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As a drepperessed NEET mentally ill tranny how do I find a significant other who won't mind a girl (boy), I've been rejected by gay men becouse they don't want someone who looks and acts female. Would straight guys like me?

I've already tried killing myself it didn't work so don't suggest it I'm too lazy to try again.
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Why not go for other FtMs? Transbianism is all the rage nowadays.
Idk I'm 5'10 and most ftms are 5'4 around that area, is want someone atleast 5'8 or else it gets weird
Go for another MTF neet, transbianism is really popular.

If you're any decent looking at all, just get a "daddy" on /r9k/ or /soc/ and cruise on easymode forever.

Why are people anti-government? The government, imperfect as it is, provides protection, guarantees, rights etc. There will always be an order, so it is ironic that people want less order.

Don't forget, we are all government. The power of the government stems from the massess of people that work for it, not from the existence of the few people at the top.
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>Don't forget, we are all government. The power of the government stems from the massess of people that work for it, not from the existence of the few people at the top.

right so we don't really need them much at all
cut the government by 90%
the government is IMPERFECT, you said it-I am a perfect individual.
It's the organizational structure that forms those masses into something useful, you moron. It also provides standards so you won't get fucking poisoned by your damn groceries.

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Would a loli fetish turn off potential gfs? How much of a red flag is it?
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>Would a loli fetish turn off potential gfs?
>How much of a red flag is it?
are you kidding?
>are you kidding?
What if I don't even watch normal anime though? I know normies think anime is for losers which is fine because I don't even like it
Would a potential girlfriend care that you fap to prepubescent cartoon girls. Yeah, probably

>tfw no twin
imagine how safe you would feel together
you would have a best friend always
you would never feel alone in your entire life
that bond of them being in the moms womb together.
pissing, shitting on each other. possibly fucking

twins got it made bro
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That's great and all, but imagine the loss one feels when a twin brother or sister dies.
I have a twin sister. She's genuinely my other half. I don't feel like the same person when she isn't around. We also sleep with each other sometimes and cuddle a lot. We rely on each other for physical affection because we're both bad at getting in relationships. I doubt an actual girlfriend would provide me with the emotional connection I have with my sister anyways. I'm starting to consider just living with her for the rest of my life.

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Stimulants are ruining my life and I can't stop taking them because I got them young from a doctor and got addicted to them and I still get them for free all the time.

It's fucking hard. Every time I do it I fap like crazy and ivhave weird fetishes that I only like on this drug. I used to be normal but this ruined my life.

Ever since I got this fetish I fsp to it for hours straight on speed all the time. It made my hair fall out, I'm going crazy, I have severe anxiety, I gained weight, I can't talk to anyone, my body smells and feels like shit all the time.

All I want is to stop but how. It's so fucking addictive and I get it for free. I'm just scared the only thing that takes my mind off it is weed but it's so fucking expensive.
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I do this with adderall, I take my month's script in 7 days every month, do nothing but fap for that week then crash for a week then spend 2 weeks normal

every month for years
Do you have a fetish on them? Also I used to sell them and it scares the shit out of me and whenever I did them I would freak out about losing money so I would get ten times more anxious doing them which made all of it worse.

Do you ever think of cancelling the script? I want to go throw mine out in the woods and go to my doctor and never look back. I probably need Xanax for all this anxiety now. Herewegoagain.jpg
>Do you have a fetish on them?
I watch more fucked up porn on them.

>Do you ever think of cancelling the script?
yes but I never do,

Don't get on xanax, it's just as bad and addictive but in a different way

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'Cause I am lost for words, the cost for her
Was way to much to bear
You're not perfect but I don't care

This is the way that I know
This is the way that I know
I would give everything for some hope

Are you different?
Could I be different too?
Nobody knows you
Nobody knows you like I do

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this song makes me feel like no other


just rest your head back and go for a ride
Right now I got these gems for my eternal depression:


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How many of you robots use tinder?
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That's a no go zone, only Chads & Brads can enter and be successful. Also you NEED a FB, so it's also a basic normals thing we botS may not enter
I bet you use it anyway
I use it. Actually meeting up with one of my maches later today, wish me luck.

