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>we're halfway through 2017
>2012 was five years ago
the years pass by and i have yet to accomplish anything
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meh, I've done nothing since finishing hs in 2002.
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were closer to 2030 than 2000

also this is an original comment desu
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>Realizing it will only get worse with time
>Realizing that you can never stop time
>Realizing that kids born in 1999 can now post here
>Realizing kids who were born the same day as 4chan will soon be able to post on 4chan... legally
So robots, how do you suppose we kill time

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Post recent accomplishments and good feels!
>Finally stopped watching porn
>acne clearing up
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Fell in love with a female orbiter because she stopped being awkward
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>Got a job
>Recognized I suck at talking to people and this is one of the integral things to getting a gf but oh well
>passed falconry exam
>passed hunter's safety
>got bf
>bought truck

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You're all a bunch of pussies happy with your weaknesses. You could do anything.
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Except I actually couldn't because I don't have the money to.
How is life in the upper middle class OP, you cum gargling faggot?
But I do the thing I want to, which is nothing.
tf is that shit ? You got it in heigh res ?

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a fellow cyborg invited me to his house and i am going to inject my first marijuanas. what am i in for?

also, how long will this be detectable in tests? i work for the govt and have a drug test in 2 months
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>a fellow cyborg invited me to his house and i am going to inject my first marijuanas. what am i in for?
Good times.

>also, how long will this be detectable in tests? i work for the govt and have a drug test in 2 months
Depends on your metabolism. The cannabinoids they test for stick to your fat cells, if you're 600lbs and sit in a chair all fucking day long remaining at the same weight, you might trigger some warnings after a month, but any normal person should be good to go after two weeks. Please do note, that with continued use, it stays in your system longer. It can stay in your system for upwards to three months. Don't make a habit out of it, or find yourself a new job.
thank you very much anon. i am 160lbs and i am also a /fit/izen so i gym regularly. i dont think i will be doing it more than once or twice because i dont really like to go to other peoples houses but i figured i should try everything once. i think i will be ok.

should i cut my hair though? i dont know if im getting memed but i heard sometimes they cut a strand of your hair and test that for weed
Unless you work for NASA no, they're not going to test your hair.
Also you're good with smoking it right now. You've got plenty of time to work the thc out just don't make a habit of smoking until you better understand when you can pass the tests. If you're still worried when it comes to the test date just drink a lot of water to dilute your piss. Idk if they can tell it's diluted but you can always just say "I had to make sure I could piss so I drank a lot of water"

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God damn it I wish I wasn't born white so I could have a full head of hair and do cool emo hairstyles
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Dude just put yourself in the oven and make yourself crisp black.
he's like 5 feet anon, you're better tall and white
Yeah but he's attractive

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I physically CANNOT pee if there are other people in the bathroom. This started happening a year ago. Is there something wrong with me? Do other people have this problem?
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I was the same way until I joined the military, then i realized no one really gives a fuck and everyone is in the bathroom for the same reason so I stopped being embarrassed
I don't think it's bc I'm embarrassed, but it just won't come out
It is embarrassment that's the only reason why its happening

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Cyborg here. Do i break up with my gf(semi stacy-ugly and depressed but all other atributes stacy like)? She blamed me of cheating with a girl i barely know and went out 2 times all the time with friends there...
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Yes, my guy. Shes gonna bring you down with her
The thing is we are in the same group of friends and shit like that....
Get the fuck of r9k you normie faghot

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>only a week left until Uni starts
>studying CS and I hate it because I suck at math and have zero motivation to learn anything because of my depression
first semester is going to be a breeze but I have a 6 month internship coming up which means I'll probably be spending entire first semester looking for an intern spot and hoping some faggot picks me in his shitty company
doesn't help that I can't code for shit and I'll need to interact with people
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Location? Orfjdjskfhjd
Attach dick pics to internship applications
If I drop out I'll probably work in retail or McDonalds for the rest of my life

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>have a job orientation today
been NEET for 4 years, help how do i hide my autism
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orientation means youre already hired?
who cares then. you dont have to hide anything.

breathing exercise, jog on your stairs to burn up some adrenaline before you get a shower
It depends on the job.
If it's a shitty minimum wage job chances are everyone there is either a loser or a student.
If it's minimum wage, don't take it too serious laugh off any "mean" comments unless they're criticism, try and establish a rapport as soon as possible.

