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>ywn be a BBC who impregnates white bitches and leave them with a mullatto kid
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>tfw that literally happened with my cousin
>tfw ashamed of my family name now
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pepe cocaine.jpg
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>donated robot sperm
>gonna have all kinds of mystery meat kids

I doubt robots meet the requirements for sperm donation

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Well guys, it finally happened. Got fired from subway after assistant manager got my worms.
One of my coworkers snitched on me and made up these lies about me jacking off in the employee bathroom and not washing my hands. I've never jacked off at work. Never. And its not even like I would need to wash my hands. It's a penis. GET. OVER. IT.
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b8 thread but still nasty as fuck
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1499021335763 (1).jpg
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"That's okay, son. Setbacks are a part of life. The best way to get past them is to move on and find another job. All you need to do is speak with the manager, look him in the eye, and give him a firm handshake."
>And its not even like I would need to wash my hands. It's a penis. GET. OVER. IT.

This desu

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>tfw you can't tell if that noise was a gunshot or firecrackers
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>tfw kommando
>tfw can differentiate between shotgun, rifle, and handgun reports
I live in a basement


what rock songs do you like, robots?
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Most of the stuff on The Last Stand by Sabaton.
>posts unheard of band
>doesn't post link

come on anon, if you're going to mention literally whos, at least plug a song by them
Sorry mate

Sabaton-The Last Stand Full Album: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL12yiWad4X1AzxETc6SOcjQjafdUNbgVE

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What allured you into anime?

In my case, it was the fact that anyone could be a hero as well as the strange attacks, cool music (I am a fan of smooth jazz) and monster heroes as well.

After Gargoyles ended in the 90's there was a huge hero drought and "slice of life" dogshit was getting popilar among the kids; I wanted none of that.

Also I honestly don't get waifus or bishonen, they are the dudes many people wish they could be and the girls sad sorry guys they wish they could fuck. (and vice versa in both cases)

I once got rejected because I wasn't a femmy bishonen emo dude, that's what one girl wanted and I wasn't that archetype.
Here's where anime led me.

>8 years old
>dad buys me fansubbed mario ova after finishing mario rpg
>I am enthralled with the story
>makes the supershow look like horseshit in comparison
>Dad tells me tales of when Gigantor used to play but he could never find subs.
>Occasionally he gets me subbed vids of various kids anime like the Kyatto Ninden & Dai no daibouken
> at the age of 12 I started practicing japanese solo
> In college I mastered the classes
>at 28 I worked at a US subsidiary of a major japanese studio
>at 29 I worked on a project in japan
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I've only ever watched a few anime, I either can't stand them or just aren't interested. And if you ask me it took a sharp decline in quality over the decades.
Death Note got me into Anime, it had such a fascinating story and was really interesting to watch. Also I really liked the music.
All my favorite Anime have really good music, and I think it's music that plays a pretty huge role in my enjoyment of a series.
>Watch AoT on Netflix 3 years ago
>hey this shit ain't so bad
>watch more normie anime
>start getting into more obscure shit
So I'm still pretty new, but I've watched a couple hundred shows at this point. Helps deal with the crushing loneliness, and gives me something to talk to other losers on the internet about.
Never got into the related mediums that much though. Only read a handful of manga, and 1 VN (Fate)

You're only allowed to post in this thread if you've had sex in the past 24 hours.

Little virgies need not apply.
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reported and hidden faggot
I'm a virgin and I'm posting anyway. Fuck you.
ree get out ree etc etc

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What is it with normies and fireworks?

That shit stops being fun at like 17.
muh colors
muh loud noises
muh patriotism
fuckin gay
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>not putting the whistling ones in a metal trash can, setting off all the car alarms in the neighborhood
>muh autism
>cant handle loud noises

grow up faggot, this isnt vietnam
it's something that you can only do for a week or two every year and it gets you out of the monotony of your regular days. it's also a nice thing to introduce your kids to

not my kind of thing to do but if i weren't a loser and i had some friends i'd probably enjoy it too. it's something to get me outside at least.

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>being the single guy at the party surrounded by couples
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>going to parties
Sorry bud but your time is up
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>going to parties ever
normal person vacate the premise immediately roooooooooooooooooo
>being older than everyone (grad student) AND the only single guy at a party

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>raised by a mother and alcoholic father who didn't love me
>became shy and feminine

Really makes you think
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At least you had a mother I just had a father that would beat me now I have so many mental illnesses that it's not worth living
>father obese and diabetic
>become desperately attracted to skinny boys
I was raised in similar conditions, but then I look at my brothers and they didn't turn out effiminate like me...
if you'd had sibligns, then you could compare your personalities and see if the way you were raised actually determines that.

Who /hypochondriac/ here? It's really starting to get to me. Doesn't help that I get twitching
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Suck it up bitch boyy
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Same. It's fucking hell. Now even my doctor doesn't take me seriously and ignores my calls. It's like the boy who cried wolf. I'm fucking terrified. I've been spitting blood all day today and i don't know what the fuck is happening to me.

Had serious health anxiety.

I literally had to induce suicidal ideation sing drugs I don't need until it passed (took 8 weeks to taper down).

Can rape be justified?
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Yes, women are meant to bear children
No, rape can never be justified. Not even if the only alternative were to brutally torture and kill all life on Earth.
No, an anyone who says yes is baiting or are sick fucks that should swan dive off the nearest suicide height tier building near them.

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Zeemaps general, do original stuff, don't be too retarded.
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>female marker within driving distance
>name of gary
>not sure if really gril or not

wat do?

Message? Worse case scenario is you don't get the succ but you weren't already so its no loss.
Yo fuck you op with spaming this stupid bullship fuck off.

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>"weed makes you think brah!"
>*incoherently spews entry level philosophical platitudes*

>le why are we here?
>le is there a god?
>le what's the point of all of this?
>le are we alone in the universe?

Yeah, very insightful asking questions you know damn well no one knows the answers to including yourself. It's just normie virtue signaling rhetoric at this point.
And it's funny because good moral is usually a bi-product of good philosophy and normies are some of the biggest most hypocritical pieces of shits on earth and damn well don't practice any virtue.
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Look, I hate obnoxious stoners as much as the next guy, but I can tell you have never smoked cannabis
Your thoughts run through your head and build so quickly you can't properly express them in words
Just don't be a faggot trying to "enlighten" others and weed is great for thinking for pleasure
yuss bitter tonot thank un dose tinks
in jizz gout on lien wizz thum awl
bye thuh ize kreem skewp
pless insoolayshin plen
It doesn't really make you think, but it allows you to think from a different perspective, using different parts of your brain, hence why it's easy to make connections between things that you otherwise might have missed when you're high.

I never find myself thinking anything to do with god, the universe, or existence in general.

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Hey bro, don't worry about women, just gotta be yourself
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Thank you for this beautiful pic on our memorial day weekend. Interracial love is the best...
I would just walk away. As soon as the envy's gone, all that's left is apathy.
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She's ugly though. Just look at that nose.

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>o-only normies can get a gf

this is the true reason you fags are alone
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I'm not the one who posts anime-girl-crying-1.jpg (339 KB, 2640x2128)
Op reply or I grape your little weeaboo butt ;) XD LOL .......XDDDD[/SPOILER]
Reply little cuck boi

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