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>wake up at 4 pm
>take a shower
>eat microwaved pita with some cheese
>drink tea and take the matress out of my "office" (parent's basement, also my bedroom)
>tutor 2 to 3 kids one after another
>browse 4chan
>fap and edge for an hour
>wash my crotch and hands
>drive around town with dad's car
>find a good spot to watch the sunrise
>feel like im in a different planet, cold and distant from a sun
>head back home as soon as the immersion break
anyone else living the kino life?
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Why are ugly geeks the worst?
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If they're geeks (nerd) they should at least have some money from their computer based career, but looks and dominance are an issue.

But if they're geeks (geek) they have no money and retain all the negative aspects of a geek (nerd)
Nobody cares about their money. Theyre autistic as hell

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Was 2006 the last year to feel "normal", before social media, smartphones, Big Bang Theory, "nerd culture", global financial crisis, etc. struck the following year?
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Yes. 2001 was the end of an era for America, but 2007 was the end of an era for society as a whole. You could say 2007 saw big chances, and most not for the best.
There was a huge difference between 2006 and 2007 for me, but it was for more personal and small-scale reasons, not societal ones.

And r9k needs to appreciate the good points of the modern era instead of just regurgitating "social media ruined everything omg"
Late 2000s (beginning around 2007) were a dark time for cartoons, CN had its CN-real phase, and the networks lost their remaining good shows like Danny Phantom, American dragon jake long, and Kim possible and were just airing utter shit/reruns like Johnny test, Naked brothers band, Out of Jimmy's Head and Hannah Montana.

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The problem might not be you, but the mass guerrilla marketing by Tinder on sites like Reddit and 4chan leading you to believe that hookups happen on Tinder far more often than they do.
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No idea why people didn't recognize the obvious marketers. You have 90+% of guys complaining about how difficult it is to find a match. Then, you have the lone male who spouts "WELL I HOOK UP WITH HOT CHICKS ALL THE TIME BRAH. IT'S SO EASY JUST DOWNLOAD THIS APP"
How do you know that they're both iOS?
Same icon set being used. It COULD be heavily modified android to look like iOS, but even if that is the case, it is being passed off as iOS, and the app wouldn't have differences in it

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>Irreparably in love with my best friend
>Told me about a guy she's dating and I felt like I just got punched in the gut
>He'll never care about her like I do
What the fuck did I do to deserve this? It's been almost 2 years and these feels will not go away
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Why the hell didn't you tell her you love her two years ago? Jesus.
get over it pussy shes a fucking hoe and treats you like shit.

The feels wont go away cause you are a pussy who doesnt understand women.
Sounds like you're forever in the friendzone. Only in teenage fiction do people like her ever reciprocate your love for her. Pretty much do >>38487878 you're just her emotional tampon. You're her pseudo-orbiter that she interacts with when she has free time and is not with her boyfriend.

Think about it in the perspective of her boyfriend. If you were her boyfriend and your girlfriends best friend was a guy, would you feel comfortable? No, only if he was a massive flaming faggot. Move on, you had feelings for a girl who isn't into you, hence the friendship. Ghost her, move on, be successful with your life, bag a 10/10 stacy, then reconnect. Guaranteed she'll be worn out and aged and will want to get with you.

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I love you.
July 10
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Love you back, anon! Holy fuck!
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I love you.
July 11
I only love Girls (female).
July 10

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What separates boipucci from man ass?
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Photoshop. That's it.

Don't fall for the meme.
>What separates boipucci from man ass?
Your Imagination

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>Be me.
>Get letter from wealthy recluse relative.
>Family Estate is overrun by beast, brigands, and evil ones.
>Reclusive Relative dead.
>Estate is mine, bit of a fixer-upper, comes with very own butler.
>Butler spends most of his time at the pub. #moocher
>Hire a couple of laborers to clear brush, gotta flip this property.
>One worker a transient, one a religious pilgrim doing a work/travel abroad thing #dontjudgemeiwontjudgeyou
>they're a bit rough around the edges, eat too much, always complaining about not having the right gear and missing the common sense to avoid fingering dead things.
>Workers return with syphilus and tetanus and a fear of the dark.
>Invest in heathcare and benefits of non-unionized laborers. #becausewecare
>Hire more workers. #offthebooks
>Labour saftey regulations in this country are lax.
>workers die off. #shallowunmarkedgraves
>get more lambs for the slaughter workers.
>0 days since last workplace injury.
>upgrade heathcare. It's like offering Roman gladiators dental. #uselesscuztheygonnadie
>turns out this fixer-upper is a money pit.
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sense the last thread got spayed and neutered I'l post it again for those who missed it
post your discord ID and add eachother lets make some friends~
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thread was pruned for a reason. Stop agitating the mods. You are a bad poster, leave /jp/!
>teehee let's make as many friends as possible

How is this the mindset of a robot?
No one wants to be your friend. You can be a weeb without acting some pathetic faggot, you know.

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Aesthetic/art thread

Post good places to find new pics and gifs. Post your stuff.
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There's probably 5000 tumblrs dedicated to this.

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>you will never be a mildly qt (kinda like eliza) slutty virgin nerd femanon who likes furry and loli hentai
Why live
Sex change is not an option you will look like frankenstein and must stretch your botched fake
vagina every day with a tool so it doesn't permanently close
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that's my dream gf, i'd take a trap/tranny version as long as it's passable.
I've encountered these girls online but never near me

In college I got 1 year into a chemical engineering degree before dropping out, due to bipolar disorder (and autism), and drug abuse (prescribed amphetamine). One week ago I told my therapist that I wanted to go back to college to study pure math. I'm going to make a push to get back on Adderall to study independently; this is a plan 4 years in the making. I've been a NEET since I was 19.

That doesn't really matter, though. College + mental illness thread. Unload here. I'm pretty drunk so I'll respond to you.
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I want to study maths too, OP. Don't know if I'm intelligent enough for it though.
good luck anon

i was a NEET 5 years out of highschool and now im just going into my 3rd year of chemical engineering, i also take prescribed amphetamines

do whatever u gotta do
Austists make up like 80% of our pure maths program, you'll fit right in


This is what normies think of us robots.
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That's better than it actually is. If only the normalfags really knew...

Fuck off buzzfeed.

And you.

Stop shilling your shit here, you greasy reprobate.

Please lets do a small rant about woman. Ill start. It annoys me that they always watch some cheap series full of generic drama and boring standard sexy characters and if you dont know these series theres nothing she can talk about. WTF
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Ill go second. I want to put my penis in their vagina but don't share any of their interests and it annoys me that I can't force them to have the same interests as me so I can be one step closer to putting my rancid semen in her flesh tunnel
I believe women hasnt always been like that. We missed the good times. Now everyone just tries to mimic what he sees on television. Its so sad and boring.

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my mom is trying to get me to leave the house and im having a panic attack
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panic attacks arent real
grow up idiot
panic attacks aren't real
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okay im experiencing an extremely high amount of anxiety right now because my mom is trying to get me to leave the house

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