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I got redpilled on stoicism today and I have to say this helps. I was upset about no gf and all that, but now I'm not.
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redpill me too so I can escape these feels
Gimme a few minutes to type it up
hurry up dude

>tfw you will never go to a magic school to learn magic
>tfw they will never come and get you, apologizing for missing you when you were younger, then turning you back into a kid so you can learn magic properly (and get a second chance at life)
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>ywn upload your consciousness to a VR where you live out your dreams for the rest of eternity
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>ywn get to be an astronaut
>ywn get to be a pirate in the golden age
>ywn get to be a lion tamer
>ywn be a professional vidya player
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Wait, are you talking about actual magic or fantasy magic/magical powers? I mean, there's a distinction between childhood dreams (high goals somewhat grounded in reality like being an astronaut) and just pure fantasies (being a wizard).

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How the fuck do people deal with living in this horrifying universe? I don't get it. I don't think its possible to be happy unless you're delusional.
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Haha yeah everything is so awful. I mean mummy didn't even let me watch TV tonight even though I only called her a cunt twice. I might kill myself but I'll probably just bitch and moan like a pansy.
Thing is, the universe is mostly useless - without humans to contemplate existence, everything in the universe has no point at all and we know the universe is much older than mankind. The universe exists because we exist

>"but anon what about aliens?"
>too pessimistic to think aliens do exist

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Sad songs to cry to please
It's a tough night.
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The unplugged version of Nutshell by Alice In Chains always gets the feels flowing. Too lazy to drop a link.
"Creed - Time" always gets me
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Very sad song going very very fast.


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>I'm not a racist, I'm a race-realist
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You're fedora hair is showing you autistic neckbeard.
>I'm not a rapist, I'm a rape-realist
>I'm not an abolitionist, I'm an abolition realist
>I'm not a terrorist, I'm a terror-realist
>I'm not a baptist, I'm a baptism-realist
>I'm not an autist, I'm an autism-realist
>I'm not a communist, I'm a commune-realist
>I'm not a shopping list, I'm a shopping-realist
>I'm not a draft dodger, I'm looking to re-enlist
>I don't assist, I'm an ass-realist
>I don't exist, I'm an ex-realist
okay, but why black lives don't matter when there's black on black crime?

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rei smile.jpg
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Heya robots, I'm back again!
Are you looking for a friend?
Do you have problems and you don't know how to solve them?
Do you need someone to vent to?
If you answered yes to any of these, then I'm here for ya. I'll listen to any of your problems and I'll give you as much support as I can provide. I just want to help you all out.
For me, today is a new day, and for each new day there's new people I can try and help.
So come on into the thread!
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I have a compulsive need to memory hoard which intrudes on my daily life.

I can't read, because I'm constantly thinking and rereading the last line. Same applies to basically everything, I've lost the ability to live in the present at all.
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What would be the best way to kill oneself in an country where it's impossible to get a gun?
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please love me.
i want to weld you to my skeleton.
what does your face look like?
discord: xWvNv4

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>meet female robot on omegle more than a year ago
>chat on facebook almost daily for months
>great conversations about random bullshit and how much we hate our lives
>she almost always messages me first
>as the months go on start losing interest in conversing for seemingly no reason
>I stop sending messages to her
>she still sends me messages but I give short and uninteresting responses that kill the conversation
>she eventually stops messaging me
>6 months pass and its my birthday
>"Happy Birthday anon, I hope you have a nice day :)"
Why am I such a piece of shit? I never deserved this fembots friendship. It's still been four months since my birthday so I've gone 10 months without saying anything. Should I reach out to her? I feel like a shitty person because there really was no good reason for me to cut contact but I did.
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Link her this thread. Start being genuine.
Unless you want to be friends with her don't contact her. You're just being selfish and trying to resolve your guilt.
>trying to do the right thing

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you know, if 8ch's /r9k/ werent so dead and empty, id be posting there
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>he fell for the other *chans meme
is this literally 10 years ago?
theres no where else to go. the internet is riddled with normalfags otherwise
Me too.
They just need more traffic.

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>tfw kikes and niggers literally ruined your life
>tfw could have married my oneitis and do my part in saving the white race by starting a family
>tfw all this was stolen from me due to kike media brainwashing her into marrying some worthless nigger
>tfw he has a job as an IT branch manager that he probably only got because of his race
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Lul kys fool
> worthless nigger
>he has a job as an IT branch manager
meanwhile, youre shitposting on 4chan. maybe you fucked up somewhere down the line? youre the one that looks like the faggot now
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Wher da white wimim at

I am alone. I am miserable. All I wanna do is help people like me. I wanna hold you and kiss your scars and say, "I swear it'll be okay." Not today, but one day..... one day you will wake up and smile for no damn reason but today, we can cry.
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"Just know, Anon, inside my heart you were the one."
no you dont anon
you cant imagine how many scars i have on my physical body let alone my mental one
Are you originally a girl by any chance?

