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ITT we write about anything and let the autism flow: Be it passion, interest, vidya, notions, feels, views, anything goes. Just write.

There are so many pitfalls in being man, to being human. We strive for freedom of self but there are so many layers of it, each one deceiving to make you feel like it is freedom, from political and monetary to the ego we seek just to be and to let go, to accept, but I say accept with no notions behind it other than what the word encapsulates in the very instant of now.
We are nature in the form of man, and we have the virtue of reason, we see the shadows of freedom and justice in the distance: So many are hindered by facets of being and the vices of man, where we let our reason be clouded by animalistic urges and thought, of lust, desire, greed, ego, etc. And even beyond this when a man stays true to his virtue of reason, follows his ethics and morals from himself and divinity something can still gnaw at him such as existentialist dread, removing him from the present. Is it not in ourselves and nature to seize the virtue of reason, and use this single virtue to lead us first in the form of mindfulness as the Buddhist teach and being in the moment as the Daoist, and being aware of all as the Hindu, and knowing your path ahead with sturdiness and comfort with each step, completely aware and unhindered as you move forward, shedding the fault of finding faults, of doubt, thus being in just what is letting paths be open to you, and you guide yourself through life by both being influenced by it and influencing it accordingly?
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At the stage I see, of no-reason coming after reason, after shedding the contrived notions and ideals we have had, of overcoming our monsters and ourselves, so one can say "I am man" with no ego, to say "I am" and know he is not at the same time, for everything is and there's no separation of value, only point of view. To see that the rock has no higher virtue for being a rock than you a man, and being able to go on with being a man. But does this knowledge of this interfere and even contradict itself, for we say it and think it, but the rock does not, but we have the virtue of reason, that is the thought and voice, and is of us, as is of the rock to be hard and dense.
So then what is there after this, the path of 'being' as is with ultimate freedom of being? It has to be mindfulness, and keep in mind that you are, and that you are human. Keeping the lesser forms at bay, doing away with them completely, and see reason, morals and ethics in front of you, true virtue of reason will read to true justice. So at this height one dips back into being a man, of being of society for he is not separate from it, just now does not have what his vices had at stake clouding his life. One lives presently and directly, of acceptance and hollding no pre-concieved views, of grasping any substance fully and whole so to embrace it before he can let it go and have his thoughts, with his wisdom to be the guide of what to take at what priority. Then to act accordingly to the found senses unto man, to know that life is all and be all, as a whole, to be seperate from life like a play in front of you which you can join in at any time, will end at one point, and are free to leave and come as you will.
I posted this on another thread but it died and I got no (you)s, so I'll post it here instead.

Material reality is the lowest pit of hell, an unending nightmare of creation, but trying to get to some 'higher reality' is a fuck load of shit and is never going to happen. What we need is to go lower, deeper. If this is the bottom of the pit, we must dig further and make a new floor on which we can stand firm. Descend into an even lower unreality, detatch ourselves from this material hell and shove our minds into a conceptual paradise of our own design. In such a world we would be the higher beings, descending from a condemned upper hell to preside over a new paradise. We would each become a demiurge, and from the depths of lower conceptual submaterial we would raise new wonders and make better worlds than that from which we came. This is the only path we can reasonably pursue. We cannot fix this world and we cannot ascend to a higher one, and there is no reason to believe a higher one would be better anyway. But we can and we must descend. It is our manifest destiny, humanity's forbidden desire. Since the dawn of time we have grasped for it, telling stories of heroes or envisioning worlds of fantasy, giving in to the allure of unreality. Why do we deny it? Why do we reject our only hope? We walk the path anyway, and the gate is getting closer. We will soon be there, at the edge of the unknown; that is, on the verge of leaving the unknown behind and entering into perfect knowledge. We must be willing to take the final step.

We must become anime.
The fault of that and even what I (OP) say is that is all an ideal. Idealism fails us the most , so many philosophers speak of the ideal nation, society, justice, self, man but none say how to put it in practice so we don't achieve. What I plead for is first for man to look into himself and he will see all, the ideal of this is if every man does it, but the hopefulness that day by day more and more find the 'higher'' meaning in being.

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should girls have accid in their faces if they reject short guys?
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The tall answer is no.
no, we should let them so in a couple generations manlets are out of the gene pool and no one else has to suffer the fate of being one.
Is it the same guy that makes this thread? I'm thinking yes.

Also everyone should reject short men, manlets are the dregs of males.

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Post the roastiest of toasty roasties in this thread, lads
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Daily reminder that if you defend women's actions you're not a robot.
What happened, originallyyyyyyyyyydydyr
Sure i'll contribute. I don't have many images tho.

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>muh first world depression
>I can't handle
Keep going anon, you're just another attention seeking whore.
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Nice b8
Can you explain suicides thou?
It is a medical problem that is real. Mental illness exists. Please go get educated about africa >>>/pol/
>muh freedoms isn't enough
>muh tummy full of food isn't enough
>muh unlimited amounts of resources for help and mental stability ain't enough

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>Give a picture and name for your tribute
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cool doggo.jpg
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Coolest Doggo #1
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CopyCat #2
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Babble Wrap Bulldoggo #3

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1. Use a name. In the namefield.