Took a break from this board to try and work on myself. After spending a couple of months doing self discovery bullshit and focusing on self improvement I still cant understand what I am doing wrong in life and why literally no nice girl will like me. How're you guys doing? Been a long time since Ive been on this board. What have I missed?
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Only just came back myself after a few years off
Same deal as you though. Left, attempted improvement, failed, back at square 1.
How did you attempt self improvement? Seriously feels bad when you think you've made change only to find out all the work was for nothing.
moved out, got a job, tried the normie lifestyle, made a few friends.
I wouldn't have minded so much if I were younger, but I'm 28, and I fell like its too late to be starting again from the beginning.

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Feel free to leave a feel friend. Been sitting here, waiting for the Barkeep. Luckily the Government keeps this place open as a heritage site.

>Be me
>Almost 23
>Watching the night sky on the walk home from one of the shittiest jobs on the planet. (Good coworkers though so I don't quit)
>Want to move out
>Too busy drowning my days with weed to care
>Too busy with work to be around friends. (I literally get 1 day off a week now)
>Been a while since I actually had a conversation with my friends
>One of my friends I smoke weed with, so I get plenty of time to hang with him
>Mostly just reruns and him talking while I pretend to hear him. I usually get too baked and focused on the metaphysical
>Can't tell if depressed, suicidal, or something else
>I wish the end would come and the angels would whisk me away
>I don't want to suicide, I enjoy life
>Contradiction I know, it literally hurts my head A LOT somedays
>Very, very alone right now. I've got my bro, and he's great. But I haven't had even a hug in so long, I can't recall the warmth one feels in their chest
>I tried meditating, many, many, many people have done the same thing and gotten real results
>I've only gotten lucky while doing drugs and focusing for that slight buzz you feel in the head
>This is a long post

I'll be baked, but lets see if I can respond properly.
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You know /r9k/ has gone to shit, when threads like this don't get any replies.
Yeah I'm in a pretty shitty state as well, unrequited love with someone who's very affectionate, I only fall for him more and more.
Other than that it's the anxiety of life, I like to see every day as a struggle and the only reason I keep going is so I can enjoy my school life while I'm still living life on easy mode. I'll be dead in a few years.

But it's all good, I think I can live with this, for now.
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I'm 23 years old and I don't know what to do with my life. My resources to maintain my shut-in lifestyle are beginning to dry up, and I have no idea on what I want to do with my life. I want to find a career, but I'm lost. My therapist is shit, he won't help me figure things out, but just rambles on about crap.

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who /biggerthananigger/ here?
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Lol average 5 inch dick.. that angle though
u dumbass, u left no control

wtf it's over twice as long as his head
how is this even possible

>Put your hand flat on the desk.
>Lift up your fingers
>post results

Just wondering if I'm a freak
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Not gonna post a photo because I'm lazy, but my fingers make like a 50 degree angle with the desk.
Yours seems normal.
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ouki douki
Dude, why do your hands look so girly?

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confus lood.jpg
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No really, I'm not trans, I don't have a fetish for dickgirls, and idgaf normally if someone is trans or not, but like half my social group is trans
Why is that do they all congregate here or do I have some kind of magnetism
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Anon, you need to chop off your testicles.
How do you make trans friends anon? Where do you go? I'm trans and I honestly want to know some other trannies.
The tranny meme is 21st century mass hysteria. It's an epidemic.

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Does anyone else get the sudden violent tendencies?

>go to get some groceries at the store
>see a group of middleschool girls
>they are laughing and screaming
>meanwhile life is punching me everyday
>suddenly see myself in third person
>beat the shit out of them
>nobody stops me
>come back to life
>they are looking at me like a creep
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should have done it.

yea, very often, like a shock that courses through my body and creates energy that must be spent on some kind of physical outburst
Nah but I'll just feel these pits open up in my heart that drive me to tears sometimes.

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SOMEBODY (female) IN VANCOUVER TAKE MY VIRGINITY ALREADY!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Here's your (You)
How old are you, van cuck?
about to hit the big two zero
What a sIut

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>visit /gif/
>some autist randomly posts CP gifs
>accidentally view one before it's deleted
>cum within seconds

I feel like my brain has been damaged. I'm not even kidding
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i thought they were pretty on top of CP these days
i haven't seen it posted since I used to browse /b/, and that was a long time ago
>is a pedo
There's nothing surprising here

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