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Femanon's, when you say you want a man who is aggressive, what exactly do you mean? Give us an example.
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stephen king's dark tower, i assume?
Someone who slaps them whenever they act crazy.

Not a roastie, but I assume this is the general idea
Every morning i wake up to him slapping me with his dick. When he gets back home from working he always says hi to me with a spinning kick. Pulls my hair during sex, on the shower, and on random situations when im with my family. Also slaps me at every second to relieve stress. So hot.

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Another comfy thread. Post what you've got.
Also post what you're listening to
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comments must be original apparently
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I'll post a bunch
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>play overwatch
>someone BMs or gets mad at me or another player
>report them

who here /enforcer/?
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This brings me back to my DayZ admin days. It always got me excited to see a hacker report.
> Me a common household cuck
> Jews out my fellow gamer
lmao at people like OP. you have zero power in real life so you try and feel like you have power over others in a video game. too bad reports are useless tho

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Can't they see that a taller girl is better?

>Better genes for having a tall son
>Dominating a bigger girl is a turn on
>She usually looks down on men so putting her in her place with my dick is something men want
>Holding hands with a women who towers over you while other men get angry

Why do many tall men go for short girls and doom their sons?
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Tall girls reject most of us because they want a man that's taller than her in heels. If that girl is 5'10 or taller, that pretty much negates the vast majority of the male population, and the ones that fit the height requirement still have to qualify for the other requirements that all men are expected to fit as well
Tall girls go for tall guys
shortness is cute

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You will never get to experience this -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXPXXDLZzEs

explain yourselves.
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I'm completely empty. My anxieties and panic attack aren't even the real problem. I'm just completely fucking empty inside. Tonight I'm gonna go drinking till I get sick, maybe get the courage to seek some cheap thrills and forget about this nagging feeling of nothingness.
I don't care that this is a cliche. I have no better idea.
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Is Terry a robot?

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schizophrenia is pretty much an automatic robot qualifier

So I just discovered my family owns multiple properties and is now selling some.

I'm very frugal with money so I won't spend money for anything that I don't need.

Should I invest around 10% of my current assets in stock? I need to document myself a bit but how can stock of multinational that literally use slave labour plummet? I was thinking of buying some apple and microsoft stocks. When the new iPhone comes I should reap benefit right?

Tell me stories of your e-gambling robots
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abble in microscuks are dying companies invest in amazon and some cryptocoin and youll be big dollaz i guarantee
I have two words for you
>Index funds
Guaranteed returns, the problem is they might not be that large, but you wont need to do anything once you've invested. Don't invest in cryptoshit, it fucking crazy volatile you're almost certainly going to loose money.

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Rate my trapfu
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That's just a dude with low testosterone
Aren't all traps low test dudes
Get some accessories to hide manly feature, like glasses and a choker.

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where are you Louis
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damn that sexy british accent
probably still making all the neet threads

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>Tired of masturbating normally
>finger butthole
>felt ok
>the more I do it the better it gets
should I move onto a dildo or what
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Dildos feel pretty good tbqdesu
i put my finger tip in my butthole in the shower a couple times.

always surprised when I feel the erection start to form, then I take my finger out because it's awkward and just pet and pat my clean butthole pushing gently into it, just enough to feel the pressure and the potential, while staring at my throbbing member eventually thinking of girls getting teased & fucked, having a hole pumped, gaping, wanting and filled. then i hop outta that shower and fap to some feet porn on the pc like usual, cept this time I wanna look at some butthole with their feet.
Why would you move onto butt play and buying a dildo instead of moving onto an onahole first?

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>Tfw your thread hit page 10 with no responses again
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Um so how do I deal woth this? My boyfriend is an asshole to everyone except me. He doesn't give a fuck about anyone except his family. He doesn't care about charity or anything and this bothers me... wat do? He's supposedly a Christian but lol
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Call him out on it?
If only there were a board specifically designated for asking advice...
He doesn't care. He just laughs and tells me to help him be nicer and says I'm too nice and that'll bite my in the ass

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What does it take to get a gf and friends /r9k/? I get matches with average girls on Tinder, people in lab/class talk to me, I always end up hanging out with at least one dude from each class, yet all of this never goes anywhere. In the end I'm always alone in room on the weekends.

I can't believe my social life peaked at highschool. Fuck college
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>social life
I'm afraid we're doomed famn
damn, are you sure?
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>What does it take to get a gf and friends /r9k/?
For one, you actually have to want them.

I've noticed that most people on this board, regardless of what they claim, actually prefer to be by themselves.

Just looking at what you've already written, the answer to your question is glaringly obvious; speak to your tinder matches. Ask your uni friends if they want to go out at the weekend.

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