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>discover an friend online is suicidal
>try and help
>talk non-stop for 18 hours
Does anyone here have any experience offering help to others online? I'm really scared he's going to hurt himself and I don't know what to do anymore
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If he wanted to kill himself even though you existed, you must have not offered him that much happiness. He probably was just putting on a shell while trying to be friendly.
I don't care what he thinks about me. I would prefer not letting a person die whether or not he was pretending to be friendly
Life is a circle
Wait for your next round and try better that time

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Is it true that women get much better orgasms with a big dick/dildo.

I have heard some stories where the wife gets her first dildo and she gets the most intense orgasm of her life because of the size.

What experiences have you made?
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That's horseshit. There's a dozen more important factors.
No women get off of clit stimulation since it's basically an undeveloped penis.
Yes, it is true. I have a big dick and everytime I have fucked a girl they start cumming almost immediately.

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Why did you squander your potential in school, robots?

You and I could have been so much more if we actually cared about getting more than just a passing grade on an assignment or test, but all we wanted to focus on were our toys and games and just end up being a C-average student.

We could be out there making a better living where we could own even more toys and games...


We've been out of school for 5, 10, 20 years and only making less than $50k or feeding off someone else's income. We could have been SO MUCH MORE!
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>implying a C average isn't normal as fuck

I had a delicate balancing act between failing half my classes up until dropping out entirely. People who fuck up college seem to think they have it rough.
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W...What are you saying...? It's not too late...I can still turn things around...
The depression meme friend. I did get good grades, my entire schooling, I just didn't care / never cared for my future and still don't.

I have no drive or ambition, no motivation. I use to think I was somewhat intelligent and now I just feel like an utter retard.

I just want to die.

>Dad is blatantly unattractive. Has conventionally unattractive features ( wide nose, protruding ears, high hairline, male pattern baldness while in early 20s.)
>was made fun of in school because of his looks so much he was suicidal.
>has children
>makes me ugly.
>ruins my life.
>doesn't even say sorry.
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Quit whining, you little cunt.
>muh dad ruined my life because he doesn't look good
Are you some kind of bitch?
>ugly dad
>that dad still gets laid

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KEKISTAN Cringe Thread

It's that time again, Robots.
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No matter what ideals anyone has,they are just as human as you are human. You shouldn't berate and make fun of people just because they have a different set of ideals than you. They just want to live as peacefully and fullfiled as you do.
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Stop being a fag OP
Are these people self aware?

Femmeboat here


itt we are femmeboats, but only if we prove it through vocaroos.

remember that light voice = tryhard = poser = fake femmeboat fat male larper

light voiced individuals can't be femmeboats
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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ......hahaha haha haha haha haha. ........hahaha.. you sound like a proper wrong Un! "I'm femmeboat, I'm Female" ...but I take steroids and want to cut my tits off
There's a point where you may be contemplating suicide.. my advice.. do it!

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For curiosity's sake, who is the fattest person on this board? If you think it's you, how much do you weigh?
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I weigh 240 lbs. I win
260 lbs. I want to eat that guy. Thank god you can't eat a cartoon. Yet.
But Kingpin was built like a truck, most of his 'fat' was actually muscle.

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Why do young women work shitty jobs instead of being fully clothed camwhores? Do they just not know that's an option?
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That is like saying why don't neets just go gay for pay.
Because they're vapid cretins.

faulty analogy
Not really sucking dick for money is the easiest way to make money and takes less time. You could probably make a 1 gay porn a month and have enough money to pay for everything you need.

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ITT post people who did nothing wrong
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>being sent to prison because he is sexually attracted to the sexiest age demographic on the planet

I want off this damn planet. Shit is gay.
I want to say he did something wrong. I also want to yell at the people who take advantage of young girls, but at the same time I remember what I wanted when I was 14. I was willing to fuck older men.
What he did wrong was go after dumbass fans who would tell on him.

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What would you do if the only girl willing to love you was a whore?
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if she was MY whore? awesome. she's fucking anybody else? eh, who cares, carry on as normal
That is like a 100% increase of girls who would ever love me. Not to mention if she is a whore she is probably attractive.
i wouldn't care, i wouldn't love her either. i don't long for love, idk if i'm able to be interested in other people. i'll just fuck her and let her do whatever she wants, be it fucking other guy or anything.

>wow anon your ugly face really made Stacy upset
>you should apologize or we'll ask Chad to kick your ass
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*Gets down on knees and kisses Stacy's foot*
Sorry for being so ugly my Queen.
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>tfw i was powerless in highschool to chad's and stacies
>mfw if it happened today i would probably poison/stab someone
This is what got me into MMA/boxing in HS. I hoped one of those faggots started something. But I was the quiet weirdo that kids just made fun off.

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Gonna make a shrine to St. Elliot, lads.

Think I can locate a piece of the BMW? Ideally, I'd use his coffee cup, but there's no way in hell I'll be able to find that.
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His BMW was sold off an auction like a year ago.
Shrines are meaningless chaddery. The true spirit of Elliot lives in your heart, and in your manifesto. The blood of normies is the only true sacrifice unto our lord.
You sound like an Elliot protestant to OP's Elliot Catholic

I have an honest question. What are women really like?

I ask this, because obviously my own interactions are limited to family. I don't even have regular friends.

Regardless, I see all these movies, books, and even paintings and shit that show women to be loving things and that can actually feel love. I know biologically I am predisposed to be attracted to them, but is that really all that drove all those men throughout history to paint women in a positive light?

I've read some of the horror stories here and elsewhere, plus have seen what women have done to my dad so I guess I'm biased, or am I seeing the real thing?

Personal experiences, explanations, or thoughts would be appreciated.
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Women are exactly like men, except they have a vagina, and this will color most of your interactions with them. You will only focus on what is different (vagina) and assume that this is all they are.
Are they actually the same, though? It's a given there are physical differences, so is it impossible that they have mental differences to match?
You will find mental differences between any given man and any given women, but the differences between are not greater than the differences between any two men or any two women. It's useless to claim that there are vast differences between men and women mentally and then apply that bias to the people you meet, because there will be individual differences for every person you meet. Are you mentally the same as your male friends? No, but you might have similarities. Assume the same is true for women.

>tfw cum can is starting to stink up my room
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Pour some out in the sink
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What's the problem, just spray some deodorant and you'll be good.
desu I just eat my own cum every time. tastes good man

Why do Western men spend so much time being validated by women? Non-Western men don't do this.
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There's nothing else to do, really. You can't fight, hunt, build things, explore, or struggle in most western, first world countries without a shitload of baggage and paperwork. What else is there to do in order to express your masculinity besides prove to other men that you can get lots of pussy and brag about it on Facebook?
Cultural Marxism in the west

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