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if you are female and is reading this now you are my gf and there is nothing you can do about it
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Okay but i wont have sex with you, show you any physical affection, be satisfied with anything you do for me, or like you.
im male can i still be your gf desu
why not, bitch? why the fuck are you even here?

>desperate KHV
>meet gril at work event
>she says she has a child (warning sign #1)
>asks if that's a problem
>n-no of course not
>find out later she has another child
>she doesn't have custody (warning sign #2)
>find out later she cheated on me

I should have listened.
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>A woman that couldn't win custody

Holy shit OP that is a fuck of a massive red flag to miss. If the even the family court system went "Woah now, maybe this bitch is a little crazy" that should be a sign to run screaming in the other directly.
Yeah, I should have fucking listened.

I was already into the relationship by that point so I felt trapped
*other direction

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>tfw my gf dropped me for someone better
>tfw she was the only person i ever wanted
>tfw everyday i wake up thinking about filling my brain with lead

i know she browsed /r9k/ so if you read this please come back to me
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I will bump for you annon.
You seem like a real fucking beta the way you're pleading tho.[spoiler/]
kek if you are getting hung up over one roastie cow
then you should fuck off you shitty failed normalslime you are worse then a normalslime and a roastie combined. get over yourself.
Who r u senpai I'm probably the person that cucked you sorry...

A few days ago, a roastie came up to me in class
> Hey Anon, I'm going to work with you. All the other guys are so retarded.
> Sex for some people is intimate and meaningful. For some its just meaningless fun. They act like they are better than me because they don't mess around with different people.

What does /r9k/ think about this? is she right?
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if you just hand over your intimacy to everyone who comes knocking

then your intimacy isn't very special or valuable is it?
Sure, it's relative. However, if they have any forethought and care about the future at all, they should be able to rationalise why they hold a position. If she cared about the future, having a family or functioning society, she shouldn't have meaningless sex
That's not the proper flow of a conversation

Anyone here do normie observing?

Sometimes I go to social places and just watch and study normies. I'm hoping I'll learn enough to eventually achieve normiedom. Then onto a gf
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You remind me of someone I used to know...
maybe he is going to be the next one
Who is that? ER?

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idk TJ
maybe wash yer fukin face
avoid sweating and humid areas
Stop eating the same food you ate when you were 15 you cunt
there are no objects in PUs, go to one and your pimples should unload.

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Some girls in the subway just giggled at me the whole ride. It all started when one of the girls said to the other "you know those Fruit Loops cereals?" then pointed at me. After that they began relentlesly giggling the whole ride. What the fuck was that supposed to mean?
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They could see your penis and balls.
"Fruit loops" generally refers to genitals.
Were you dressed colorfully
They either called you gay or a toucan.

I just read the transcript of a crime committed by a serial rapist/murderer. That poor girl.

What the fuck why are people so cruel? Who knows what terrible things are happening right now. Worst of all there are people like this who are never brought to justice.
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stuff like that is why you need to get a gun and practice with it, if someone breaks into your house and tries to kidnap or murder you the cops cant be there fast enough to save you, you need to be responsible for your own life
Link? I'm curious to read this.
I read two

Look up toolbox killer transcript and toy box killer transcript

On mobile

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how unethical is it to bang a 16 year old who is dumb as fuck when im 24?
britbong btw so it's not illegal you stupid americucks
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not at all, all girls that age fuck older guys
It's not illegal? Tear that shit up, boyo.
I'd say go for it as long as you can guarantee she's not the type to easily get mad and make false accusations if something doesn't go her way.

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Alright so I get off off work in a few hours and I've already got some food and supplies to last me a couple days if shit hits the fan. I'm planning to do another run of New Vegas. Help me decide who to side with.

Also Fallout thread.
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I've only played 3 and I'm far in 4 is new vegas better?
>is new vegas better?
The best of the 3D games and it's not even close for my money, though there's plenty of disagreement on this matter
IMO New Vegas is waaaaaay better. NV is my favorite game and Fallout is my favorite series. F4 is the weakest fallout to me. I still haven't finished it and I struggle to keep playing it. I'll probably play like an hour before I get bored.

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Anybody else absolutely despises the cuckold fetish?
This sexualized disempowerment is embarassing to look at. Go get degraded/humiliated/whipped/pegged/force CD'ed/whatever but pls stop this.

I will dump some /r/Cuckold/new/ for our masochistic pleasure.

