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How are we even supposed to meet girls anyway?
Especially for the NEETs among you.
Tinder seems to be an automated rejection machine, I have literally zero social skill to try anything on the street and at my age (26) most girls are either married, engaged or have several dozen of dicks on their history which makes it even harder to compete.
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Man it must be tiresome to bother with 3DPD
This is my problem too anon. At my workplace and the few clubs I go to there are only men and none of them are exactly the clubbing type. I also live in the middle of nowhere and haven't interact with a girl my age who isn't a relative for 4 years.
Umm I don't know....
The grocery store?
The library?
The farmers market?
The park?

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Why do white girls date black guys so much these days? I'm not racist, I don't think it's wrong. It just seems to happen a lot, and I don't know why.
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The literally don't, it's one of the least common interracial couples. Your life is a meme bud.
Haha maybe not, but we all know why you keep making race bait threads on r9k
Black guys only make up 6% of the US pop.
So they must be fucking a few white chicks and have v their black gf.
So since one black guy gets multiple white girls that's why you see it

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>play a multiplayer game
>people are using mic
>switch mine on akwardly
>we have a really good time i didn't talk and laugh like this for ages
>after 4 hours I need to go
>"good bye guys I need to go"
>"can I add you guys as friends?"
>akward silence
>I log off after 10 seconds

Fuck this fucking normie world I want to end it
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>asking them permission like some kind of autist
What the fuck, that's such a bizarre thing to say, what reaction were you honestly expecting? You don't need to ask, just send the damn friend request you fucking retardo.
>hey dude i sent you a friend request
that's all you had do and say retard
I know your pain. At least you have enough courage to keep mic on, I'm still getting to that point.

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What do you guys think happens after you die?
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Also check em cunts
Some kind of better world
Or Cyberpunk Dystopia
Everything else would suck desu
You become a Japanese high school student in your favorite anime world and everyone who ever wronged you suffers in hellfire for eternity.

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Is it worth driving 20 miles one way for a 9.50/hr dishwashing job? They guarantee full time and say I can start asap, but I'm worried about the wear on my car and fuel costs.
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If there's nothing better why the hell not maybe you'll make some connections, maybe you can get free food, a girl or more pay because of the commute, idk man it's not a lot of money but it's something
I don't know man I live in a small town and it's the same thing here. You have to drive 20-30 minutes one way for a part time minimum wage job. Going 60 mph.

But I don't have it hard right. 20 minutes doesn't sound too bad for full time tho but 4 hours a day no it's stupid.
No, it's not

You're literally working for gas money

Dont forget about the leak I will be doing on Here and my channel https://www.youtube.com/karilynn1987
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What is this but why do we care? I'm not giving you views without foreknowledge
It's a video telling us what is going to be leaked on the 23rd. Anyone that is an Elliot fan will care.
So you will be posting the stuff here and on your channel?

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If it's normal for heterosexual men to desire teenage girls then why does society have such disdain for it if it's normal and out of your control?
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Shut the fuck up you pedophile
Society is full of feminists and manginas.
This, Western Civilization will fail because of inconsistent morality.

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Can NEETS n Wagies ever be friends? Why/why not
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Wage-slavery is a system, Anon. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be NEETs. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on wage-slavery, that they will fight to protect it.
Both welfare and the wage system should be abolished. Abolishing the latter is more important than abolishing the former, but really they go hand in hand.

Neither wagies nor NEETs should exist.

Both are symptoms of our defective society.

Also I disagree with the idea that someone who educates himself is a NEET.

Self-education is often BETTER than the """""education""""" you get in school, which is mostly bullshit once you get beyond the basics like reading and basic math.

>Meet a cute girl on r9k
>talk to her regularly, slowly start to hit it off
>End up hanging out for hours every single night, even start to get flirty
>Find out she lives in my state kind of close to me, so we make plans to go on a date, dinner and a movie
>Exchange pictures and she looks like this

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I'd fuck
practice gf lad,
plus you could get her to eat healthy or go to the gym.

although the latter might end up with her leaving you as her value would have increased

you should probebly have a go. With the self-esteem provided with having a bloke on the go, she might cut down on the eating and BAM- QT fembot thats obsessed with you. Play the game bro, you may well win

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Go into detail not some >it means they're not Chad!

(Though that might not be far from the truth for some girls)
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It means you are doing it right, so of course they hate it.
>>it means they're not Chad!

But that's totally the case. If girls call you those things, then it's not because you're doing something wrong, it's because you're not the right person.
This, you have to catch the undertones.

She's not upset you're that way, she's upset that you're not the guy she wants to fuck whose like that. Women don't give a shit that you're a pig unless you're a pig she doesn't wanna fuck.

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Rare Pics of Elliot Rodger's sister.
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Supremely rare 1
Supremely rare 2
Supremely rare 3

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>need a car to find work (way too limiting to only apply for jobs within walking distance. Public transport isn't always reliable)
>have no money to afford driving lessons
>have no money for a car
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>don't own a cellphone
>paranoid of going out of house in case someone calls me for a job interview
If you are over the age of 18, then you don't need to take driving lessons. You can just go there and take the test. Just practice a bit on Gran Autismo 6, and ask someone for a car.

Idk how it works in your country, but what people do here is buy or rent small scooters until they can graduate to a car.

Fucking sucked though, being exposed to the elements and having tiny wheels with tiny brakes is more dangerous than you realise.

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Do you like h3h3? I enjoy watching Ethan's videos. I caught the last part of their most recent podcast on Twitch and really enjoyed it.
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I lost hope for them after the 20 videos about youtube dying and we need your help because we aren't making money anymore. then they take a vacation to Sweden. I will no longer be jebaited.
They're pretty good. Almost all of YouTube is garbage but they manage to stay in the top .0001% most of the time.
Always complaining about YouTube drama for click bait. Fucking greedy no talent

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Has /r9k/ ever been in a fight or a brawl etc? Did you win? Any grievous injuries? Did it feel good to hit somebody?
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I twisted a kid's nipples one too many times in middle school, and he kicked me to the floor.

I learned my lesson that day.
I used to throw shit at people from out of my car windows with my friends and blow up mailboxes. Shit was fun, and you can't get sued for it unless you're stupid enough to get caught. That's what dark, remote roads on the outskirts of city are for.
lots of fights
just stiches and dislocated joints (fingers mostly)
you can take much more than you can imagine...

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Post your fetish/kink

Hypnosis here
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Rape, somonophilia, horse dick, bestiality, raceplay, light bondage, deepthroat, ntr (because I steal gfs like a motherfucker) random party room fun times that someone walks in and becomes a part of.

Trains are nice too.

Just along that general line of thinking multiplied by how long I'm fapping.
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>Underage girls
>Underage girls' panties
>Underage girl upskirt
>Horse cocks
>Diapers (no scat)
>first two posts both mention horse cocks
wew lad

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