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>tfw live in Boston
>see these
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Arm yourself fag
sorry anon most people on this board agree with antifa
i cant wait for an excuse to blast these zombies

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Why is there tick on snake
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because there's blood-sucking parasites for all of god's creatures
mice ticks, snake ticks, cat ticks, poly ticks...
snek go in grass

Nature is fucking terrifying

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Do you prefer MILFS or lolis?
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If she is flat gimme some of that
>flat chest
>flat ass
people who prefer lolis might as well be fags lmao
I'm a pedophile so I prefer little girls.

ITT: the worst accident you ever saw or experienced at school?

>in Juniors school we had a dinner que area with a railing
>this railing faced a window
>kids used to climb on the railings and such all the time
>saw one kid known as matt stand on the railings and try to jump over his friend
>he cleared his friend and went straight through the window
>I saw a pane of glass physically split his calf open
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>grow up in shit appalachian town
>big drug scene
>roastie owed school benzo dealer a lot of money
>he decides her times up
>him and two other niggers mercilessly gang rape and beat her in a bathroom
>didn't see the roastie but there was a standing pool of blood in the hallway
>we had a long fence that closed off the back field in our HS
>it had a gate on it with a metal tube to hold the gate in place
>i remember a kid falling chest first onto that tube
>it was only like 3 inches sticking out of the ground but it went straight into his ribcage
>surprised it diddnt puncture a lung or some shit
dumb fucks in the tech lab story

>moron tier individuals
>deciding to mess with the big circular sander
>throwing things at it and shit or sticking things in it
>one of them decides to see if he can stop the sander with his hands
>why he did this i have no idea
>i figure he thought it would stop as a safety mechanism or something
>pretty much sanded his hands straight to the bone
>was the first and hopefully last time i will see exposed bone and ligaments

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>Took 30mg Adderall XR
>Fapped seven times
>Haven't slept in over 24 hours

I forgot how horny and wired this shit makes me
Also, birds are cunts
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Adderall XR?
Extended Release. I think it's the highest dose they make.
>Was prescribed generic brand over a year ago
>Take one 20 mg dose
>Take two next day
>Take three next day
>Chug the rest the next day (8)

I just don't know.

>m-maybe if I blame women and minorities for all my problems, I'll be less of a total fucking loser! daddy Trump will make everything OK!
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Im sure like half of the fucking people that voted for trump don't give a single fuck about minorities or women.
>implying women are not the problem
>implying sub-humans contribute anything but destruction and rape
>implying I live in the USA
Who do you think votes left? Who do you think it benefits? Who owns all the media?
Think about that for a while.

t. Swedecuck living life on nightmare mode
>>m-maybe if I get replies on /pol/, I'll be less of a total fucking loser! Guys look how edgy I am!

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>tfw always got picked last in P.E
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/r9k/ is a normalfag board
>incredibly frightened of PE and worry about it all week until it comes
>usually managed to avoid it though
>forced to play football
>can't even kick the ball properly let alone focus on the game for more than a few minutes

Am I dumb? P.E. was worse than hell.

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I'm somewhat glad the white race is dying off. Their ideals and culture are remnants of the past that don't belong in this ever-changing , progressive world. They hold us back from globalization and miscegenation (race-mixing) to help abolish racism. Plus, their weak genes are a detriment to the larger gene pool. You could wipe half of them out with a single peanut and a cup of milk.
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White guy here, we tried. Good luck minoritybros, I sincerely hope you can do better.
Gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 notoregano
I guess in the modern world moving towards a world of mixed races is inevitable. Don't think its all good. Nigger genetics has much lower IQ.

Never forget whites were the ones to first lift humanity to modernization. Our mindset isn't all bad, but a suicidal race doesn't deserve to exist

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why so many people here like bigger girls/guys?
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i dont know, OP

so many people I've met like them. I fucking hate it. Why can't people just like normal weight individuals
i hate that fat guy he looks like the personification of reddlt
I'm just someone who likes guys who are big for me

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>I wouldn't let a tranny suck my di-
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Pretty hot tranny.

Post more. Do you have anything of them getting fucked?
that's tranny?
that is rare tranny
actually looks very feminine
Can't he suck it better than that??

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I've been sober for a year and 2 months. I have severe anxiety, and an autoimmune disease that causes type 1 diabetes, Cfs, fibromyalgia. Have been fighting for disability for 2 years.

4 days ago my parents kicked me out of my house for good, and for no good reason. I've buckled down and made phone calls all day and night for the past 4 days had to pack what I could fit in a large suitcase, I have a dog too. I'm sorry if this is a little incoherent....it's 5am here and I haven't had a good nights sleep.

I'm so grateful for my friends and the people in AA who've been allowing me to stay at their place.....but I'm scared. Everything is entirely up in the air and I don't know what I'm doing or what's going to happen to me. I'm in severe pain from the stress...

But what's REALLY gotten me today...the thing that just utterly broke me, was that this person I met who is also in AA...someone who I've been quickly falling in love with..,well two days ago he confessed that he really likes me and feels the same way. He's everything I've ever wanted in someone....and he told me that he thinks I'm really awesome.

So tonight, he says that he doesn't want to start something because he doesn't think it will work, since I'm moving two hours away to stay with an old friend. It was my only semi permanent option.

I'm heartbroken. I've spent 26 years giving everyone I get close to including friends and family all the love in my heart. When I started dating, I realized that I have the capacity to love unconditionally and to give people a beautiful and pure love with no expectations other than honesty and authenticity. All I ever want is to support my partners in following their passions and dreams. Time and time again this has been taken for granted. I think I got a long time I chose the wrong people. I was abused by a boyfriend in college.

For once I meet a man who is on the same page as me (continued)
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I just can't do it. I'm done. I can't let myself fall in love again after this because it's getting too hard to bear the pain. I love deeply, and I suppose I'm just not worth being in a long distance relationship for. I don't think I'll ever meet anyone like this again. I can't go through with it another time. I'm not allowing myself to fall in love ever again.

Yes I drew the picture in the OP. It's how I'm feeling. I can't sleep. I'm so done.
So who else feels overwhelming emotion and a large capacity for love and compassion? Who else doesn't know how to deal with it?
Someone please talk to me at least. I can't sleep....I'm somehow staying sober through this...everyone id normally talk to is asleep.

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Post about your math-related stupidity here robots

>can't even do basic trigonometry or algebra in second year of university
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>don't even know what trigonometry or algebra is
algebra is worth learning

trigonometry is mostly worthless unless you need to measure a bunch of triangles
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>tfw I also have no idea what trigonometry is
>always assumed it was shapes

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Elliot london.png
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>Elliot will never be your friend
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He'd be a shitty friend anyways. Ever read his manifesto? He's a jealous, bitter asshole. He wouldn't be happy for you at all if something good happened to you and not him.
why would u want to be his friend? he killed i think two of his flat mates. pretty shit friend


>turbo manlet

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am i a virgin forever?
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If you keep those autism glasses you will be.
Yea boy you look like a bitch
Id beat u up and fuck ur ass
You look like the 2/10 guys that walk around cons with really hot cosplay gfs

Fuck you, you just reminded me.

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Halfway through my first cup of coffee today, but you may not speak to me yet. Hush now, you'll have to wait until I'm finished.
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File: hehe.png (21KB, 657x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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*takes cup and breaks it*
File: 1494443576122.png (14KB, 300x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did I say you could do that? I have not had my coffee yet. You will have to wait.
That's not very nice anon, sit back down and wait for OP to finish his cup.

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