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Fug, this should be illegal. I've jacked off to only this panel so many times. Something about it just does it for me.
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I am familiar with this feeleo
Post some more crops
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mmmm delicious flat chest

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>parking car after getting off work
>a lesser chad is getting into his
>hes one of those semi-chads who flcok around the alpha chad for handouts/left overs
>he looks mean but we've talked in the laundry room once and he seems chill
>"Sup anon, what happened to your wheels?"
>Got in a car accident and had to get a rental
>try and make an attempt at humor
>'Oh I left it at your mom's house'
>He looks two seconds from beating the shit out of me, without even looking angry
>"your tires... they look a little over inflated anon..."
>laugh nervously and flee to my apartment
>when he's gone I go back out and move my car to the otherside of the parking lot near a gas station with cameras
>probably going to have my tires slashed anyways
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>try and make an attempt at humor
>'Oh I left it at your mom's house'
What's wrong with you?
>guy was trying to be nice and friendly
>insulted him with lame mother joke instead
>a simple, "its in the shop" would have done

How can there be people who fail this horribly at basic conversation.
It was a decet car, and he seemed kinda snide about it. Like 'ahah anon, what happened to your slick wheels huh?'

That's all these guys do when they talk to each other. Constantly insult each other. How could he not see I was joking?

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Work at a hotel. A guest comes in right as I'm getting a phone call. Ask the guest to wait a second while I take the call. Pick it up and it's a customer I remember by voice, he's stayed here a few times and he's always a dick and causes problems. He asks if we have any rooms and I tell him no because I don't feel like dealing with him (we have 6 rooms available). Hang up and the other guy tells me nevermind, he was just about to ask if we had any rooms available. Tell him sorry but good luck elsewhere. Lost my hotel like 400 dollars because I didn't want to spend 5 minutes checking in a guy and filling out his reservation.
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Customer asks for extra ketchup, tell him it's 25 cents. It's actually free and I pocket the change. Make like 5 bucks a day doing this.
Supposed to throw away food that's been sitting out for over 6 hours. Take it to the back and eat the good stuff before pitching it.
t. Fat Fuck
>Dad is a coroner
>Work as his assistant
>Can't be a bad employee or he gets in legal trouble
>Don't even get paid

Am I a wagecuck if I don't even get a wage?

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Vomit stories thread

>be 13
>hyped to go swimming with friends
>drink berry smoothie because I don't want a heavy meal, heard you get cramps or someshit if you eat too much
>get in pool, having fun, swimming around splashing each other
>suddenly feel weight of water on stomach is really heavy, I don't like this
>uncontrollable heavy vomiting of bright red smoothie and bile into pool
>it fucking spreads like there's been a shark attack or some shit
>everyone screaming evacuates the pool
>medic thinks I'm dying or someshit, finally make it out of the pool and explain the smoothie
>pool closed for the day, friends were annoyed by not getting to use pool but also found it hilarious so surprisingly didn't care too much
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>walk into kitchen
>feel fine
>make sammich
>puke all over sink
>continue puking up grilled cheese I ate beforehand
>padre takes me to doctor
>says I have the flu
>no symptoms what so ever
>have to carry bucket because would puke without warning
>had to sleep in tub because I didnt want to puke all over bed and room
>tfw lasted for 2 days
this is why I don't go to doctors unless im gonna die

everyone fucking forces you to go and you get there and they say "ok. go lie down for a while. also pay us $300"
>had this horrid bitch of a gf.
>I regret fucking her.
>She wanted to eat at sonic's
>I take her there with her fillpabeaner friend.
>They say they will get a ride from someone else.
>Say okay and go home.
>Tells me she was puking in the street with her friend from the smoothies they drank.
>Later abandoned her.

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I almost just fell for the dick sucking meme

>make craigslist add saying curious first timer looking for big
>finally find a decent younger guy with 7 incher
>say fug it and tell him meet at this corner
>he does
>we drive to a school playground while i ask if its also his first time (it is)
>find a hidden place
>he takes it out and starts jerking it, its dark cant really see shit im on my knees havent touched it
>hes not getting hard i comment "can you get hard?"
>uncertainty flooding in
>eventually i say "maybe because this isnt nature"
>hes still trying then I say "maybe its better left a phantasy, we tried"
>drive back to the corner and leave
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it's not a meme, people are actually just faggots. The truth ~moe saert
I love sucking cock and i wish i could do it more often. True story.
Nothing hotter than that feeling of putting a cock in your mouth for the very first time and awkwardly sucking until he starts twitching and hot cum goes down your throat.

If you went this far OP you know you're going to go all the way eventually anyway. Might as well get out of your system while you're still young and hot.

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