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Look at this picture. I DARE you to be racist.
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The cure for cancer exists. They just don't want us to have it.
The fact that they had to mention he's black says it all
Jesus you're gay.

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What do you do when people stare at you? This happens to me all the time in public and I get really anxious and I don't know what to do with my body
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stare back
>This happens to me all the time in public
No it doesn't. Just keep living your shit life. Nobody cares about you.
Why do people stare at me then?

<School is making all Seniors go to a all day event called "Senior Ethics Day"
<It's Located at a local church.
<I think this is bullshit
<I'm going to wear a plane white t shirt with something mildly offensive but nothing to get me kicked out
<Any suggestions for shirt content?
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wear a shirt with a quote from the quran
Don't be an edgy faggot, just wear a normal shirt. You'll thank me later
just get stoned before hand or something that'll make a better point

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I've never really been happy in my life.

I just live to survive
Is there anyone else who feels like me?
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pic related

this is an original post, I swear.
Anon, plenty of people are like you.
this. I would bet most of the people you see daily feel that way

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>ate my own cum again
who knows this feel?
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good protein desu senpai
Yeah. I wish I could eat someone else's cum instead
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I just do it because it's the easiest way to clean up...

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>too much of a brainlet for college
>Failed math alot in HS
>can't get stem degree

How do I fix this shit ?
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Study. Study. Study.

I failed plenty of classes in college, but it was worth the extra cost. Seeing as I now I make 80k a year (plus some company bonuses quarterly).
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>TFW they only let you take the retard science and math in HS

I dropped out of Biology in grade 10 because it was too hard and they knew ever since that I was a brainlet.
practice,watch videos about the topic, find a tutor

Tell me about that qt girl that makes you happy whenever you see her
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She's dead.

She's in Connecticut and we text everyday. If circumstances were different, we'd be dating desu
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>she doesn't exist

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How do you feel about this advertisement?
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a gook roastie talking with an aged tyrone. what is the problem?
BMAF is hot, I approve

t. asian
Radishes and spring onions aren't the products that come to mind when I think of credit card purchases.

I hate women's sunglasses.

I wish I was with one of the banks that let you print custom images on your cards.

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A girl keeps asking to hang out and we've been hanging out for a while now, but I don't know how I can get her to be mine. We're practically already dating, but we haven't kissed yet. What do I do? I don't want to mess up the friendship, but I want to go beyond that. btw im in hs (18) and shes 17.
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originally thicc
seriously. make sure youre good in your state/country in terms of legal age of consent and then consent to kys normie scum REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
You're not dating. Chad fucked her within 10 minutes of meeting her and you haven't even kissed her.

You're just her orbiter.

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Disgusting fembot habits thread
>I haven't changed this bad boy for two weeks
>wipe hand on my shirt after fapping. Don't even wash it after, even before a meal
>can't remember the last time I did laundry
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what do dirty bras smell like?
I know who you are.
You're less anonymous than you think

Let's get together and fuck.

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Alright I'm back from my interview. I interviewed a top level researcher on why there's such a disparity between male and female suicide rates (it's about 4 to 1 averaged worldwide). Can't stay too long either since it's late over here, but I'll give the run down.

So in short, the answer we all don't want to hear, is that they don't know. Any time I tried to steer them to a single factor and get them to comment on it, they would pull back and just respond with "I don't know," or "There's not enough data yet."

>There's been an uptick in the ratio in the last three decades. Any probably causes you can attribute to this?

"No. Things fluctuate."

>What about recent developments in gender roles, and the cultural upheaval about the value men and women have?

"There's certainly been a lot of changes, but at this point it's all conjecture."

>So you don't think there's a single, or biggest, factor to attribute to the gender disparity?

"I don't think so. Suicide has a lot of reasons, and we need to see it as a public health issue instead of a deliberate act you 'commit', as if one has committed a crime."

>What about the ways in which genders commit suicide? Women more often OD, and some suggest that may be due to gender specific pressures in society, such as women needing to look "pretty," and so they want to leave behind a body that isn't disfigured from, say, a gun wound.

"We just don't know. Some researchers have suggested things like that, but it's really just conjecture, and I think trying to find reasons like that is obfuscating the issue."

>Has this disparity in rates always been the case? If so, that'd suggest there's either something biological, or at least a very long standing social pressure.

