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Girl I really connect with is seeing someone. She said it wasn't serious and hangs with me one on one often. Lately she's starting to really refer to him as her boyfriend. Is it wrong that I hope she really gets hurt by him so I can step in?
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Why are you still orbiting her if she's clearly not into you????


If she liked you she'd have gone for you over the other gay. Wake the fuck up lmao
c u c k
She still wants to hang alone without him and sometimes ditches him for me so I wouldn't call it being a cuck
End it. Seriously.
If you want to be friends, truly 100% friends, fine - but I wouldn't recommend it.
It's only going to hurt in the long run if you have some oneitus thing.

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I recently came upon r9k when a friend recommended I visit the sites for a few laughs. I figured "What the hell? I could use some laughs." I must say that when I came on I was disgusted and not amused at all. Why you ask? Because everything on this entire site is literally shit! I mean yes there is funny pictures posted every now and then. But honestly; Do any of you little shits have a life? I mean are you so immature and unintelligant that you find things like cartoon porn and random naked UNDERAGE children funny?

GROW UP. Grow up robots. You all seriously need a reality check, You could be doing so many things in the day, yet you all choose to sit around on your fucking fat ugly asses and post pictures and then make sarcastic or idiotic comments like "tits or gtfo" "Tfw no gf?" and "reeee!".

Get off your fat asses and do something better with your life. I mean all of you obviously have no life or a social life either for that matter. Why? Because your so immature and your the very reason why Mother's go through Depression during pregnancy; and the supposed "girls" that come on here and converse with you are just as much losers are you, they are either fatter then fatty-tan or a term you'd better understand as "A trap".

Well I've put in my two cents, and on a last note, I hope you all one day realize just how much of a loser you are, and honestly kill yourself. I could care less if every single one of you got testicular cancer including the girls and then died naked fat and ugly with a pile of shit and pee oozing from your bowels that excavated due to your death. Grow up fucking robots.
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got any more of that vintage porn, OP? Girl in the pic has some seriously sexy feet
>sees /r9k/
>dares to ask if we have a life
I think you answered your own question. The only reason people like us exist is because we tried to get a life and we failed. This isn't for laughs. This is our graveyard, and you don't need to be here.
/r9k/ is full of some of the more pathetic examples of humanity, but you seem like a genuinely shitty person.

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Ywn have this view of a QT
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>ywn eat the digested food out of Elsas supple pink butthole
Ugh I wish she did anal
I never understood this. Is it like an image thing?
>I get railed, gangbanged, cum shot in every orifice except my ass, choked, spanked, suck cocks and swallow load
>but a dick up my turdcutter is a no go

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>19yo and kv
is it too late if im from a south european country?
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You're too late everywhere
What does KV mean?

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Is SpicyBoi /ourfembot/?
>talks like she's going to cry and she's really nervous all the time
>speaks about the "inevitable end" and reads Nietzsche
>has an autistic obsession with succulents and hates seeds and bees
>she's a communist
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Communism doesn't, never has and never will work. Nobody can refute this. I have never come across someone that can logically back communism and I never will. It's simply too idiotic even for idiots to follow it.
I saw her videos she's definitely trash and I can see her appeal of low hanging fruit like you op. No you's for you
tfw no autistic gf

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Hey guys nobody suck my dick
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I swear to god you guys I have attention deficit disorder. If you don't give me attention RIGHT NOW I'm gonna kill myself


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I am a member of a prestigious fraternity, and I drink a lot with mates.
But I am still a neet virgin. Am I allowed to post here still?

Ask me anything
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Hoe kan ik een vriendin krijgen?
Weet ik veel ik zeg toch net dat ik niks heb zelf
Ga naar de buitenluchten

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You know it can't go on like this forever?
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It's been going on for 10 years now. I'm sure it can go at least another decade.
you will break before i do
I know, i'm trying to grow some balls to kill myself before i completely lose my sanity

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who here /made/ it?

>wage slave
>drug addict
>stem major
>took years to get through college
>took years to get through drug addiction
>all of the sudden 6 figure salary and no problems job i LOVE

haha bitch If eel like I'm in a music video...without the girls but at least hteres a few awkward ones..
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>stem major

master race feels nice right son??? haha
Im so fucking jelly

Im broke as a joke and a fucking failure.

I wanna make it but I cant get a job for shit. in b4 firm handshake
Good for you anon. Now keep it up for the rest of your life.

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remember the times back then when you bought shitty magazines which were your only connection to something away from home because the internet wasn't a thing yet (and maybe you had only boring old guy TV like we did in germany back then) and you saw stuff advertisements like pic related which fired up your imagination for a world beyond your home, your few friends if any and your school?

feels comfy in a claustrophobic way
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Yeah. I reread the article for VtmB so many times in game informer
I did that too, I reread the articles to the games I played endlessly, it was so exciting to reread it. today, we have so much overload that nothing really has the same kind of effect again

the whole world seemed to be slightly more colourful somehow when I think back
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i grew up in a shithole and we had an antenna with only like 5 watchable channels. but we had a NES which was nice. it was a simpler time. the thing is once you've tasted it, it takes willpower to go back and try to restrict yourself instead of being restricted by technological limitations.

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Why would anyone in their right mind date a woman who is or has been through college?

Going for higher educated bitches is a path to certain cuckoldry.
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Sure Timmy, keep watching your animes and maybe you will find some woman whom is simpleton.
Isn't it a lot wiser to make judgments on a case-to-case basis? 99% of people are retarded trash, regardless of what group you're looking at, so generalizations are always going to be worthless.
>dating a woman

This isn't the 90's anymore lol.

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What kind of haircut do you like? I like te medium long type of hair styles, the ones that cute boys get occasionally (or emo if that counts)
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That haircut is fucking shit tier, no one above the age of 14 has it
shaving it allll off??
i dont really have a good chin but it helps with me to have long hair so it kind of hides it

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>tfw you will never know the feel of going to dinner with a girl
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is that Disney show still on anyway?
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>The only reason you're single is because you're lazy, champ.
>Which is the reason you're getting dressed and i'm taking you to the mall to meet girls.
>All you have to do is walk up to the girl you like, look in her eyes and give her a firm, strong handshake while you ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend.
>I did that with your mother and look at us in our 20+ year marriage.
No thankfully. It was shit.

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>inb4 F I R M H A N D S H A K E
gotta get that sweet bling my dude
File: 1499300746332.png (748KB, 612x408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: handshakethreedog.png (531KB, 351x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Handshake. Eye contact. All you need to know. We interrupt this program for some news!

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>managed to get a 4chan gf

We're all gonna make it brehs
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Stop giving false hope
I just had a date with a girl off 4chan. She was bitchy throughout the date. Would not recommend.
What did you guys do? What made her bitchy?

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