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explain why this wouldn't work. people wouldn't have to meet up, this would be purely to exchange contact into based on similar interests, the users would still need to work up toward meeting up in person someday but at least they'd have something to work toward? you people talk to each other every day, its the same people but you never once thought to try and introduce yourself

it would be judgement free since its a given everyone using the site would be ignored on other sites
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never give your money making ideas out like that; this has never been tried before and if you do it right it can be a big hit and get media attention
It wouldn't work because Chad is happy to fuck all the NEET girls too.

So your new service would be a bunch of NEET guys getting messages from bots.

Maybe not even the bots. Camgirls know NEETs got no bux.
Aside from the obvious gender imbalance, even accounting for all the prison gay and actual gay robots, there's still some form of competition and the lest robot of us would get the few women actually looking to find someone this way drawn to them.

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Why don't you have a cute boyfriend?

>wasting all that time, money, emotion on women
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Because I have crippling anxiety and am hideously unattractive.

>they have a penis
>they have a masculine voice
>they have that masculine look unless they have a shit ton of surgery
>they'll always be mentally unstable
>they're probably AIDS ridden whores
>entire family disowns you
>friends laugh at you
why would you have a boyfriend?

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Tell me about your best and your worst day of your lives, robots, I'll start.
My best day:
>Some day in February of this year. I got a gf (my first and only) in January, and I was madly in love with her, she was everything in my life. This day, a group of friends, she and I went hiking to some mountains near my house. It was nothing special, but when we reached the top, we separated a bit from the others and layed on some rocks cuddling and kissing. After a bit, we all started drinking, and she couldn't even walk! Our friends were ahead of us because I had to hold her hand and we walked so slowly. We lost them and started to talk about things and eventually, she told me that she wanted to be with me forever and marry me. That night was the happiest I've been in my life. She also wanted to have sex with me but our friends were there so we didn't do anything. I lost my virginity to her the 2nd of March.
Every day has been the worst day in my life since the 19th of March, when she cheated on me with her beta orbiter.
Just a month after telling me that she wanted to marry me. Just two weeks after having sex with me. She must really love him. Much more than she ever loved me.
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She probably didn't want marry you so she bailed.
Women will always bleed you dry then leave you behind, until they hit 30.
Then they frantically searching for a guy to marry, running after that beta faggot she turned down 10 years ago.

>Best day of your life
I dont remember ever being happy.

>Worst day of your life
I've been living it for 22 years.
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Either my first realization of me being a true outcast of society and how scary it was that I would have to go out into it, or my dog of 18 years dying when I was 18.

When I realized that that scary world is a game and system that we made for ourselves and I didn't need to feel a slave to it or others, and that the real world beyond was something I fit perfectly and unmistakably into.
Well, I was 17 at the time and she was 16... It's just teenagers shit I suppose, not that important...
I dicked a friend of hers last month, but thinking that she did something like that and she's still fucking that faggot... At least I broke his nose. But I should have killed them both in the spot.
Fuck, I want to get over this shit and live my life soon.

>Capitalist system
>refuse to pay taxes
>go to jail
>refuse to go to jail
>get shot
>/pol/: "Should have paid your taxes, dumb nigger."

Socialist system:
>refuse to pay taxes
>go to jail
>refuse to go to jail
>get shot
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Summer has arrived early.
the difference is to who those taxes go to dumdum

GTFO stupid roast

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How do i swallow the heightpill? I'm 5'8.
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Why did you make the same exact thread two days in a row?
Only two days? Those are rookie numbers.
lol get over it, fagboi.
5'8" is not that bad

Shorter girls don't really care about height as long as you're slightly taller than us and you're ok with us wearing heels when needed

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What was your mom like /r9k/?

>Bipolar/Borderline Personality Disorder

Was constantly switching between sad, angry, and very occasionally totally fine and somewhat functioning. She wasn't around a lot was usually off drinking and fucking guys. Depressed really fucked up Dad took care of us.

When angry would just find one of us to beat on. 2 Oldest sisters wisely avoided home and 3rd oldest was autistic so it was always my 4th oldest sister. Would find something as small as a cup being in her room and then beat the shit out of her. Dad would protect me if she came after me. Not my sister though

5-6 times sister and dad were gone and she did it to me. Was worse that 5 minutes after she would come back crying saying she was a bad mother and you had to comfort her.

After my dad was in a car crash and put on disability pension mom had to get a part time job. Barely held one down for a little bet then they finally separated. She abandoned us with our dad who had recently undergone surgery and couldn't do much for a couple months. Found out later her plan was that she was gonna let everything go to shit with dad all fucked up then call CPS and swoop in and take custody.

She then spent a year talking shit about my dad before getting a lot better. Got with a weird cross dressing midget old guy in his late 50s. She didn't do anything anymore and I lived with my dad, but she just tries to act like nothing ever happened
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As someone who also has a Bi polar mother I have come to Wonder if there is some merit to the claim that people can be demonicly possessed.
Her behavior is so damaging, erratic, and explosive that I can't imagine what could cause a person to lash out like she does.
I wish there was a cure for this, but there isn't, medications didn't work on her.

>struggled with depression
>single mom
>always believed I would be successful in life

She passed away when I was 13, despite all the sad scenes I had to witness of my mother breaking down feeling sorry she couldn't give me a "better life" due to our money situation in my adolescence, I couldn't have asked for a more loving mother in those 13.

Part of my strong desire to overcome my inhibitions is for her sake as well.
She is supportive, yet now crippled and needs constant care. I worry for her.