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>woke up two hours ago
>1130 calories in already
>still hungry
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Eat less and adapt
It's called eat better fat ass. Meat, eggs, vegetables, healthy fats. None of that junk food. You only have yourself to blame, fucking kill yourself.
Eat less high calorie foods and more foods that are filling but low calorie
Also take being hungry as an a sign of accomplishment, hungry = not eating = no consuming calories = losing weight

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>first day of university
>it's just high school outside
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join some clubs nigga, there's bound to be a society no matter how obscure
hell my university has a my little pony and hentai society (even if that not what it's called)
That's the reality. If i'm frank with you, it's even worse than HS because people are even more segregated than in school. If there are people who known each other before uni, it's a big chance that they'll stick together and form their own circle. I'm not even counting groupmates who dont live on campus because chances are they're not going to mingle with other groupmates due to having friends before uni. Honestly, i recommend getting known with neighbors.
>my little pony society
Just why?
I'm an /mlp/fag and even I have the decency to keep that shit to the internet and in private.

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Introvert here. Why do extroverts hate silence is because they realize how there life is going when in silence.
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This introvert/extrovert bullshit is a stupid meme
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It can't be everyone knows that retard that can't keep his obnoxious mouth shut. Anyway shut up intp
>It can't be everyone knows that retard that can't keep his obnoxious mouth shut.

What are you even saying here?

Anyway I'm firmly conviced that the introvert/extrovert is a bunch of pseudo-science. It's fucking stupid to categorise individuals into this binary framework of being either ultra social and gregarious or an avoidant shut in.

Real life isn't like that. People are complex and display both introverted and extroverted traits. And I think most people seem to be pretty fucking similar in how they interact with strangers/friends.

A video with 500k views full of "introverts" lamenting over how different they are from the general population is pretty fucking suspicious to me. Me thinks psychologist are trying to make you feel special in order to make a quick buck. The idea that you can gain or lose "energy" from interacting with humans based on your brain chemistry (genetic lottery) is fucking insane to me. Ever stop to think that you enjoy interacting with good people and loathe talking to wankers? I have a feeling that most self-described introverts either have no decent friends or are complete peices of shits themselves

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Has anyone noticed that rappers kinda have it more together than anybody sometimes

>snoop dogg
>married to same girl he's been dating since high school
>he's 50
>still not fat or bald like most people his age
>rich as fuck
>he gets to be high all day smoking blunts
>makes pretty good music for back in his day
>probably owns a yacht and lives in la in a big ass house in the hills
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Wasn't he also a pimp and drug dealer, and one of his hobbies being porn producer? Sure he's successful, but he's also got virtually no morals or scruples.
That was back in the day when Snoop was crippin
>having it together
You do realize most rappers are in a shit ton of debt right? Hell even big name rappers admit it.

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Did you ever try to explain your personal view on relationships, trust, women and the non-existent loyalty of the modern western cunt, to someone who has normal (by society standards) perceptions on said things?

I did, yesterday, and got the weirdest looks.
Won't ever try again.
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>explain your personal view

why? what's the point?
I don't know. I just had the feeling there was need for explaination, because my interlocutor looked questioned.
You know they don't actually give a shit, right? Normalfags are sociopathic..

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>You are not balding!
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Stop opening threads everyday.
Either shave or kys.
It's that easy.
"Champ, no one will hire you if you shave your head; it looks unprofessional and, not to mention, grotesque. All you've gotta do is style it and comb it over to the side. Ladies love that. Hell, they'll practically be chasing you. Besides, some hair is better than none!"
this is it brehs...

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