
Ugh I hate polish...The smell is rancid and barf inducing.

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How does it feel to know Aquarius are the smartest on earth? How does it feel, aquarii?

I don't know about the rest of the list but the last line - absolute, undeniable truth. Everyone else, sorry.
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Astrological signs have no bearance on intelligence.
Wrong. Aquarius are the smartest.

Stay toastie roflcopter

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How am I supposed to respond when a girl says shit like "I wanna cuddle with you" and "I had a dream about you" I really don't know what to say, and I don't wanna be all cute
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You say either, "Alright let's cuddle" or "Is that right? Tell me what happened."
If people were banned for obnoxious humble-bragging like this it would remove the top 20% of the most annoying normalfags.
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But that's fucking gaaaaaaaaay

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Ohai anon! Lovely night out today! Now that we're all alone out here, I just have to make sure...You ARE a feminist, aren't you?

wat do?
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Rape her. :( help me
wanna fist her pussy with snow
I actually am a femminist, so I'd just talk to her politely.

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How much spaghetti have you spilled today
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none because i haven't left the house in a week
it would have been all online if it can count
maybe enough noodles for a gorillaz fap hour
Is your house comfy?

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What are you waiting for? You could become a new man in a few months.
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what the fuck
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>tfw too weak and pathetic to ever realize my potential

feels self-pitying, bros

When you think about it, the exact same process happens after a breakup, except it's in reverse.

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>tfw you realize men and women are different and have different strengths and weaknesses
I feel shaken.
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haha, wait to you learn that they're not all biological but the social constructs are so powerful those traits will always manifest.
>when you don't fit this mold at all
>men have weaknesses that women don't

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how many languages do you speak? I'm trying to learn russian but it's not working out. any tips?
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See >>36200579

Say you are not a native but you guys should meet.

I know English and Spanish.

English fluently, Irish fluently, French and Japanese badly
well, assuming my english is proficient...


Reminder that while YOU sit at home alone wanking it to femdom foot porn, CHAD is living it up in Thailand while STACY forces her "rancid" "smelly" feet in his face.
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Fucking hell, he gets to live the dream and then complains about it? All he's doing is discouraging other girls from doing this, what an asshole
What do you think she'd do if you put your nose up to them and inhaled deeply?

God I want to smell a woman so bad.

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What's your biggest accomplishment so far?
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Not killing myself.. That's something, right?
Jerking it to this picture.
Finishing HiSet in 2 months, will get into CC and the staff of said CC is watching me closely since I'm one of the students with the most potential.

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