"As far as the records go in the US, into the early 1800s, it has always been this way. Again, we just don't know if the disparity is caused by men just being different biologically, being predisposed in some way to this, or if it's cultural."

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We went back and forth for 40 minutes, and it was like this. It was frustrating. I understand, since they have to be very careful to not say too much unfounded ideas, since they'll get defunded or fired. That's why their default was "I don't know." But what we can glean from this is that this disparity has likely been around for at least the last two to three hundred years. China is the only place in which the ratio is reversed. I think next I'll look at what Chinese researchers have found regarding their own disparity. It should say a lot. The best I could grab from the interview was that lack of access to help -- medical, social, familial, etc -- was a strong predictor in attempting and completing suicide. Also, men report suicidal feelings less, so there's a suggestion that men are pressured to not talk about their feelings, and when they do, there is less help for them. Friends and family tell you to buck up or be a man, and society expects you to get a job and quit whining, for example.

So in the end, researchers have no fucking clue but tacitly, carefully suggest that it may have something to do with the fact that help for men just isn't around nearly as much as it is for women.
interesting OP. what was the impetus for your interview?

How do researchers like that get so far professionally without committing to anything or offering some kind of authoritative analysis?

I went to a major university and studied political science. The focus was on preparing students for grad school. Professors were always going on and on about how you need to answer a question, to come to some sort of conclusion, to discover areas for future study.

Guess you should have asked him about strong correlations. Correlation=/=Causation, but it's often a good place to start digging deeper.

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naruto op 16.jpg
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I'm sure plenty of you guys on this board have watched a decent bit of anime and don't deny it, it can pull at your heartstrings sometimes. What openings and endings in particular have done this to you?

As of late I've been listening to the 16th Naruto Shippuden opening and even though I never really watched Naruto it still gets me because the lyrics hit hard.

"Things that I'll continue to defend, and never let go of
And that way, one day
We'll be able to look back and laugh at it all"

really sends the chills down my spine. Another one that always gets me is the second ending from JoJo part 3, Last train home. Here's links for both of them. How about you guys?

Naurto OP 16: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXeb9cb6k0I

JoJo Part 3 ED 2: Last Train Home:
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You have shit taste but that doesn't mean this thread can't be salvaged.

Really captures the calm melancholy of the series as a whole.
I'm sorry, I just really like shounen action shows. I don't watch a whole lotta anime so I don't really mind having surface-level taste or anything. At least I know what I like and can enjoy things for what they are

Usually what gets me emotional are things that like... aren't made to get you all feel-y. Like I can not give a shit in a show like Clannad or other things that pretty much try hard to make you cry or tear up or whatever, but when shows that are usually pretty fast paced and fun have powerful moments every once in a while, THAT gets me super hard. It feels a lot more soulful to me.
Kokoro pyon pyon machi
Kangaeru furi shite mou, chotto
Kantan ni wa oshienai
Konna ni suki na koto wa
Naisho na no
That song is like somebody you love welcoming your soul home. Most anime OPs/EDs I get emotional over tend to be the joyous ones.

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Is it true that women will match with ugly beta men on Tinder so they can play a prank on them and upload embarrassing texts to social media and make fun of them? I got Tinder a few months ago and have around 300 matches but some of these girls are just too hot to possibly like me so I don't message them. They're not spambots because I read the bios and they're all legit. I don't message because I fear they only did it on accident or to upload it onto Instagram/Reddit to laugh at me if I do send them something. I've messaged maybe 10 girls first and only 2 responded. Am I paranoid or is this likely?

I've heard of it happening before and I've heard of catfishing and shit like that.
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Never fear, it's already happening here
I'm serious. Some of these women are 7s and 8s. Why would they want a 5'9 manlet 5/10 who watches anime? It has to be a joke.
>300 matches

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>Chris cut the price of his stamp book in half
I guess the Sonic totem was more desirable
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Rock bottom is upon us. Barb won't make it to 2018.

Autism Papers and Crumple-Lope will be for sale soon.
exsqueese me?

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>be rational deist
>believe in some sort of creator, but rationally understand that this creator's nature and will would be absolutely incomprehensible to us
>Can't tell certain people I believe in God because retarded atheifags immediately assume I'm religious
>Can't tell other people I believe in God because retarded religionfags assume I have tolerance for their retarded mythology
Any other deists know this feel?
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my pubes are shedding
How was this originaI?
I know the feel. Stopped giving a shit a long time ago last time I've talked about this shit was five years ago

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