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Tfw if Hitler won robots wouldn't exist
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what anime is this wanna redpill my neice
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But Nazis were robots!
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also, someone have a better version of this picture?

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Why don't you just try dating Asian women robots?

>Move to china
>Instant +2 on looks
>You are basically a Chad to Asian eyes
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>move to india
>+5 on looks
>get to shit in public
>might have trouble finding beautiful women though
>move to india
There is no reason to do this ever. I wouldn't even fuck an Indian for anything less than $300.
>>move to india
stop trying to get foreigners to fix your economy rajeesh

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>be me
>meet qt 3.14 over vidya
>start talking about literally everything
>tell each other shit that we would never tell anyone else
>two weeks after meeting her, she tells me she loves me
>I love her
>there's just two problems though
>ahead lives across the country
>she is bi and has a gf
>still talking
>become best friends and talk everyday through April, may, and June.
>one day she stops talking to me (still text but whatever)
>feel like she's bored of me
>delete kik and don't tell her why
>come back a few days later
>she's worried sick
>finally get the nerve to tell her how I'm feeling
>try to make her understand.jpeg
>come off as really emotional
>try covering it up by saying it was all just a bug joke
>Uh oh
>youdunfuckedup png
>she's furious at me and doesn't trust me anymore
>she was worried when I left because she thought I had finally killed myself
>feel terrible and beg for forgiveness
>says it's gonna take some time and that I'm no longer her best friend

I was planning on meeting her either later this year, early next year. I don't think she wants to now. She's the only girl I've ever loved.
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>>meet qt 3.14 over vidya
Thats as far as I got.
Way to be a limp dick son o bitch.
Whats with all the scum fuckers coming to 4chan to cry over fucking cunts?
Like what the fuck mate go get fucking blitz or something and stop worrying about women.
Better yet get a fucking job, save up some cash and take a trip to the woods and live in peace and quite for a bit.
>>she was worried when I left because she thought I had finally killed myself
She was only talking to you so she can jerk off to her social circle about how good she is from saving a poor dude from an heroing.
Sorry, she doesn't love you.

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>tfw acne
>tfw will never get a gf because you look like a disgusting unhealthy freak
>tfw have tried every possible treatment even accutane and nothing works

Why did god make me just to suffer ;_;
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It's not even that bad, you fucking pussy. Stop being so self-conscious about your face. I guarantee you care about it more than anyone else does. It'll clear in time.
What is even the fucking purpose of acne? Why do our bodies produce it? How does this benefit us evolutionarily?
>it'll clear in time
>started at 11
>am 22

Even if it does clear up I'll just be an old man covered in acne scars which is Just as bad

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I want to watch some anime. Where do I start?
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Dragonball z and Pokemon
boku no pico, don't google it so you don't spoil yourself the great story it offers

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I think today I'm going to
>stop drinking alcohol
>take a year of celibacy
>take a year off of pornography

Alcohol, sex, and porn are ruining my life.

I've been trying really hard to save money for a new car and to finish my PC build, but between going out with friends and taking girls out for dinner, etc, I have nothing to show for months and years of hard work. Not to mention the constant lethargy from masturbation and hangovers.

I think today is a good day to start.
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Good luck, here are some things that might help.
>stop drinking alcohol
herbal teas
>take a year of celibacy
>take a year off of pornography

That stuff seems too trendy, but thank you for the recommendations
The part about herbal teas is the most relevant because they really do take the place of alcohol as a beverage that relaxes you toward the end of the day.

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Cucks from west europe join our f3els club

we have no femwhores no normalfags

add me: Destination Mid and we can talk
server is EUW if you havent figured it out yourself

>inb4 shit game

fuck off ;(
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Come join us we whitebois we need more people
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Roasties amirite?
Can't live without em, can't live with em.
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>can live without em

My ex-manager keeps trying to talk to me, and flirt. I'm 20 and super lanky while she's 19 and pretty fat. I'm a virgin too.

Do I fuck her? She obviously wants my dick. It's just she's fat though, which I'm not a huge fan of.
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Just invite her over to cuddle and watch ojamajo doremi
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here's a handy guide for u
How fat is she?
That makes all the difference.

I'm so SHOOK

>realize when you zoom in on your hand its a bunch of atoms interacting
>zoom in on the air you're breathing, loose atoms
>atoms flying around and being sucked into your lungs aka a cage of atoms
>everything is atoms
>these atoms follow strict rules and you can predict how they will behave
>if you had a powerful enough supercomputer, you could run simulations based on the trajectory of all the atoms in the world
>everything is on a set course
>everything is just a bunch of atoms bouncing off each other
>every thought you think could be predicted
>free will doesn't exist
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Sounds like you've been watching a little bit too much YouTube today young man ;)
You forgot an important thing though. INSIDE THOSE ATOMS are smaller bundles of energy which have been found to operate on probability. So you could simulate reality, but you can never actually predict it. Uncertainty is the foundation of quantum mechanics.

Please find the tallest structure nearby and jump off it.

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If you had a girlfriend, how would you keep her from finding out you're beta?
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>If you had a girlfriend
Worry about step 1 first, then worry about step 2
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>tfw can't imagine myself ever having a girlfriend
>tfw I don't even know what it's like to have one
Literally all I know about romantic relationships comes from movies and novels from 300 years ago.
She would know already, you dummy. You would get a little leeway at first, but eventually she'll get tired of dating a beta and move on.

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>born after the sexual revolution
>born too early for robot waifus
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>born just in time for the cryptocurrency takeover
it's always about money with you jews isn't it
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You can get money just for being more integrated in the internet world. Your fault if you don't bite.

You get women just by looking clean and healthy and not being afraid of them. Women aren't a problem.

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I know this is not the right website for it but I need someone to make me feel better, everything's so hard and my fucked up mind keeps making it even worse. Help me please.
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Anything in particular that's got you confuzzled, friend? I love you

I dont know if i can do what i promised to myself and to the people i love. Even just getting a reasonable income to survive seems impossible right now.

Why do white women love vacationing in the caribbean? Is it because they can find black cock to worship and pleases?
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They call it a holiday but it's essentially them paying for escorts
White women go there to full-fill their 'strong exotic sexual god' fantasy as if it were an innocent but steamy affair outside their 'normal' life
What happens is that niggers act as if the're the most beautiful woman they've seen and desire their bodies, niggers are actually just out for a free fuck out drain them of a lot of money which white women don't consider a payment but favour
Ah, you mean the "Slutcation"

It's just a way for women to show they have money, because everyone knows if you don't show off your money, you might as well not have it. Cucking their significant other/ruining their lives with black cock is just a bonus for them
Literally the only place that actually still finds white women attractive without the risk of getting raped. White women who make the mistake of going to Asia always have the worst time when it comes to dating.

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Have you ever been offered drugs?
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#1 boss.jpg
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yes, by my chad brother but i never did them.

he made me sit by him when he smoked weed and i was too beta to leave but i never smoked it. But once i realized he was too nervous to stop me from leaving i did.

Daily my friend. Daily
Yes, I've been offered weed, shrooms, acid, coke, painkillers, whip-it's, ketamine, molly, and GHB. I did all of them and strongly recommend not doing that.

raid this Tumblr Faggot discord
Let's go /r9k
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You can tell someone is from r*ddit when they don't add the slash at the end of /r9k/ since that's how their subreddits are referred to
Is that you robot?

games west
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Another dead giveaway is his misunderstanding of this website, he ironically thinks we are a personal army because of what he reads on r/4chan

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