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>tfw no ANTIFA gf

Why even live?
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gr8 b8 m8 a bit hairy, but nice b8
>tfw you will never bash fash with her
Good point; you should kill yourself along with all your commie terrorist buddies.

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>roommate is DUDE LMAOing in his room
>and listening to Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon at the same time
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Mind your own business you sack of shit
Oh look, it's someone who heard about r9k from FaceBook/Reddit/CNN etc. Police might just get an anonymous tip about a drug dealer who resides in my apartment.
What did you hope to accomplish with this thread? You whine like a female.

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So at my company anniversary party I was just voted the 'most eligible bachelor'. I'm an unimaginably awkward 27-year-old virgin and a diagnosed aspie, but I'm conventionally attractive with a good job. What the fuck do I do here? It's a company of 18 so pretty close-knit. So I can't use my title to get the bitches...
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They probably awarded it to you ironically. Like when they let a retarded girl be prom queen
You could use your quads though. But seriously though, I wouldn't take that to heart. It was probably a joke to make fun of the fact you'll be forever a virgin and without a gf your whole life.
It's a norman title that means nothing. Stop spazzing about it.

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Horror movies are kinda fun desu. Usually the acting and storyline are shit but they are still fun to watch. You guys are my home board so I wanted to know if you had any good recs
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the babadook
REC (original)
the descent
Guys pls I want to get comfy
watched evil dead and it was suck

creepy vibe and all but mostly just mindless gore

Single and independent women have all the rights to dress the way they want or fuck how many guys they want.

No woman is a slut, just like no man is a "slut" for fucking many women.
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but are they happy or sticking it to the man?
And I can drive with my feet. Doesn't make it a good fucking idea.
I have the right to smear my own shit on my chest and face and walk around in public like that.

But if I called you an asshole for not liking that, would you take me seriously?

Sluts are gross, deal with it.

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Today I went to my local grocery store, intending to finally get a job and stop being a worthless NEET. I don't even care about the money that much, I just need something to fucking do. I stood around outside for about 15 mins but I couldn't work up the nerve to go in.

I'm going to try again tomorrow, motivate me /r9k/
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Ganbatte anon! I beleive in you
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>tfw watched too much NHK ni Youkoso!
>retracing Sato's steps in order to acquire a Misaki

just LOL you fuckin homo

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>thanks for bringing me and my boyfriend chad to dinner!
>can you pay the dinner and bring us home?
>thanks anon! you're the best!
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Should have taken her to an imaginary vegan restaurant instead
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>hey anon what are you-OH GOD IS THAT A GUN?!?!? OH MY GOD CHAD HE'S GOT A-
laugh my ass off originally

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Well lads, I'm finally gonna do it. I'm gonna ask our this cute girl!

What advice can my robots give me? Cyborgs also welcome, normies preferred
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Don't do it. She will probably hate your guts because you are not a chad.
ask her out but dont be upset if she say no. plenty of other girls
here's the best dating advice I ever got anon: don't get your hopes up.

it sounds like bad advice at first, but dating should be about whether you have fun together in the moment. that's hard to do if you've built this girl up to be something in your head, or if you're super nervous to make a good impression. just go to the date with no expectations and it makes things much more fun :)

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why don't you just get a boyfriend? they're the biggest bros.
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He's a big guy.
for you

i wish i was gay, girls almost never hit on me but guys do all the time

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>best friend begins cross-dressing
>make it clear I find it gross but will tolerate it
>still enjoy playing video games with him
>he starts making gay jokes
>tolerate it
>touches my knee
>reflexively bitch slap him
>tell him he's a disgusting faggot and needs to get out
>cut all contact for 3 months
>learn today he killed himself

Damn, I feel a little bad
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You're a bigger faggot than him for rejecting prime boypussy
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How many times does this get posted a day?
>I feel a little bad

Just a little.

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The universe is deterministic, right?
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Somewhat. Some events, such as radioactive decay, occur randomly.

Free will is still an illusion.
No, more precisely it is probabilistic.
Quantum mechanics is shown to be probabilistic, and it appears to be a fundamental property rather than a simple product of our ignorance.

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is borderline personality a meme disorder? do they just make you talk to a therapist if you want to fix it?
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BPD is tumblr tier you fucking fagg
BPD is for hysterical bitches.

Come back when you're diagnosed schizoid.
yeah youre right i mean i have most of the symtoms but its best just not to do anything anyways

Would you settle for plain jane?

thinking of giving up the dream girl and finally talking to some chicks

I figure the only way to actually find a wife in this day and age is to scope out the old fashioned ones
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That's no plain jane.
Your intention is more obvious than you think, and Plain Jane will hate you and resent you for the rest of your life. How does that feel?
These niggers have the right idea:

Marry stout peasant girl who can bear you many sons.

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Post in this thread if you are STONE COLD SOBER. And not drunk, whatsoever.Meanwhile here is a picture of an rare angle of "Wall Kicks Will Work" on the backside of Cool Cool Mountain. I think this is a neat angle in the level as its off on the back side.

Sober thread
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i'm not sober, on opiates
How are you going to avoid overdosing?

I got a bottle after having a dental procedure done. My dentist told me I would be in a lot of pain and would need them but when I got home there was absolutely no pain.

I took them anyway. The feeling they gave me can only be described as perverse. How much of a narcissistic normalcunt do you have to be to think you deserve to feel that perverse sense of pleasure throughout your body.
I'm more of a soberman than I am a Doberman, and that's saying something.

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>be friends with a semi qt goth
>talk for a while
>start dating eventually
>slowly increase my power level
>eventually go full redpill
>now have nazi goth qt GF

feels good man.

anyone you've redpilled robots? How'd it turn out?
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>be me
>no friends or anything because of my antisocial personality disorder
>the only female i have contact with is my mother
>redpill her all the time
>shes already aware of everything

thanks for being here mom
i wish :(

how did you do it?


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