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HELP ME /r9k/ how the fuck am i supposed to embrace adult isolated neet life if i have no one to provide me with money? Is applying for some autismbux in Canada or some other rich western country the only way to do that or am i missing something?
I just want a humble life with something to eat and electricity

Tell me how do you get your funds robot bros and help a fellow aspiring neet that seeks to prolong his non existence
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I get NEETbux for being borderline having anxiety and one of my organs is fucked. I'm pretty sure getting NEETbux is the only way to live that way.
wondering the same. i can only take advantage of parents for so long

i need to start selling drugs


i'm textbook borderline with anxiety and binge eating disorder thrown in the mix but i don't have the money for a therapist and don't have insurance so society just assumes i'm a normie who doesn't deserve any kind of help
Get a job you fucking degenerate.

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>Dota 2 will require a phone number to play ranked
>don't want to give those Jews my phonenumber
>not going to pay (((them))) for a new SIM.
>"Get out normalfag"
I mute everyone at the beginning of the game and go afk in the jungle
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this is an extremely delusional, irrational, and psychotic post
>this is an extremely delusional
how so?
First of all:

Kys for playing such a shitty genre

Second of all:

Valve is too big of a company to give a shit about your phone number

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I've got another confession to make
I'm your fool
Everyone's got their chains to break
Holdin' you

Were you born to resist or be abused?
Is someone getting the best the best, the best, the best, the best, the best, THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THEBESTTHEBESTTHEBESTTHEBESTTHEBESTTHEBESTTHEBEST of you?
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The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.

huh this comment was not original

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if she tells you "you're a nice person", you just got friendzoned right?
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Depends on body language.

Or was this online?
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no, she thinks you are gay
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or that. definitely that. she called me gay. that fcking bitch i swear to God. Go suck a chad's big fat cock you whore

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Tumblr logic: Christians are crazy for believing in God. However believing you're a transexual badger trapped in a human body is awesome and if you disagree you're an oppressive shitlord.
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yes. that's how stupid believing in god is.
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>christians are crazy for believing in God
>it's okay for Muslims to kill people for Allah.
I kekd originally

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hey guys i'm back. join my discord server bls uwu kym8U
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If you're nice please join our server desu. This is for nice relaxing convos, funposting, cuteposting & chill.


If you're a meanie do not join pls.
what about if I'm into throat fucking?
It's fine just talk about it somewhere else desu.

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You don't go outside looking like a virgin, do you?
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lmfao always cringe seeing dudes dressed like this irl
what is the problem?

pants too short

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I love Hawaii pizzas and actively encourage my fellow humans in consuming them.
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The sweetness of pineapple is the perfect complimentary taste to the robust taste of tomato sauce and the ham adds substance without an over powering taste. Hawaiian pizzas are the patrician pizza
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>hawaiian pizza is one of my favorite kinds
i encourage the consumption of hawaiian pizza as well op. The perfect combination of pineapple, Canadian bacon and cheese on a crispy crust is too good to pass up. if you want even more enjoyment add a little ranch or parmesan cheese to it
Blue cheese makes the perfect anti-normie pizza

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In this thread I will narrate the life of Christopher McCandless from his birth until his death at the age of 24. I intend to cover:

>his childhood
>his relationship with his family
>his influences and ideology
>his experiences travelling the United States
>his journey to Alaska and experience in the wilderness

If this thread interests you please bump to keep it alive.
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Please, don't waste your time
what were his views on the vapid rat race that is society
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On McCandless's academic ability as a child

>"In the third grade, after receiving a high score on a standardized achievement test, Chris was placed in an accelerated program for gifted students. "He wasn't happy about it," Billie remembers, "because it meant he had to do extra schoolwork. So he spent a week trying to get himself out of the program. This little boy attempted to convince the teacher, the principal-anybody who would listen-that the test results were in error, that he really didn't belong there. We learned about it at the first PTA meeting. His teacher pulled us aside and told us that 'Chris marches to a different drummer.' She just shook her head.""


On McCandless's personality as a child

>""Even when we were little," says Carine, who was born three years after Chris, "he was very to himself. He wasn't antisocial- he always had friends, and everybody liked him-but he could go off and entertain himself for hours. He didn't seem to need toys or friends. He could be alone without being lonely.""


On McCandless's pet dog

>"When Chris was twelve, Walt and Billie bought Carine a puppy, a Shetland sheepdog named Buckley, and Chris fell into the habit of taking the pet with him on his daily training runs. "Buckley was supposedly my dog," says Carine, "but he and Chris became inseparable. Buck was fast, and he'd always beat Chris home when they went running. I remember Chris was so excited the first time he made it home before Buckley. He went tearing all over the house yelling 'I beat Buck! I beat Buck!'""


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what is your weather like?

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it's not sleeting anywhere in the world right now
46 fahrenheit
alternating between rainy and drizzly
>sunny, 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit
too bad i rarely go outside

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>Rich as fuck NFL player
>Mansion all the cars he could want
>Tall and ripped
>Hot gf, probably many more
>Perfect life
>Threw it all away doing gangbanger shit
>Got life in prison
>Realized he would never touch a woman ever again
>Hanged himself
Well RIP I guess.
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>>Hanged himself
Hung himself
File: IMG_0199.jpg (36KB, 508x524px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>hung himself
Hanged himself
File: hwoarang-t4-hd.jpg (62KB, 1000x870px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Hanged himself

Hwoarang himself

Why don't you just get an Asian gf, anon?
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Because they are ugly and manipulative as fuck
I live in a dorm and there are plenty of asian girls here. Trust me, not a single one looks anything close to the pic.

because they're more likely to look like this.

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Be me

on daytime
>have friends

Go home
>lurk r9k
>fap to traps
>creates women hate threads

Who else /normiefacade/?
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ur living the dream fama-lamb
Which one is the facade.
shiet nigguh

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Ever lusted over an older girl when you were a kid?
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Yes many of times. My teachers, ladies at stores, my mother etc.
A couple teachers, celebrities, friends of my mother and the like. These days I even have a fetish for mature women.
I've always lusted for women ten years oler than my age

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Why do most women disqualify short men automatically?
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natural reaction to inferior men. cant blame them.

but the funny thing is women of all sizes want above average height partners but that eventually leads to creation of average male.

short women dislike short men but they still contribute to creation of short men which they dont like.

Women carry the short gene too, but its always the short mens fault for creating them.

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