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Any other Erie (PA) bots here?
Did you guys see mothafuckin DANNY TREJO in the bike parade?

Also, PA thread.
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why would anyone care about this?
I'm in Pittsburgh. So what?

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>tfw short women only come up to the lower half of my chin instead of below my shoulders

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it doesn't matter, we are different sizes here but we all are losers. if you were tall, it would change nothing.
Just below the chin is perfect, though. You won't have to bend in an awkward shape to kiss her.

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>finger pussy
>get hard
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Wait girls get hard? Or are you a tranny?
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>pussy finger
>get hard
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You are doing me a confuse anon

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Now that I have a job can I get a gf?
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I'm tired of being a good boy.

I can't be what other people want me to be anymore.

I need the pussy, and I need it NOW.

I'm not going to stop thinking about it until I go outside and grab a girl's booby, and she lets me do it. 20 years is too long to be on the waiting list.
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>started arimidex yesterday
>lanklet coworker tries to block my path from managers office
>grab his arm and manhandle the shit out of him to get him out of the way

why dont you just kill your estrogen you fucking betas

pic related only pic on my new laptop
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>gonna ask my coworker about some reports I need help with
>he's usually pretty helpful despite being sorta awkward
>"Hey jim I was meaning to ask.."
>everything goes white as my coworkwr shatters my nose with his elbow on accident
>piss myself
>start crying
>file a complaint with HR who assures me he won't be with our company much longer

Have fun being unemployed after alienating all the people you regularly interact with by being a faggot. See you on the downside of this manic hump.
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Lmao at your life OP.
because that shits terrible for basically every aspect of your body. imagine having a dead heart, porous and frail bones with shit structural strength, absolutely shit muscles that could be fucked for life, bad male patterned baldness, early onset ED, ruined testis so normal production of meds is an issue, joint pain leading to early onset arthritis, shit heart, and shit vascular system just to name the basics barring complications like incontinence. you're fine and dandy now because your body has yet to deteriorate but imagine man handling that coworker and the effort almost kills you, breaks your wrist, and makes you wet yourself along with possibly fainting.

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>be anon
>be a fucking loser NEET for a few years
>go back and worth and get a construction job since I have to start at the bottom again
>the labor is rough but I notice I'm starting to get bigger from eating more due to the work and getting a workout all day
>start standing closer to women instead of three feet away from them in fear of their disgust
>instead of giving me weird looks now they just seem super uncomfortable
>get an idea
>start to stand just a couple inches away from women waiting at crosswalks, so close people passing by would think I'm their boyfriend
>find out women won't say anything
>the most they ever do is look up at me before immediately looking back down
>start to feel joy again out of making women uncomfortable while also being so close to them we're almost touching

I'm not going to become a rapist, right?
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Huh, i think thats brave of you anon.
Maybe the next step is talking to them.
I'd rather not. Talking to them might make them more comfortable.

I really like silently stressing out these brainless whores. They don't even look at their phone when I stand next to them. They just stand there all tense looking at the ground until the walk light comes up finally.

why don't you robots just get plastic surgery?
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Its expensive.


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Did a roastie just BTFO all of /r9k/?
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>a guy is shallow
>goes after the big boobs

>girl is shallow
>has to have a perfect package
>part of the package has nothing to do with what the guy looks like

women acting like we live in the same world is SOOOOO hilarious baka lol.
not really, no
organically poster lmao
>Guy wants the perfect girl
>Guy is willing to date the not perfect girl after he realizes he can't get perfect girl

>Girl wants perfect guy
>Girl is unwilling to date the not perfect guy, even after realizing she can't pull in the perfect guy

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lonely huh

i wonder why i even feel bad for being lonely

why do i torment myself for not experiencing happiness with other people if i havent got a single clue of whats it like

almost all of the people i know can never claim not to be lonely

lonely is what we are

striving not to be lonely is just futile suffering

happiness only exists in escapist 2d fantasies
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I'm pretty happy and not lonely. You can delude yourself into thinking that everyone's lonely, but it's incorrect.

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What are my fellow robots drinking tonight? I have some madjack hard root beer and smirnoff over here.
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drinking beer
and Im going insane
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B-But anon, drinking is bad for you. I only take marijuana, through a vaporizer.
You and me both my good man, also got a 40 with me, and another 40 with me as well

Marijuana is delish, I hav marijuana too but I don't want to smoke right now. Maybe later!

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My mom just sent this to her friends, what should I do?
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Get a job you fucking bum oregano
you need to hire a fucking maid to clean up after you ? what the fuck is wrong with you ? you literally have a fake illness for stupid lazy people and you're rich so your parents are stupid and don't care and would allow something like this. this NEET shit is starting to get ridiculous. it's reached a whole other hemisphere
Did you miss the part where it said he has myalgic encephalomyelitis?

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This boarde is c acner.
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