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fellow robots, is he /ourguy/?
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Jesus i hope not
>Had sex.

No, definetly not.
Eh, not really. This character has a bunch of characteristics borrowed from other, more robot-like characters from other movies, but the writers decided to make Elliott appeal to the normalfags, and as a result he's more of a cyborg than a robot.

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i'm in the market for a new phone, i want to buy something older so i can get a good deal. bought a sony xperia z1 compact and have to return it because the hardware isn't compatible with the new android system. anyone have something like an xperia z2 or something from like 2014 that still works? (no iphone)
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i have the galaxy s4, it could work better but it works. Has a bit of stuttering from time to time but its not bad of a phone desu
What does your gs4 stutter on? About the only thing mine doesn't like is playing fate go or hearthstone.
just get a two year contract you're only paying an extra 10 dollars a month most companies also you'll get a warrenty which you don't pay much for. On top of this it will build your credit score since cellphones are really easy to get with no credit as long as you pay a deposit which you will get credited to your account usually.

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I wanna hold you high and steal your pain
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The cure pornography is incredibly unerotic. Pretty sure one of the songs is about hoe awful it is to lose your virginity
So you saw this on /mu/ 30 minutes ago and decided to post it here?
>fucking to a death grips album
very interesting

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How do we stop the epidemic of roasties lusting after black guys and BBC?

Do black guys really have bigger dicks on average?

I remember seeing some study that said that they found black guys dicks were on average 1 inch bigger.

How do we get Stacys to start valuing stability and commitment in men over how much sexual pleasure their man gives them.

>Also this is all muh women's sexual liberation fault I believe.
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>when not even hooker want to deal with niggers

it's like (((someone))) is pushing an agenda. i wonder who would it be?
Why stop it, its natural that women want higher status men

Yes they are generally bigger on average

The studies I've seen have them about an inch and a half longer, however the average girth was almost a full inch bigger than the white non hispanic statistics

They do value stability and commitment, you just need to get over your obsession with being the only male in her life
Robots hate roasties, let the black have them

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Have you literally ever had a single intelligent conversation with a female in your entire life?
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Yes, once.

She ultimately decided I was creepy and ended up dating a more beta guy with my exact level of intellect.
most women I've met are smarter than me, but I'm not high IQ like most robots.
On a fairly regular basis, actually. My girlfriend is helping me finish my doctoral thesis

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Which gets your seed: Left or Right?
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Fuck women.
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You're going to have to ask nicer than that
Neither, both of em get seeds made of lead

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Convincing traps don't exi-
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Now post a different angle and we'll see.

also post his dick either way pls
You ignorant fool.
Bait! You can't fool us with Miss Alice photos.

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>be me, interested in a girl
>girl suddenly ghosts me
>accept the sad truth and move on
>later, talking with somebody, this topic comes up
>"oh, silly anon. If she ghosted you, she's just signaling that you need to give her more attention!"
>hear this bs from a couple more people
>don't know what to believe anymore
>haven't talked to original girl in months
>she's my only chance at a qt gf
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Fuck that. I tried once before to get a girl. I gave it time between replies and nothing. I eventually tried to hard and she told me to fuck off. Fair enough. I've learned my lesson and stick to myself now.
just go for it, can't hurt
do it anon be more assertive make us proud

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Any robots been forced to attend weddings?

>my mother and stacys mother friends for 20 years or so
>knew Stacy as childhood friend
>went to HS
>never spoke because I hung out with stoners and nerds and she hung out with the ultra normies (she is a Dr now)
>she is now marrying
>whole family invited to multiple day wedding celebration
> a lot of the ultra normies from school will be there who I haven't seen in 10+ years
>will be forced to socialise with them for 2 days
>mum: you are coming anon, there are lots of desperate single women almost hitting 30 there and I want grandkids
>she is joking but serious too.
>just fucking kill me

Wut do?
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i will end your suffering anon you gave it your best, better yet take out as many niggers as you can with you and make your ancestors proud
jsut don't fucking go, what the fuck is wrong with you. you are an adult that can say no, you know?
>tfw your mom still has hope where you have lost it all

I dunno if that's good or not honestly

Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep edition
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First for best girl evar
Britfeel is now sustaining about 1500 posts a day
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>making a post that contains "haha"

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Call me buddy again, normie. I fucking dare you.
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Hey buddy is that seat taken?
Okay bud, whatever you say pal
>tears of impotent rage engaged

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What does /r9k/ think of this style of dress?
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I think girls who dress like that are cute but they all hate me and consider me to be lower than dogshit because I am not chad
It's basically basic
I'm conflicted, on one hand I enjoy seeing tight little jailbait asses walking around everywhere, but on the other hand I want to shame them, call them dirty sluts and force them into something a little more respectable like a dress.

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Any Tekken players for pc here?
Just started investing into this game, anyone down for 1v1 prac?

Region: EU, NA is fine aswell.
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Playing fighting games on pc is like playing fps on consoles. You fucked up.
No, it isn't.
This one is an exception.

Why aren't you a nudist yet?

>get to see naked girls
>become more comfortable with your own body
>make nudist friends
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Because I am fat/overweight and only 5'11" and am a grower not a shower
How to be nudist?
cause nudists always go with little girls too and i dont want everyone to know im a pedo

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Remember when you could come on this board without seeing the words "my girlfriend/wife/etc..." every 5 minutes?
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Why the fuck do we even still come here.
Its too far gone and is full of failed normies and roastieposters.
All true robots left ages ago
Remember when this board was about OC and not crying about being a loser
Who the fuck even wants a gf god damn
Idk where to go. R9K on redditchan is full of stormfags, and w*zchan is too depressing.

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