>Thursday night and you guessed it...
46Min ago by ironmikemc

She cucked me again. I took her out to the Ripley's aquarium for a spontaneous and romantic day date, and then had a late lunch at a really fun arcade bar nearby. We were so intimate all day and we ARE so in love, it was perfect, all i wanted to do was take her home and make love to her, but it was also Thurs night volleyball and I knew I would have to at least wait until after her games.

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However in the back of my head I worried that I wouldn't even get to see her after vball, her team of friends always go for drinks afterwards and her bf/fwb would likely want to have her and I would be cast aside and made to wait while she pursued her own desires. I kept trying to tell her on the way home from our date that I wanted her that night, that I could pick her up from vball and finish our perfect day with just the 2 of us. Everytime I brought it up she would just say, "I will have to see how I feel," and "depends what we wanna do after." This gave me a rush of cuckold angst because deep down I knew the 'we' she was talking about was her and her fwb, not the team, and definitely not me. I wanted her to myself and I said very clearly to her "I don't want you cheating on me tonight. I love you and I want you. Let's just make it us tonight." And her answer still has my cock dripping in shame as I tell the story this morning, "we will have to see, I don't know what he will want to do." I sure knew what he would want to do, and my heart sank knowing she was absolutely picking her fwb over me that night, and not caring at all about the concerns and needs I voiced to her.
So I dropped her off at vball knowing she would get a ride home with friends and went home alone waiting to hear from her. Her games should have wrapped up at 7 and she said she would check in with all the plans as they happened. Instead I didn't hear from her until 1030 when she said 4 of them had been playing some games at her place; her fwb, her brother (a very good friend of mine), the friend she shared a bed with drunk on the weekend, and herself. She then said her bro and friend were leaving soon and it got really awkward when her fwb kept making excuses why he didn't want a ride home from either of them but couldn't give a reason why. Her brother obviously knew something was up and stuck around longer making sure she was ok, and she finally told him that they were just gonna hang out a bit longer to watch a movie or something. He finally left but I am convinced he knows she cheated on me last night, I like how pathetic that makes me feel as her cuckold and I get nervous wondering if he will approach me about it.

Next time I heard from her was at about 1am she woke me with a text saying she was alone now. I asked dumbly if they hooked up, of course they had, she said because her bro stayed so late (I think he tried to intervene by waiting them out) they only had a quickie. No condom as usual for them and he took her from behind and used her until he came, pulling out and shooting all over her back. I think mentally I am getting better at being her submissive cuckold everyday and I am glad she loves me enough to hurt me the way she does.
I expressed how I know my place now but was hurt that she rejected me after our day together, with me telling her how badly I needed her, and she just dismissed me saying 'I told you I had to see what we wanted to do first, before I could make plans with you.' Then told me she loves me and was going to sleep. I will head over to see her soon and hopefully reclaim her. I always love seeing his fresh cum on the towels they use to clean up his loads. His scent is really strong and very different than mine and it really charges me up seeing his load still wet on a fresh towel and smelling their sex when I enter her room.

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>in public
>make eye contact with a girl
>smiles at you
>walks out of your life forever
Why are women so cruel?
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>in public
>minding my own business
>look up to old creep staring at me
>scared, try to play it off and smile
>run away
Sorry amon, that's what most likely happened
Time to lose hope
ass whole
yet another "victim" ...

grab your nuts and hire a whore to have some sex.

stop being a piece of shit

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I jacked off twice in <8 hours
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Ive jacked off twice in the span of 3 hours..i hate itself
do you think that's like, a lot
Yes. All my hard work is ruined

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>he "has a problem with authority"
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>He doesn't assume the highest authority, even when talking to older people.
People only have authority if you give it to them. It's hilarious to see some narcissistic faggot whining about how you won't bend to their will just because of the power they deluded themselves into thinking they have. Even if someone is your employer, you're pathetic for treating them with authority; they're not being benevolent by hiring you, you're making an equivalent exchange of services for payment, so you're on equal footing, and just as they can threaten to fire you, you can threaten to leave the work undone. Authority is a spook.
And? This is a GOOD thing
Fuck authority in all its forms
I'd LOVE to join a """protest""" if there were any near me
But no rly I love the USA FBI so much it's so gr8

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Anyone ever order a KFC family meal and eat it by themselves?
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who would do something like that?
who here wouldn't do something like that
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No, but i ordered a family pack of tacos and tater tots from this place that seems to only exist in kansas and ate all 10 tacos and over a pound of tots while sitting out front.

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