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And I've got no right to take my place
With the human race
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The asshole was one handsome devil drowning in pussy and had everything he wanted yet he composed lyrics like those
>drowning in pussy
Pretty sure he rejected pussy.
Fucc the humanure race

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>a fat girl fell in love with me

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did you say no? Or did you just stutter and say "y-yeah I g-guess" like an autist? If it's the latter than you're fucked mate, only choices are either go with it or fuck your own reputation up by "changing your mind."

<-- this is how it went actually. OP is on the left.
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trap reaction.png
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you'd prefer a trap wouldn't you?
Don't lie boy :3

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Share youre current tunes, this is mine

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Yeah I know

One of them nights

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/pol/ has become complete and utter shit. it was never good but there was at least some fun and comfy threads and interesting discussion about a year or two ago.
now half the threads look like they were made by bots or shills

you know shit is bad when people want to be remerged with /mlp/

>no more nigger hate threads
>no more atheist vs catholic larpers
>no more comfy nazi threads
>no more actual news or relevant information
>no more redpill threads
>no more gun control arguments

now you get
>endless blacked threads that the mods actively bump or just refuse to delete
>"hurr drumph's no our guy anymore, here's the same bullshit reasons and half truths as the last thread"
>MUH E-celeb bullshit and totally redpilled female with a camera #98974321
>MUH civic nationalism
>"how does X make you feel white boi?"
>worthless shitpost that get like 3 replies and then drop off the board
>strawman post with no deviation posted over and over again
>MUH MGTOW all women only want chad or tyrone so don't even try to breed or form relationships
>X, Y, and Z. AREN'T WHITE

how do we fix this shit?
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Move to /bant/

The numbers confirm
Some of this stuff still gets shunned there. But yeah, the whole Kekistan cringe was the cancer that killed /pol/. The only time it's ever really worth browsing these days is during an election or a happening.

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I'm doing a study about /r9k/ and others websites

Can you help me posting all the Chad's you know from Movies, Television, Cartoons or any other source?,
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there's nothing to study
I'm studying about how people idolize other people because of looks

Is like in the Fight Club how he idolize Tyler Durden
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6'10 Ben Simmons aka Chad. Number 1 NBA draft pick last year. Watch from the 0:48:31 mark. This is while he's in college.


>talk about yourself honestly on a message board
>everyone thinks you're a lying troll
>tfw your life is incomprehensible to normies
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>being so autistic you believe a niche message board is full of hive mind normies
One thing I hate about this site is that no one is willing to accept that their narrative may not be all encompassing.

There are normies on this board that really don't understand how bad some anons social anxiety are, or how deprived of contact they are because "everyone has at least one friend". It's the just world fallacy at it's finest.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are robots on this site so fixated on the chad/beta paradigm that any female user (or male user discussing their personal life) is dismissed because it justified their personal failure. I've seen a woman on this site bitch about being in love with a balding IT guy she met at a convention be described as "chad" because God forbid there be a woman with low or reasonable standards ever anywhere.

/r9k/ is one of the more popular boards on a popular website that's been in the public eye for roughly a decade.

I posted at the same board for a decade.

The entire time they thought I was an elaborate troll account. They thought the things I said had to be made up.

I'm not talking about some fucking strawman, I'm talking about actual interactions I had.

Fembots, if you absolutely had to eat ass for some reason, would you rather eat a very old mans ass, a girls ass or the ass of an underage boy?

All asses are freshly washed and clean.
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a girl's ass, absolutely
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definitely a girls butt!
id pay my gf a million dollars to do me like the pic

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I just took a job that will move me five hours from my home near my state's largest metro to a town of 3K people 90 minutes from the nearest city.

I'm a little freaked out but the opportunity is so good and they want me so badly that I couldn't resist. It's also one of the most beautiful places you can find for 500 miles in any direction.

I guess I just want to talk about the anxiety of leaving pseudo-NEETdom. It's scary but exciting. I'll have a real job with benefits and lots of responsibility. I'll have my own apartment and bills and shit. I'll have no one to calm me down when I throw an autistic fit after yet another disappointment.
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I'm a failed normie and have not been on my own for about seven years. My whole life fell apart in the period of three months and Imoved back in with my parents. I've had zero experience meeting people outside of work in that time.
I don't really know how to meet people in any genuine way. I do it every day at work but that isn't the real me, it's the version of me I built to become good at my job. At work I'm chipper and optimistic and confident. i speak slowly and clearly and rarely stutter. Outside of work I barely speak and mostly keep to myself, and often wonder why I'm even alive anymore.
People dont' really seek me out so I gave up on trying to be included socially. Even the girl I slept wiht a few times is moving on, chanigng locations and doesn't seem interested anymore, and I really thought I could have her wrapped around my finger. I feel foolish about that, but mostly I feel badly about thinking that way.

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> want to watch anime
> characters go on a date
> meanwhile my tinder match still hasnt given me her phone number
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Heh maybe she think ur bepin small
my dick is 8 inches though. I dont know how girthy but its extremely thick too like a christmas tree lol
Kill yourself faggot weeb

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Anyone here /birthdaydubs/? I was born on the 15th so I'm just a filthy singles birthday.

who's the lucky bastard with birthday quads (november 11th)?
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Birthday dubs here my man 02/02
I never thought about month/day dubs, now I'm even more jealous
nice dubs man. i'm also 2-2

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why do you want to punch him??
Stab him then.
>won't hurt your hand
>he probably won't be able to hit back
>HE IS LIKE 6'3 AND IM 5'6

>be gay
>go to dating apps
>only fat fucks and old people

>meanwhile, tinder is full of young and healthy people

Friendly reminder that straightfags can't be true robots.
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>be gay
>can get laid no matter how hideous and disgusting you are, don't have to put up with women and their nonsense
>be straight
>have to deal with roastie bullshit and will be ignored by literally every woman unless you are Chad or betabux settling for used goods
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>be closet gay
>fall in love with straight guys that I hang around
>know that you will get rejected
>never click with other gays
>Never been able to date a guy that I liked, still a virgin, the only time I had a relationship and kissed someone was a girl and I hated it.
>not exclusively fucking guys over 40

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Shit threads today.
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summer is here, time to go into hibernation until september
Frogs hibernate to escape the freezing temperatures of winter. Their heartbeats and breathing slow, their body temperature drops to nearly match the outside temperature, and they pass the time in a state of dormancy or torpor. Aquatic frogs hibernate under water and take in oxygen from the water through their skin.
come now anon we had acid thread, rape thread and a proper women hate thread in the last couple of days. today is just unlucky

How much freedom do you robots have? I like to think I have a decent amount, but I could obviously do better
>a job with decent pay with decent job prospects
>no gf/wife or pets
>live in a rental apartment
>parents don't need caretaking and are in good health
>~$5000 in savings
I'm not sure if living on rent provides more/less freedom compared to owning an apartment/house. An tips on how to maximize muh freedums?
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Own property. You can't be free if you live on another man's property.
I'm working on it. I'm not sure if I should get a loan to the house though. Seems like enslavement to me.
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>working to make Mr Shekelberg even richer
>"I'm free"
Yes, dear goy, you're so very free, keep working.

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Who here /onlypretending/? I'm not a virgin and I make $90k a year
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Nobody cares faggot. Kill yoirself and stop posting this gay frog outside of r*ddit
I was only pretending to be sad. I am quite happy with where i am as a human being. >:3
Im 90 years old and make virgin money

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