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>at pub with friend and 2 qt girls came up, sat with us, and talked to us

Feels good man. Nothing happened , but this is a huge achievement for me. I wish I Got the girl who was talking to me number, but that's ok. Improving everyday guys :)
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Good going man. Keep at it. Each time a bit more.
Is this something common that females do at bars.

I used to be a bar tender

they were hoping for free drinks, they have little competions with each other also who can get what they want or both have a set goal and work together to get the free drinks.

I hoe you didn't buy them drinks

I just want to talk to a real fembot
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& stick my penis in her vagina
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Why not settle for a robot pretending to be one, desu?
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we all know that feel my dude
Satan get out

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Are there anz real robots left on this board ?
you need to have one of those to consider yourself a robot:
-bipolar disorder

also if you ever had real conversation with women you are not a robot

Pic unrelated
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German keyboard detected.
Here I am m8

Share your stories, robots. I'm in the process of deciding right now. It's either that or diving into alcohol
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*waites for the stories*
Love is good but I can't find anyone to give me some ;_;
Honestly, whenever I tried loving, it just ended up fucking me in the ass
>start pimping a 6/10
>she is legit a freak
>likes sex more than anyone i know
>talk to her, go on dates, typical shit
>tells me she loves me
>tell her I love her, too
>find out tomorrow that during all this time she sent nudes to someone else, while being all like "I want you to come over and fuck me" when it's impossible for me to come
>she sent nudes to someone else
>never was even asked about nudes nor did she want to ever send them
>confront her about it
>"whatever, i don't need you anyways"

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>pseudo gf texts me
>we text for a few days
>start making arrangements to go out
>falls through
>don't talk to each other for a couple months
>rinse and repeat

Just end it already
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>pseudo gf

You have not experienced this. It sucks harder to have a not-really-gf but not-really-not-gf either, than it does to definitely not have a gf. False hope hurts worse than no hope.
Lol shut the fuck up man you don't know what you're talking about.

Are lesbots submissive or dominant?
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Austria-chan is submissive as far as I know.
most lesbots i've spoken to lean submissive. of course we lesbians are typically pretty subby

>tfw no bully gf who will step on me and call me a gross little piggy
Not a grill but i can abuse you and call you little piggy.
Now squeal for me!

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best streamers thread
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are those pics of him buff real? what the fuck happened?
Idk he stopped going to the gym but he's still fit af
Ice posiedon is a limpy loser

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Where is the clitoris located?
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Inside the butt, 6cm from the entrance
It's not visible on that picture. It's higher up on the body.
I think its the lumpy thing there in the middle.
You're supposed to be able to tell by touching.

I hope you aren't a girl trying to laugh at virgins.

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pretty good.jpg
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>live my entire life thinking my dick is below average or even small at times
>find out it's actually exactly on the mark of average today
Have you recently found anything out that was actually better than you thought, /r9k/?
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Yeah man,put your dick through a toilet roll and if you hit the other end youre good to go
Same as you OP, except I always thought my dick was average until I found out it's actually larger than average.
It would be big enough if it was larger than my insecurities

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What the fuck is this? Why the fuck is this?
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Interesting how much happened in the first minutes, in general the universe still seems pretty young

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>discover a new song that I really really like
>listen to it 30 times in a row until I don't like it anymore
Is this autism?
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I do the same except I also do it for albums and it usually lasts a few days until I don't like it anymore
Had the same happen to me and now I only sometimes listen to my all-time favourite song.
i do the same thing except i start liking it again like a month later
if you have enough songs, u can do this over and over again

Have you ever felt sad or even wanted to cry when you saw a cutr and happy couple outside on the street, a store, college or even a restaurant?.
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yeah, almost all the time
>Be me when I was 15. Wasting away another summer. Decide to walk dog. See blissfull beaner teenage couple cloud gazing. Talking about life and shit. Walk faster knowing I would miss out on teenage love. Come home to Chad and Brad brother who are tired of their little bro straying far from their caring advice of how to not to be a loser.

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Sawao_0140 3 33.jpg
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Fapfictions featuring Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3

Check them out please:



You can post a review without an account necessary so I'd appreciate it if you did so.
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bump scrump lumpa wumpa stumpa


Fapfictions featuring Rhonda from Hey Arnold

Check them out:

>Rhonda needs money and has to work as a street walker to help her family (Make sure to leave a review if you want to see a chapter 3)


>Rhonda and her boytoy force Phoebe into a threesome


You can post anonymous reviews without an account needed so please do so. Me and my coauthor would appreciate it:


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bumpa scrumpa lumpa wumpa stumpa


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