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Whats the best way to kill oneself?
Everything I do ends up me hurting people or myself. If this is the life im going to have id rather not have it at all. The world is probably better off without me anyways.
I had a shitty run and I want to fucking end it. What do?
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Stick a tough belt on top of the hinge of a door, in a way where you can loop the belt around your neck, close the door, and lean diagonally (to the left) forward
I wonder how do millionaires like Robin Williams and Chris Cornell managed to kill themselves like this. Freaking millionaires do it and a loser like me doesn't have the courage to do it.
Lots of various reasons:
1. They are rich and lived a very comfortable life. Therefore they probably would have no regrets dying because they probably did whatever they wanted to do with the money they have.
2. They had something that overpowered their sense of survival/gave them courage to carry out the deed.

I'm throwing this out in the wind, but i think the reason you have not killed yourself yet is not because lack of courage but there is some things you still want to do?

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If you had sex with a woman without money directly exchaning hands for the service you're a normie.

If you are able to get a normal female to have sex with you, you don't belong here.

Normalfags please refrain from posting in this thread.
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What if she was a bigger loser than me?

It's impossible for a female to be a bigger loser than a robot, therefore you would still be a normie.
What if a third person paid me to have sex with a her?

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The world's greatest detective. Sherlock who? Batman who?
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Fuck you conniefag
show some respect adam west just died
>adam west just died

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Anyone else gotten to the point that anime girls are the only girls you find attractive and if a real girl wanted to have sex with you at this point you just wouldn't care or even want to?

Whenever I go outside now and I see some objectively pretty girls with their ass or cleavage hanging out, I just don't care anymore. It does nothing for me anymore, have I broken myself?
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yep this is normal here
Anime has ruined my standards. Real women just can't compete anymore.
You're masturbating too much

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It's the end of my last high school year. Going to have exams by the end of this month.
Lately I've been talking a lot with a classmate of mine. We often smile at each other during class and such. (I'll call her C from now on)
We talked about our interests and things like that (she's got like fucking none, since she's a complete normie) and I told her I'm studying japanese, and after a brief explanation of how the language works C asks me to write her name in japanese.
Later on that day another classmate of mine contacts me and asks me if she can give my number to C. Surprised, I say yes.
C then contacts me and we talk about this and that (pretty surprised by the fact that I've been able to talk normally to her without being autistic btw) and then she says me she's going to get a tattoo of her name in japanese. We keep talking until we both go to bed. She keeps on writing me messages and stuff like that since then.

Now, what the fuck should I do? I don't particularly like her or anything. She's short, 7/10 face, not bad tiddies. Too bad she's got like no ass. And even though she's gentle with me, I don't like her personality at all.

At this pace, we're probably going to arrive at THAT point. What should I do?
If I say no, will I regret it in the future?

I'm virgin btw. Never had a girlfriend because my personality standards are high as fuck, and because I'm too beta to try to hit on anyone. I want a qt gf who likes Japan like me, and shares same music interests as me.
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if this is bait fuck you

if this is not bait i would say go for it
as you said yourself she is 7/10 so she got potential
you could try to influnce her to like japanse and all that weeaboo shit

but from my experience when you will turn her down if you turn her down you will get a crush on her for no apparent reason
"the omg she really liked me " crush and you wont be able to get rid of that

so i would say go for it you might actually get some V and if it doesnt work out oh well you got your first experience
good for you..See how far you can take this. As for the tattoo thats kind of strange, if not, it's a little much.
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>If I say no, will I regret it in the future?
Yes, in particular if in the near future new opportunities won't happen for you.
And if you are here on /r9k/ complaining because you don't have a gf and when a girl appears in your life you reject her, then fuck off. It's like you are taking joke of us, please consider killing yourself like a real Japanese would do

How do you guys feel about long distance relationships? Terrible idea? Better than being totally lonely?

Can we even consider them to be valid relationships?
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If you can feasible meet at least sometimes per year it is doable but rough.
I had one for 2 years got cheated on dont go there (i did visit her alot though but it was still long distance)
How was she? Did she seem to take the relationship very seriously at all?

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You have three (3) seconds to say something nice about my oneitis. Go.
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It would take some time for her to die of malnutrition.
it's impressive she was able to fit that much of her body into the photo
she looks like a very big girl

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How do I stop my little sister from becoming a fembot?

She's 14, just going into high school, and has no friends. She just spends all day talking to random people on discord. I'm getting concerned for her.
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only virgins can be robots
you know what you must do
Be her friend. Don't treat her like a sister, treat her like a girl. Spend time with her doing what she wants to do.
And make sure she isn't sending nudes
no she's not she has normiecord and chats with people so she's far away from being a robot

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>Want to buy a video game.
>Get $5 worth of BitCoin
>Wait overnight for the price to go up $100
>Buy a $60 Amazon gift card
BitCoin prints money for NEETs. How come you're not doing it yet?
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Because I'm too autistic to know how to buy it
Don't have a bank account
Only have $2.50 to my name
Am probably wasting that on soda later today.

Bitcoin chads need to fuck off. They aren't robots, they're cyborgs with fat stacks. I'd be rich now if I would've bought when I wanted to a few years ago when silkroad got shut down, but if you have enough money sitting around to "invest", you have life on ezmode and aren't a true robot.
Put in your area (America I assume) and how you want to pay for it.
It's SUPER easy especially for Americans.
It's at an alltime high right now
Should I invest my $2.50 now, or wait until it goes down?

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