2. Share your problems, ask questions.

3. Be listened to, cared for, and maybe even get some answers and more.

4. I sometimes skip posts accidentally; if this happens to you, kindly write a second post linking the first, informing me that I forgot your post. I don't do it on purpose.

Side quest:

a. collect online tests that are worth their salt, tested by people from here who have corresponding diagnoses
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I've been seeing reptillian aliens around me recently

Have you seen a psychiatrist?
No I have not seen a psychiatrist rcently

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Will baldness ever be considered fashionable/attractive? Will we have our day, baldbros?

It sounds unlikely but hipsters have made all these things fashionable that used to not be
>wearing glasses, even though it used to be considered nerdy
>being skinny, as opposed to big and strong
>being effeminate
>dressing like a faggot
>there's even a fat acceptance movement

Baldness is the one thing left that ruins you for life and makes you never have a chance. Will that ever change
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Anything can be fashionable if you have a handsome face
Baldness is a selected trait. It only exists because women preferred bald men throughout the entire stone age, because bald men were older and higher-status, so it was attractive to women at the time.

Also, girls with bald dads love bald guys.

Also, get fit so you look like vin diesel
Baldness can be attractive with the right face and /fit/ness, if you're fat baldness is the least of your problems

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>your age
>last time you had sex

>2 years and 3 months ago
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>nearly 33 years ago

Please vacate the board, normalfag.
> 19
> never had

Original beta virgin

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Okay, I am fucking sick and fucking tired of these fucking threads about rape! RAPE IS NOT FUCKING FUNNY! Joke about anything else you want, /r9k/...

Joke about cp, joke about loli, joke about murder, joke about drugs, but DON'T FUCKING JOKE ABOUT RAPE! Rape DESTROYS a woman, it STRIPS HER OF HUMANITY! It is disgusting, inhumane, regressive and insane. RAPE IS OFF THE FUCKING TABLE, /r9k/, NOT EVEN YOU FUCKING VIRGIN ASSHOLES CAN BE SUCH FUCKHOLES THAT YOU JOKE ABOUT A WOMAN'S WOMANHOOD BEING VIOLATED!

And no, I am not some lesbian dyke feminist cunt, I am a woman. I was raped. My virginity taken from me, I can never give it to a man I love. I was raped again and again and again and again and again by a random stranger when I was 15, And between you and me something amazing happened...and now I can talk to animals! Its really cool! But totally a secret. And you know what? Life's never been the same.
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Who says anyone is joking?
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[/spoiler]orifiginal riginality[/spoiler]
I think she wants it, boys

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Whats some /r9k/-core albums or music?

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Fanthony Antano gave me this one
>pink floyd

fuck off normie faggot

more suitable
coming through with the robot music


Happy Easter brobots, what did you get?

>got a chocolate rabbit, eggs and a marzipan egg
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nice bump because no response
post the marzipan egg faggot
I got a chocolate bunny but ate in the first 15 minutes.

I'm so lost, the void just keeps getting bigger with every passing day.

Normie here, normie there..

I never asked for this..

The light at the end of the tunnel is just a weaker darkness.
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Here's a (you), anon, take it.
Thank you, anon, I'll take it.
Haha look at all the friends I made.

This is so great the whole gang is here.

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>niggers are so butthurt by pol posters they spam us with cuck porn

Why do blacks have such a inferiority complex to white men?
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If you were part of the race that has never accomplished anything you would be butthurt too.
because black people that regularly use 4chan and have a inferiority complex aren't very black to begin with

key characteristic of black people is being confident and love of being a nigger
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>Why do blacks have such a inferiority complex
You mean whites?

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I'm tired of Tinder. Every guy wants to hook up, but I'm abstinent and want a boyfriend. What do I do?
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>every chad wants to hookup
Is said boyfriend u want, like the guys in the pics?
Also, y would u use tinder if u want a bf? I thought tinder was just to hook up
you realize that you'll need to provide at least some sexual service to man before he considers committing to you, right?

THe only men willing to develop romantic attachment prior to sxual activity are total sexual failures. How attracted are you to men who have never attracted a woman before?

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>crippling depression
>literally anything can make me cry
>someone being nice to me triggers hours of crying
>picture of megaman triggers hours of crying
>not enough tp on the roll triggers hours of crying

I'm on mood stabilizers and antidepressants, and even stimulants, but nothing seems to help. I just feel terrible every day. I go to therapy once a week and try really hard, and I can use what I learned during the week, but it can't stop the knives of sadness that stab me in the gut daily.
Nothing bad has happened lately; I'm not in mourning, I haven't been rejected, my self-esteem is better than ever
I'm just so depressed and it's getting tired. I am honestly considering ending it just to make the pain stop.
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Jeeze it's like you're not even depressed.

I've had depression for so long I don't even feel emotions anymore.

Be glad you can feel ANYTHING AT ALL. it means you're not lost yet.
I'm in the exact same boat and have been for my entire life OP :(

I don't think it's him/her feeling "sad" that triggers crying. I think crying is its own emotion

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