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In a brief paragraph, describe everything wrong with feminism
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pretty much 70% of youtube content is on this subject, why do you need any input from us?
But that's a solid cake
You can't slurp up a solid in a straw
This picture doesn't make sense
They don't believe they are inferior to men.

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Is getting angry a meme?
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lmao that dog looks literally downy, like some kind of weird mongoloid labrador
He would outsmart you and ruse if it were yours. He would bite your peepee.
Yeah, it pretty much serves no realistic purpose and just makes you look like a spaz. Master yourself; take the chill pill. When you realize the inherent joke in everything, theres nothing to be mad at anymore.

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>my friend has a gf
>they've been together for a year.
>madly in love with each other
>she's one year younger than he is and yet chose the same uni as he did
>he's a fairly good looking guy and avoided the trappings of college life and stayed faithful
>she goes to college
>they have an apartment together
>literally within the first two weeks of college she breaks up with him
>"Everything was going great, what the hell happened"
>she says "I just don't love you anymore."

I was friends with this girl too, and she seemed like an all around decent girl. She was far from a Stacy too. Fucking shocked the hell out of me. What did my friend do wrong?
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uni is an effective brain washing scam
>everything im gonna tell you is exactly normal and nothing out of place
>what went wrong
Obviously there is something wrong in their relationship.
Does he have a small dick? How does it taste? There could be a million reasons why a college girl breaks up with her bf.
He didn't do anything wrong. She just realized she would rather fuck around.

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what is with women and their recent asfyxiation with "food babies"? its fucking disgusting
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Women now believe it is cool to be fat, unhygienic and anti-social.

Thanks, feminism.
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>food babies
I'm afraid I don't understand or I don't want to understand
>their recent asfyxiation
You mean fixation, friend.

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Do any robots here play Melee? I started playing almost a year ago but only have gone to two tourneys, because I'm a socially retarded idiot and people kept talking to me. Have you guys gone to any?
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I play melee too. (Also smash4). I am really good at smash 4 and decent at melee but I also cant go to very many tournaments because muh social anxiety.
Underage kid detected, whats it like being 15?
Nigga melee is literally older than a 15 year old kid ( I think)

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So *BURP* we heard *BURP* that you *BURP* voted for that *BURP* fucking Nazi *BUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP* Drumpf
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HAHAHA i love rick and normie
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haha good post friendo, truly enjoyed how you bashed rick and morty, i'll give you several upvotes from a few of my alts, stay classy
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*BURRRRRP* There is no God, Morty. Gotta rip that band-aid off now *BURRRRRRRRRRRPPPPP*, you'll thank me later.

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Just a reminder that females can't be robots
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Those selfish fucks.
She knows exactly how ugly she is. Those bitches are doing that for themselves so they feel like they've done a good deed when all they're really doing is rubbing salt in the wound.
Normalfags are disgusting liars.
>implying having people lie blatantly to your face feels good

I feel bad for her

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Why does seeing all the happy couples outside make my heart hurt so bad. I never signed up for this. I don't want to feel lonely. please
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Relationships are useless. Get the thought into your head now and you will be less miserable.
But I've never been in a relationship

Seeing happy couples makes me start humming this

How do robots feel about rimjobs?
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She's licking the asshole of a plumber.
why would anyone right in their mind willing lick a nigger's hairy asahole
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Every white woman apparently.

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Why is it so easy for some people to go after what they want, seemingly without fear? They're made of flesh and blood, yet they live in a way that makes them almost look like heroes.

Do you think you transition from a robot into that kind of person? If so, how?
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Practice, probably. Taking risks and learning from them. Having a social safety net of friends to go back to. Learning to ignore doubt and make mistakes. Accepting life as it comes.

The whole maxim of 'you can be anything you want to be' isn't remotely universal, but it's stronger than you'd expect. Get out there and start learning in whatever way you can, and when you fuck up, try again.

Your tulips are cute by the way.
You sound like you should listen to Hamilton
What's that? A podcast?

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I wake up and there is no MBTI thread at all, inshallah retribution will be seeked.

I've made myself familiar also with Enneagram and Big Five and MBTI is way better than Enneagram. My Enneagram type is 7 which is supposedly the most common type among ESFPs, even though I have only one letter in common with them as an INTP.

Big Five is basically the same thing as MBTI but without cognitive functions with Feeling divided into Agreeableness and Neuroticism. Basically a blend version of MBTI.
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Heh, just as I thought.
Which type is most likely to cheat on his/her gf/bf?

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Who here can't wait for winter?

comfy storm days with comfy storm snacks.
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>ran out of firewood to chop last year
not me
Yeah right, more like freezing. Fuck the winter
Winter just ended, it's about to be summer REEEEEEEEEEE

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>People who actually believe everything about the Bible at face value

How stupid can you even be? It unnerves me that people this stupid are sharing a world with me.

And before you start no, im not an atheist, i believe in a god and i have nothing against beliefs. Im talking about the specially retarded beliefs. Thats what bothers me.
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I only believe in der bible of der jude.

B/c the elite Illuminati literally worship satan.
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>people actually believe that things have value
I fucking hate being human. I wish I'd was a fucking bed that I'm lying right now on, without having to worry about some social-animalistic bullshit.
and how is not doing that working out for you robot?

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Should I get a Hyundai Genesis g90 or a Dodge Charger GT?
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Charger GT
the hyundai is more fuel efficient, so thats what id go for daily driving, but the gt is an insane ride, its all about how you want to drive

>btw where'd you get this kind of money??
the new Rolls Royce Phantom seems kinda nice

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I just want to take a large knife and ram it into my stomach as hard as possible for the slow, painful death I deserve.
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I like to think about drowning. It probably takes a while and the whole time your lungs would start burning and then the sensation would rise up your throat until your whole body is screaming in pain for air but you can only inhale more water until you lose consciousness and your body is left to float, completely undignified, in whatever body of water you found yourself in
Yeah drowning has got to be one of the worst ways to die.
That's just stupid, you don't deserve it. Jump off a building in a public space with a loud speaker blasting in an obscure location playing nananana batman with you in a adam west batsuit landing in close proximity to the speaker

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