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The only girl that ever loved me now hates me and never wants to see me again
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You only have one option now...
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I got broken up with as well. How do I get that slut back? Do I just throw her the usual "friends" bullshit and go on from there. She says she still wants to be friends.
I know that feel. Doesn't feel very good mang

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What are cute/interesting questions to text late at night to a girl that you recently met so that she goes to bed and wakes up thinking about you? So as to appear mysterious and get her curious about you?

Basically a texting game thread
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I'm very interested in this thread but have nothing to contribute
Have you ever texted anything that worked for you?

Thank for the bump btw
Give me 1 (one) reason why rape is wrong.

>get job
>get fired
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>get fired
>get new job
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>get fired again
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>get job
>get layed off
>get unemployment

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Who else here likes REALLY big butts? It's getting to the point where only BBWs and 2D chubbies have the measurements I'm looking for.
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patrician taste. the bigger the better my nigga.
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Hear hear.

>tfw white

eww gross, shoes should never touch the bed

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Pic related, another musician.
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I wish i was the one bent over

That looks like a magnificent cock
why do you keep making new old music
That's a nice story dear. Take it over to >>>/b/

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>tfw me and my gf took each other's virginities last night
Felt pretty good. Not as good as you might think from all the songs written about it and pornstar acting, but it's pretty darn good.
How was your day, /r9k/?
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I did that like 12 years ago chump
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oregeno cement
i'm 23, she's 21, both of us were socially awkward fucks so this is a big deal for us both.

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Is the concept of freedom of speech dead? People are getting censored now on social media for offending people... worst of all the BBC doesn't even seem alarmed by any of this
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>What happened to freedom of speech?
No wars.
corporations dont care about any sort of perceived rights
their only function is to generate as much profit as possible
Freedom of speech only applies to the government, not private entities. Read the TOS next time

is it worth killing myself to get back at my mom?
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You're really fucking petty go die

Don't kill yourself because of others, that's dumb

Kill yourself when you can't live with yourself
If you and your mother have such a bad relationship that you'd be tempted to kill yourself to spite her, chances are it won't have nearly the effect you'd like to think it would.

apologize for the blog but I need to debrief

>Saw an escort today (only saw one once before and I was shitfaced)
>super nervous and could barely get it up
>paid for half hour but barely got 15 mins
>got the succ, fugged doggy for a bit, then removed condom and jacked off to her
>she was surprisingly hot as fuck, big boobies and ass, qt face
>seriously though fuck condoms + being nervous
>escort was kind and understanding even though it was pretty terrible half chub sex

My plan is to continue to fug escorts until I'm over feeling nervous to have sex with women because of insecurities.

Any tips for stopping my brain from jewing me when there is a beautiful woman in front of me who wants to bone? How to stay hard in condom?
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Literally what you suggested. Just keep fucking whores, your brain will adapt.
Awesome, so embarrassing though

How often should I see them do you think?

I'd like to substitute porn for whores, expensive but a better experience
fuck i cant get over how awkward I was

Although I suppose this was the first time I had sex sober

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Signed up for mturk, get approved but then told to start amazon payments account to proceed. I do so, told it will take 24 hours to verify. Wake up yesterday morning, get this shit.

I have a license but I live with mummy and she pays all the bills, so my name won't be on any of them. Is there a way around this nonsense?
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You get paid like $4 an hour for hard work and if you live outside of the US you can't even take the money out of Amazon.

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NEETs need treats
Don't even bother site is shit I made like 20 bucks doing it non stop and it's hard just to get the money out and if you don't pay very very close attention one mistake means you only get the shit jobs.

Although I've heard of people saying they pay for their weed habit with an hour a day so eh. Not that bad I guess. I feel like I only made about 50 cents an hour though when you calculate in looking at all the jobs. I usually just go in and type in words like "2 minutes" and find the quickest ones and stop after those.

>tomorrow will be 25 degrees
>have to wear T-shirt, otherwise i will sweat like a pig

fuck summer, chubby guys like me can't hide their fat under a sweatshirt and skeletals have to reveal their bone-body

without a perfect-chad body you can't enjoy summer
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So lose weight if you live in a hot climate fat ass.
>chubby guys like me can't hide their fat under a sweatshirt

You've honestly have never fooled anybody. We all know you're fat underneath that hoodie. In fact it's worse because you think you can hide it
I am wearing a hoodie BECAUSE it's hot, so I get to sweat more as a skinnyfat.

It's much much easier to lose weight when it's hot. I wish there was like two summers in one year because by the time I've lost the weight it'll be like November probably.

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Do any of you anons have pictures of this cat saved? If you do pls dump because I lost the folder and I really like how he looks =0.0=
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google cat jazz, kot jazz and/or kot blini
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thank you (originally) senpai
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Keep your precious memes backed up on an external flashdrive

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god I love speed so much
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>have to stop uppers
>can't feel tired or tweaked all the time for new job
>need to look healthy and act normal

Damnit I wish I could just abuse speed and become antisocial to forget this girl then suicide but now I need to be a healthy adult
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>don't talk to me until I have my morning line-i mean coffee
>go to work as rave club bouncer
>deal with druggies not being able to buy tickets
>deal with druggies so hard on drugs I won't let them in with or without ticket
>get asked if I want to split a spliff with some of the organizers close friends
>turn it down since I sometimes have to deal with police and want a clean exterior
>they ask me if I want a "line" which i think is blow so I accept
>they hand me a little nugget of powder
>finish up, drive home
>crush up nugget in bathroom and make two lines
>Intense burning sensation
>oh, this wasn't cocain at all
>go to sleep

I don't even notice amphetamines, it's like I'm on them all the time for some reason, probably my childhood traumas have me on massive stress hormones all the time, so a little extra doesn't really do it.
I would probably do great on Ritalin or what ever it's called today, but ain't fucking falling for the pill jew!

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video games dont require my whole attention anymore

i catch myself often thinking about depresiv stuff, what do?
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wut gaems?
world of waercraft
Play Dota2 instead.

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>remember that girls have periods
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>remember that girls poop like we do
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sick cat.jpg
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>remembering that we came out of a girl
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>some girls don't have penises

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