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Rare Pepe thread! This is a place were we can freely swap rare Pepes! Dubs or higher gets a mythodically rare emerald Pepe (untill I run out).
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This thread is terrible. Have a rare wojac instead
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Is that a feels guy with spurdo's body?
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Wojak is better.
Have one of my favorite Wojaks.

my last thread had some good hangs in it so lets try this again.

collecting orbiters, hanging out in cozy discord (44rWuAj), making people ree.
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my cozy waifu
Life support pity bump
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thank you anon. i guess i have to entice with more pics until the other fembots come yell again

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In a couple more years, the first wave of online sluts will be moms
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who's the one in the orange?
singIe moms*
What a weird photo to choose for this particular subject. Two young bodybuilder girls? These are your go-to for online "sluts?" Alrighty then.

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>leave /r9k/ for a month
>life improves a billion times
I'm leaving again in a few minutes, but just wanted to say that almost anything is better than this shithole, you guys should at least try
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Have a good one .

I take some days off, too.
I'm here because I've nothing better to do. Cheers!
Just using this shit thread to test something.

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>tfw 20 and still get cystic acne

This isn't fair at all. Life is a fucking meme.
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I popped mine but the damn shit takes about a year to heal / cure the scar

annoying desu senpai
>have terrible acne in high school
>completely destroyed my confidence, which in turn destroyed my social life
>acne goes away within a year after graduating
kek just kek
It's just the beginning, anon. Just embrace death or use accutane, shit fucking works.
I'm 29 and have had cystic acne since I was 12, I have been on accutane for 4 months and it's all gone, that shit is fucking magic.
Too bad my confidence is nonexistent at this point and my face is scarred, but it sure as hell feels good not having to deal with those painful cysts.
If you can afford it, do it OP. It will change your life.

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>tfw it is almost halfway through 2017 already and you still don't have a husky

I'm worried what I'll do with my life when I have the husky.
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I saw a husky at the park today and told my girlfriend about you.

>tfw no husky wan wan
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Thanks, anon. It's nice to know someone remembers!

>tfw you see a husky and greet it in its native language
>>tfw it is almost halfway through 2017 already and you still don't have a husky
>I'm worried what I'll do with my life when I have the husky.

you would probably do a sex with the dog sick fuck.

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>horny teenager in Aus
>beta khv
>take train to city centre (melb) one day after school
>go to big brothel
>line up of any beautiful 10/10 women of various ages, colours, and sizes all line up before me
>each introduces herself to me, shakes my hand
>I pick one that looks like pic related, blonde, fit, 30 years old with MASSIVE boobs
>pay & go upstairs
>she checks my balls for warts
>I have to strip naked in front of her while she's still clothed
>hop in shower
>ask her to join me
>she strips naked joins me in the shower
>start making out and licking her and sucking her boobs
>start rubbing my dick between her ass cheeks (no condom on yet) from behind while grabbing her Boobs and kissing her lips and face and neck
>we go to the spa
>I sit down in spa, she's on my lap starts rubbing her pussy lips on my dick (still no condom) while I suck the shit out of her cowtits like a hungry little baby
>go to bed, we both dry up
>gives me nuru body massage and bj
>finally put on Condom
>start having sex in all positions, my fave is cowgirl so I don't get tired quickly
>I get tired in missionary too quick so go back to cowgirl and sidefucking
>still haven't ejaculated
>after about half an hour of fucking, she takes my condom off and gives me another blowjob, start fucking the shit out of her boobs
>put on another Condom and fuck a bit more
>while im deep inside her we start chatting, talking about movies, I autistically try to talk to her about vidya
>still haven't cum
>I'm pretty embarrassed and apologise for not having cum at all
>she says it's okay, at least I managed to get hard, some other virgins can't even get it up on their first time
>do some more boob sucking and kissing/foreplay in the shower
>while we're getting dressed have a deep heart-to-heart conversation about our lives, careers and family
>share a few jokes, I manage to make her laugh a few times, she thinks I'm funny

Best experience of my life
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>spilling your guts to a whore
Some people are fated to die alone

>have an open conversation with a woman you won't see again
>pay for sex and live in the present without any thoughts tying me back
Who's she going to tell?

High posting is a lot better than drunk posting but drunk posting Aussies are a lot funnier to think about as a meme

T. high robot
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coming on here when im really high is one of my favorite things to do
Weed is a degenerate drug. Take LSD or DMT instead
>Taking the chemical Jew

No anon, you are the degenerate

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dubs decides.png
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>send cat pics to girl
>she says she'll 'do anything' for more cat pics
What should I make her do in return for more cat pics? Dubs decides
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Tell her to stop talking to you and never interact with anybody from the internet and especially /r9k/ ever again because you're all fucking retarded autists.
/b/tier threads belong on /b/ fucking idiot
>implying she won't block you after

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I'm thinking of doing NoFap in an attempt to fix my life. What are it's effects? Has it helped you? How hard was it?
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First night is the worst. After you make it through that, try to just stay busy during your down time. If you used to fap in a certain spot, avoid it. For example, my spot was my bed, so instead of sleeping there, I'd sleep on the couch. Definitely have a lot more energy and drive now
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Good luck I hope the best for you anon
I tried NoFap for two hours but I bumped into Iskra Lawrence at the store and simply had to fap as soon as I got home. Don't be weak, OP.

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>tfw riding my motorcycle
>tfw all the girls look at you, even chad ad his friends admire when you pass them on your sport bike
>Every time I'm at a red light, people in the car next to me keep staring at my bike

So this is what it feels like to be an Alpha
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I hope you enjoying being a paraplegic
tfw no motorcycle bf
Every biker I've seen is paunchy, has dad jeans, and New Balance sneakers.

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Be honest /r9k/, what's your first impression of me?

Pic related, it's me.
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Nice glasses, four-eyes, suck a dick lolololol
I loved when you starred in that BLACKED video.
You should try black on blondes next.
I wanna get naked and humpy

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How does showering work? Do I just walk out of my room with nothing but a towel on and get to the bathroom that way? I just don't know how to do this without feeling creepy.
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What are you retarded

Just go the bathroom with clothes on and bring a towel with you in your hands then get unchanged in the bathroom you fucking autist
Hahahahahahha that's fucking autistic you actually do that?? Wow Hahahahaha
Airbnb is how I got bedbugs

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>ywn experience this

why even live
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I live on a university campus. I can experience some slut playing a ukulele badly anytime I want to.
>why even live

For the multitude of other experiences life offers?

I'm not going to say that girls and sex aren't a big deal, but there is a huge variety of experiences still on the table, beyond that.
oh yeah? like what

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>people who stay at school after hours and do extra curricular activities

If you did this you're a normie and need to leave the board.
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At my high school we had a "computer club"
This club was mostly us playing CS 1.6 and Halo PC on the school desktops.
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school stories thread?

>friend gets malt loaf (some brown fruit dense bread thing, pic related) every day in lunch
>doesn't really like it
>one day is fucking about and balls it up until it looks like literal shit, way too accurate
>rolls it in a little gravel to make it extra legit
>throws it across playground
>smacks girl in side of head and gets stuck in her hair
>mass panic ensues
>friend never got caught
Everyday after school I went to the library with a few of the other rejects and played runescape. Good times

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