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Please, is anyone good with Excel VBA?

I need help, please!!
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What do you need help with
You should try /g/ too
I am. But post your specific problem or I can't help.
>try /g/
I did in the stupid question thread and got no response. Here's the script (not copied exactly):

Private sub workbook_sheetchange(....)

Dim abcrow as Long
Dim sheeit as Worksheet

Set sheeit = worksheets("audit")

If sh.name = sheeit.name then exit sub

App enable events = false
abcrow = sheeit.range("A65535").end (xlup).row + 1
abcsamerow = sheeit.range("A65535").end (xlup).row

sheeit.cells (abcrow, 1).value = now
sheeit.cells (abcrow, 2).value = environ (username)
sheeit.cells (abcrow, 3).value = sh.name
sheeit.cells (abcrow, 4).value = target.adress
sheeit.cells (abcrow, 5).value = target.value

if sheeit.cells(abcsamerow, 3).value = "x" and sheeit.cells(abcsamerow, 4).value =
"y" and sheeit.cells(abcsamerow, 5).value = "z" then
worksheets("audit").range(cells (abcrow, 1), cells(abcrow, 5)).clearcontents
end if
App enable events = true
End sub

It's the last if block thats showing problems. It's not sticking to the condition of if cells = "x", "y", "z", then delete row contents -- its just doing it for all new entries

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Does it hurt much?

I'm scared of hurting more than I already am, I want to escape the pain, not go through more of it.
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Why not idk fix your life?
I jumped out of a window while on a psychotic episode due to drug abuse. The doctor told me that if it wasn't for my large neck, I would be completely paralysed.
If you want to end it, don't jump. Everytime I think about a possible me having an aid making my motionless body take a shit it sends shivers down my spine.
They are plenty of fentanyl analog available from china, you can overdose if you want to.
But personaly surviving this made me stronger, and I chose a different kind of suicide : when you become so detached from the world you are a zombie.
A gun correctly placed won't hurt, at all.
Shoot at the wrong angle, however, and you will now be a vegetable for the rest of your life.

>Oh shit there's someone here to kill me
>Open front door
>"Oh hi there, have you got any jumper cables by any chance?"

What the fuck is wrong with normies?
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>Why yes I do, I will give you a jump and have you on your way for the low price of $20 or a blowjob
What anime ls this
Tamako Market

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>tfw no black gf with curly hair
Just end it, please.
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>tfw no black gf to have lots of children with, ending my pure white bloodline and furthering the destruction of the white race
Dick is become a diamond just picturing it~
Do any men with this feel listen to harsh noise or rymcore?
Who gives a fuck about that?

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hey neets

get a permanent copy while you can within 24 hours keep it forever
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I was going to buy this, thank you arcanine.
It says in the comments no one is playing it. I will download and check it out.
theres 37000 people playing right now look here

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>18, moving to new uni halls, know no one.
>floor consists of 5 bedrooms, shower, tioled and out of the door is a starway that leads to the kitchen
>finish moving it, and shortly after my parents finally leave a qt 8/10 turns up at my door to introduce herself
>"hey my name's Lucy, guess we're gonna be neighbors" she says, giggling afterwards
>"haha cool, make sure you don't catch me looking through the keyhole haha"
>what the fuck why did I just say that
>she's not laughing, kinda does this awkward smile and nod
>"um yeah, so um, we were thinking that the whole floor should group up and go out to [local club] tonight to start off the fresher's week
>never been drunk
>try to think alpha, witty response, just as I'm about to deliver, realize I can't pull it off, get nervous
>deliver anyway
>"y-yeah as long as you are there" [pause] "w-with me, I mean"
>why the fuck did I say that last bit
>why did I say anything at all
>"um....I guess" she says, "anyway, I suppose I'll see you later?"
>"here's h-hoping!"
>slam door before she can respond accidentally from my nerves
>hear her grunt, I think i clipped her toe
>run to my bed and cry into my pillow, realizing I will not make any friends at uni
>later find out door/walls are very thin, whole floor probably heard me wipping
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You retard aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
>"haha cool, make sure you don't catch me looking through the keyhole haha"
That's probably the cringiest response I've heard.
Fuck me that was depressing

>and then I told that normie to fuck off!
>good times ol chum good times
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>frequent /r9k/
>grow old
choose one
>6:00 bingo social?
>implying robots are one person

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Use your words, friend. We're all here.
Yeah well go fuck yourself my man go fuck yourself with your penis
Y u hef to b mad

It's only a game.

I know I'l get screamed at and called a larper for this post but who else here is a paganbot?
I think pagan nationalism is the true redpill
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It's only good if you're associating with based Greek or Viking gods
otherwise it's beta garbage
Back in olden days people 'worshipped' their ancestors. The 'Pagan Gods' are just the deified ancestors of ancient Royalty.
i do associate with greek and viking gods

>be handsome as fuck
>vigilante hacker
>smart as fuck
>fuck his dealer and hook up with his childhood friend

>still women dont like him because he is """weak"""

What kind of meme is this
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>expecting roasties to have brains

wait a minute, but elliot died.
>elliot died.
True legends never die

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Life is hard when your biggest turn on are soft, sweet, supporting and heartwarming girls, with soft and sweet voices. I genuinely pay attention to their voices.
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Yeah, life probably is pretty hard when you're a paedophile.
Don't insult the OP like this, there are women with nice voices

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How do I get a girl like this?
> inb4 you have no chance
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you have no chance seriously
How then is he able to do it.
she feels sorry for him

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>be anon
>be in college
>work at pizza place
>save enough money to go to foreign country
>3 friends go to germany, decide to go with
>board plane
>almost die due to air sickness
>spend day sleeping
>journey begins
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>be anon
What did he mean by this?
>day 1
>visit Berlin centre
>eat lots of pretzel, feel like im about to die
>see poster of a sick looking ass club
>decide to go there alone
>dont speak german so dont make any friends
>music is good
>start grooving
>groove so hard bartender notices
>she is kinda qt3.14
>she speaks english
>have a small chat, get friendzoned, but tells me about a music festival
This is shaping up to be the most uninteresting fucking story I have ever read.

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Native Girl.jpg
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I want a qt Native American Gf, where do I find one who is fully native,since their almost Extinct it'd be pretty hard.
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Why would you want to push them further into extinction?
Local foodbank
I don't want to push them further into extinction, I just want one as my gf since I find them really attractive. I'd only breed with her if she was fine with it.

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Who else here a good /christian/ boy?

>celibate (vol & nonvol)
>nice to other posters
>neet or non-neet still diligent and not lazy
>humble boy
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>not reading the Bible
k then..
don't be a christ nigger anon
pagan nationalism is the true redpill

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