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Sausage Fried Rice.jpg
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How do you start the day /r9k/?
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>he eats breakfast
breakfast time is for smoking and coffee only.
my first meal today was at 8pm.
eurocunt detected. Breakfast is based. Comfiest meal of the day. Specially if you don't have anything to do.
that's not breakfast food.
i usually just have coffee and a pastry


>Grape-kun gets to keep his penguin waifu

Today, 2D won. Normies lost, truly this is a glorious day for robots.
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Lel originally
I like animals and this makes me happy
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3DPD eternally btfo.

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holy shit.jpg
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is this picture neet life in nutshell ?
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kek, cracked me up, may your thread live on
R.I.P Fridgebro
Your sacrifice was not in vain
I started a few threads asking about updates on fridgebro most people have no fucking clue what I'm talking about.

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I've been given CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) for my depression. How good is it? Will it actually help me recover or is it just a meme?
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Getting help with my depression after I tried to overdose was the best choice I ever made, go for it OP, I wish you the best!
I'm glad I'm getting help. I just want to know how much it'll help.
Not sure if that's the same HUMAN FILTH who shot the dog in the picture with his girlfriend. Gilrfriend shot the dog first and laughed, and when she was done, this HUMAN FILTH asked if he could shoot too. Then he shot. What a repulsive piece of shit. He and his girlfriend should be crushed by an elephant's foot (a medieval Indian execution method). And what has he done to that deer? I hope he will be torn into pieces by a bear during the next hunting trip.

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2MB, 720x480px
>This is the inevitable future for the male robot

How does this make you feel?
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please stop making those threads
No way in hell am I going to let a dirty negress defile what's rightfully mine.
tfw no black fembot gf

and somehow normal

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Anyone over 25 and a virgin? Asexuals welcome

>how did you get to this position
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Is oral sex counted as sex? So if I had oral sex I am not a vorgon?
You're a half virgin and do not belong here unless the circumstances under which you received oral are particularly strange.
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So, you say received, but what if I didn't receive?

So if I and her are virgin, and I give her oral, she is non virgin but I am virgin, and vice versa?

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Would it be creepy to invite a 12 year old to your house for dinner and let her sleep over?
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since you're over 18 yeah obviously
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Yes. Origamimimi
The only way you won't get arrested is if you're a celebrity, and I can tell you're no celebrity.

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I killed a CIA nigger with my car in 9/9/99. I was being followed by agents and freaked out.
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that's some fucking weird shit to say
my nigger terry hows it going
3.5l shasta a day

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Are there ways to satisfy myself without coming?
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take the purple pill my nigga. bee asexual
Drugs, movies, vidya, food. If you mean sexually then you can edge. You could also have sex but the autistic losers who do nofap don't have access to that.
How does that work? You can't just BEEcome asecual

File: britfeel june 2.jpg (1MB, 1900x1383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
britfeel june 2.jpg
1MB, 1900x1383px
Tripfags will be shot on sight edition
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1st for lethal injections of morphine
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Not going to lie lad, you're getting raped at the end of this one
File: damon35.jpg (94KB, 468x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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First for TRANNIES OUT!!!!

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Were you ever happy anon?
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I dont think i were. Even as a child i hated myself
damn.. you must really suck.
I've had short lived moments of happiness in a few eras of my life. I think 13/14 were the last ages I was truly happy tho, mostly because I was blissfully ignorant and young.

Happiness is overrated tbth, I'd rather be content with myself on a daily basis.

Oh hello there wagie, good morning! Your shift should be starting soon, make sure not to take too many bathroom breaks less you want your boss to scream at you and fire you!
Me? Oh, well today I'm going to spend the better part of the afternoon bettering myself by listening to intellectual music while playing videogames. Then at around noon I have a dinner date with mummy who said it's her treat! Try not to think about my lifestyle too hard though wagie, it's thanks to your backbreaking labor that I am able to lead this paradise of a life and I am truly thankful for your sacrifice.

Fellow NEETs, what will you be doing with your 24 hours of free time today?
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I unironically like these threads.
>intellectual music
Kek, I don't think the Beyblade OST is intellectual
I currently have a case to get myself some disability assistance and I'm so afraid I'll get denied
File: YoPO-6yZ_400x400.jpg (15KB, 280x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 280x280px
Sorry wagie but I outgrew my beyblade phase years ago. Today I will be listening to the NieR Automata soundtrack. I wouldn't expect a dumb wagie like you to be able to understand it's subtle tones of intellectualism though so feel free to make fun of it!

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>tfw you want a lovedoll more than an actual gf
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The dolls' face lies on the uncanny valley tho
Are these even internally heated? Fucking a cold piece of gum sounds disgusting if I'm honest
Looks good in photo, but in person the lifelessness of it will be front and center. Also with out an AI, it will get super boring fast, because no unexpectedness

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I found a wallet yesterday. It has $188, a bunch of credit cards and a driver's license. What should I do with it?
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return it obviously
Return it. Uu
Use the driver's license to return it

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boomer couple.jpg
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>"me and your father have been talking, and we think it's time you got a job"
>"just show a little gumption son... network, talk to people, shake some hands"
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>"just hand in an application"
>"did you call them to follow up?"
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>Talk to people and visit places even only to try and get voluntary work
>They take my number and tell me they will call if they need anyone
>Basically code word for fuck off
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>" I didn't go to college and I did alright for myself."
>"Don't you care about getting a girlfriend, son?"

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