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Robots, what activities help you escape from the reality?
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video games, anime, porn, ramen, dank playlist
Lifting, vidya, walks, reading.

sometimes nothing works and you suffer silently

its all in the hands of god how much pain i endure

Post your most vivid dreams and nightmares ITT
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I had some seriously fucked up ones last night

>be hiding in a dimly lit basement
>there's about 10 naked blonde women chained up on a bed covered in dried blood
>they're gagged but trying to scream when I walk over to them
>I start pushing them together and as their flesh makes contact they start to merge into one body
>the skin and muscle starts to rot everywhere that they've touched
>I become unbelievably aroused
>their screams turned to moans and then to silence
> I'm left with one very rotten, bloated corpse covered in maggots with several arms and legs but no head
>fuck it blissfully, only a few times in my life I can remember being so aroused but can't cum
>my gransmother bursts into the basement but luckily her eyesight is so poor she can't see me at all in the dim lighting
>I am too terrified to speak
>she comes down the stairs
>I take a large metal object and bludgeon her head with it
>she obviously sees the blood and bits of dead skin stuck all over me as she bleeds out on the floor and dies crying
>my lust is absolutely insatiable and I go back to the monstrous corpse to continue fucking it but it has disappeared
>panicked, I run upstairs and there is a mob of news reporters and police officers
>a hundred cameras start flashing and taking pictures while the police swarm over me and beat me to death
>wake up
I know these threads are never very popular but damn
I don't remember my recent dreams, those that I managed to remember were quite realistic and vivid after sessions of hypnosis with a psychotherapist, but they were very personal and not like my usual ones, that are totally detached from my daily life. When I was a kid I had recurring nightmares about dinosaurs.

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Why is it illegal to euthanize retards at birth? We did it no less than a century ago because we have no time and energy to feed and house defective genes that will eventually die off without your support, they will never be independant. Even animals know to leave a child behind if it has a life hindering birth defect. But now because it's 2017, we're forced to raise these non sentient beings that barely resemble a human being?
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Are you a nazi because thats what they would have done.

Would you accpet your fate if you were damaged
Because muh fee-fees, that's it. People would feel bad seeing anti-late-abortion campaigners' facebook posts about how terrible it is to murder a human bean. (((They))) also get off great given how much it costs to keep one of these alive, special education, life long medications, special equipment.
Then why didnt all bad disease die out when we used to do that for hundreds of years

How the fuck can men find this disgusting corpse looking skin attractive? Bitch looks like a cenobite or a fucking dark eldar or some shit.
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begone, evil bebe

your racebaiting ways have become old and boring
>bitch looks like a cenobite
Well, the people here are degenerates.
It's objectively ugly. Why do you think most whites tan? To not look like a fucking undead or a minion of Hell.

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Do girls still respect you after you've licked their butthole?
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>implying I give a fuck about their respect if I get to lick their butt
Who cares what girls think
Playing with the ass is the greatest
You don't even have to look at their stupid shore faces
I licked the asses of all girls I had sex with. non of them changed their attitude toward me

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>Dilation pains
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How much does it hurt? I figured it would be like masturbating tbqh.
>mutilating yourself over a meme

I'm sure OP is trolling, but I genuinely cannot understand how anyone could actually go through with SRS

Like, if you want to dress as and present as the opposite sex then whatever, do what you like, but if your dysphoria is bad to the point that you would massively disfigure your body for it then you really do need a therapist/a bullet to the head.
>Body screams for you to stop trying to keep a wound open
>Why does it hurt so much???

Ultimate plan to get laid.
>Been using familywatchdog for the past day to find sex offenders in my neighborhood
>found 3 women that are 8/10+
>1 has multiple counts of raping/kidnapping little boy's
>The rest of the women are currently in jail and some get released next year.
>Knowing that their social relationships are currently ruined beyond repair I send some letters.
>Letting them know that I care about them and wish to meet them when they get out so we can have lots of sex
>mfw I spent all day researching their past to know they're horny bastards
>tfw I look like a little boy so that's a bonus

The goal is to send letters to these women who are emotionally vulnerable and who will have no support when they get out. I will be their main emotional support.
The other is to seduce the women that are currently in my neighborhood by refraining my age and convincing them I'm a little boy in hopes that they rape me.
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Well, I mean, it's not a BAD plan. Just a sickening one. Good luck OP.
God bless the US. Burgers cannot be robots. If all else fails go do this burgerbots.
>that squat

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Ok guys , just floating another MGTOW commune thread to see if interest has grown enough to make this idea viable.
There is seed money available . all we need are men willing to commit to a radical lifestyle.
I cannot bump this thread alone so help if you are interested or let this thread die if its not time yet.
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it's the army
Rejected, bitter virgins huddle up somewhere to talk about they're going their own way. Just go gay already
>Just go gay already
I would if I could anon. Could you go gay by just choosing to?
I didnt think so.

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I'm too much of a pussy to kill myself, how do I get someone to send assassins after me?
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Just post your info online, probably /b/ or something, along with instructions on how to find your house, and tell them you want someone to come and murder you.

You'll either get murdered or someone will show up and become your new best friend. win/win.
Or literally everyone will ignore the attention-seeking faggot.
>Piss off mob boss

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please originally post in my thread
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i love my cute american boyfriend
i hate my cute american boyfriend
i appreciate my cute american boyfriend

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>Friday July 14th 2017
>I have fallen for the NEET meme for three years now
>tfw thinking about all the money I could have earned in this time
>TFW thinking about all the things I could have learned in 16 * 365 * 3 hours
>TFW thinking about all the meaningful life experiences and relationships I've missed out on

Do not fall for the NEET meme. It's a mistake. Working isn't a basket of roses but it sure beats the grueling painful stagnation of being a NEET, perhaps even severe regression past a point. It was a mistake.
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I was a NEET for two years, 2014-2015. It wasn't fun, I didn't learn anything and overall just wasted two years of my life.

Being a NEET is shit.
Neet suck
>he thinks becoming a wagecuck will change his life
kek, this only happens if you're already a normie

>fap to tummies
wtf is wrong with me. who else /tummies/? also post tummies
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2d tummies too i need help
I like fat girl's bellies, so we differ there based on your pic. But the appeal is the same. its a bunch of jiggly flesh with some complex structure underneath, and the way it moves and quivers is hypnotizing.
what about when they are getting fat??? diamonds

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What happened to this guy? I remember he used to be posted around here a 1-2 years ago
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Oh Lord 1-2 years later and he's still talking about being lonely. Is he gonna Elliot rodger soon?
>If you complain about being lonely on youtube, then you're a future spree shooter
Nice normalfag logic you got there

here's his latest youtube channel, he's never going to suicide/elliot so I stopped watching his vids.

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Thank me, /r9k/. I've officially found /ourgirl/. The queen of r9k. The princess of all fembots.

Please, welcome our new queen.
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>meme spouting attention whores
I'd kill them all with my bare hands
>tfw no Marxist-Leninist tanky waifu
Bumperino cappuccino masturbatino.

How to be safe dating online?
I'm scared of std, I don't want to slut around I want a bf, yet I can't be sure if the guy haven't sleeped with 1000 other guys
Even if I just have sex with one guy he could have super aids
Is dating only 18yo (I'm 19) any help?
Tell me anything you can thanks
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All homosexuals are sluts. Most have super aids and other std's. You're asking the impossible.
Use a condom dumbass

Also, if you're in a first world country and are banging young, white men then the chances of them having HIV is next to zero
>dating men online
there is no way to be safe, good luck

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