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>Finding a job is like dating
guess im going to be homeless as well as alone,
so any anons here have experience with hobo life?
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This frog is one of my favourite things.

Seriously, what is it about Pepe that's so endearingly sad, funny and great? His memes are so dank and then there's the incredibly hitting feelsy things, and there's all the funny as fuck rivalry images between him and feels guy. He just seems to work in everything he's in and PERFECTLY represents people on this board.

What is it about him that makes it work? Like he's a decade old at this point? Is it the face? The eyes that are sad? Just his kind of endearing ugliness? Tell me, /r9k/, because you betas have adopted him like no other.
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Let's have a women love thread. To counter all the negativity toward women on here let's list our favorite things about women, our wonderful partners who add so much joy to our lives if we give them the chance. No feminists allowed tho because this thread assumes men and women are different.

- They won't terminate friendships over a bad argument.

Women, in general, are more willing to remain friends with someone even after a particularly intense argument. They aren't nearly as prone to "cutting people out" as men are.

- Many are very warm, nurturing and "make you feel at home."

Not all of them though. But the very strongest women can create a compelling feeling of being welcome and "at home" when you're with them.

- They're good conversationalists.

This is probably my favorite thing about women. They love to talk, and they'll talk to you about anything, and if you're talking about something emotionally laden they'll generally empathize and vibe with you. Men will often be inappropriately callous in serious emotional conversations, and sometimes will act like you're wasting their time by talking to them at all.

- If you don't like them you don't have to deal with them.

Here's one benefit of women that every man should appreciate: generally, the worst they'll do is leave you alone. If you really hate them, just act like they're not there and they won't come chasing you.

- They're usually more polite than men in casual relations.

In most casual exchanges women are far kinder, more polite and considerate than men. This is far less the case with relationships that have a degree of intimacy but that's a topic for another day.

- They're nicer to men than men are.

At least as long as they're not feminist. When was the last time you had a woman call you "faggot, " "sissy," "tool," "queer" etc. Women are generally very nice to men unless you're pursuing unwanted sexual relations with them.
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yes I like women
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If you are Chad then they are nice

If you are a robot then you are less than an animal.

>retard samefags for attention

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I had an acquaintance, some IT techie guy, early in this decade , who told me to put money into Bitcoins. I was like dude, that sounds like a scam or some shit, what would people need that for.

This was slightly before the whole weird hacking thing in Japan i think it was, and when that happened i felt all vindicated, like "HA man you got ripped off, that shit was a scam."

HA HA HA FUCK MY LIFE. now i sit around scraping pennies, looking for ways to sneak my foot in the door to some poor person version of day trading.

ah well, NEET Fo LIFE
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I bought early and now am just about making it trading all day erryday living the neet dream. email [email protected] maybe we can work together.
[email protected]

>oh herro der
>i chee you notice you girl in my arms
>see better wit me
>you willy bing much dishonor to you clan
>she do kabuki shadow puppet all nite wrong
>well got to go now, waifu has dog in oven
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Never forget, this site is owned by an East Asian.
blacks get worse than whites

Guys, why don't you work for Pepsi? It's literally a great career for a great company
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>why don't you work for Pepsi
because soda causes diabeetus and coke is better
>selling sugar mixed with water in tiny individual use cans and trashy plastic bottles at 2000% markup
>great company
fugg ur bepis, normie

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I thought I was a normie but I sperged out
>Be me
> Walking to bus stop after work bc poor fag
>Two pswudo Stacey's ask if I wanna smoke
>Say yes
>Que the most awkward 30 minutes of my life
>Have to wait a while for next bus
>Unexpected hight and FULL of autism
>See sandnigger on looking at me
>The fucker follows me home
>Fast walk in 99 degree weather's and throw up
>Make it home but bones are rattled
>No more extroverted degeneracy
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I accidentally slappes my classmate's (girl) ass today.

Jesus christ I was so ashamed when she looked at me disappointed and said "I never expect this from you, anon"

I don't wish this for any of you. I explained later and she understood, but damn this feels horrible
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jesus christ anon you slapped her ass, you didn't fucking murder her.By the way she replied to you she might have even enjoyed it a bit,thing is, if you learn to play situations like these cool they won't mind, it's only awkward if you make it awkward
>oh no i made a girl uncomfortable, my life is ruined
>i'll never touch you again, m'lady, i promise
You're pathetic.

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>tfw probably gonna spend life in prison because I thought age of consent meant the age that's legal to rape
This is fucking bullshit. Why wasn't I taught this in school?
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you currency.jpg
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you better understand that this is my good deed for the day

Should every white person watch Eminem's Mockingbird?

When you watch this video, you get an instinctive urge to procreate and start a family and have precious children of your own:

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>Be famous rapper making millions
>Stacy is still mad and leaves you
Judging by Hailie's social media, she's become a generic stacy whore who's unappreciative of everything Eminem did for her. That shit makes me NOT want to procreate
? Her boyfriend is a stand up looking white guy and apparently she gets good grades

She's what every daughter should be like

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>tfw the only contacts on your phone are your mom, your psychologist, and your psychiatrist
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I have one to recharge my credit. But I'm on a postpaid plan. I have no actual people on my contacts list and I never answer the phone because nobody but sales people calls me. It's basically a glorified mp3 player and shitposting device.

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What's with the influx of incest threads on /r9k/?

There's always that one tripfag make-believe thread rolling, but in the last hour I've seen 3+ other incest-related threads, all with several replies. What's causing the sudden interest in boning your sister/mom? I mean, yeah, incest is pretty common on /r9k/ but not like this.

pic marginally related
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incest threads have been a thing here longer than you have.
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>incest is illegal, but uncle-niece/aunt-nephew marriages allowed
uhh fucking wat?
incest laws are made up shit, not based on reason. if a culture thinks niece/uncle is ok but 1st cousins arent, then thats the law, despite exactly the same degree of consanguinity

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Quick reminder that it's illegal to DNA test your kids in France. You are LITERALLY - NOT A JOKE - REQUIRED BY LAW TO RAISE MAHMOUD'S KID
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it's a law that basically say "we don't believe in monogamous relationships" and "nobody in this country has any idea who their father is"

it's pretty respectable of france to be so open about their affair based sexual economy
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Nobody cares, you retarded baguettes.

You reap what you sow. Payback time for your colonial time.
Karma is a bitch, hahaha.
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When the betas are away, the Chads will play.

>Mfw this is the future of society. One Genetically superior male impregnating multiple females which are then paid for by the state/beta bux

I know everything was pointless and rigged from the start. But knowing I am truly going to die I wonder, was this all I was? Can't I even choose to die my way? Isn't that the wonder of suicide in the first place? Choosing how you are going to go?
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For me suicide would be a statement as well as a way to finally let this be over

Everyone always says I follow and copy others
And that I can't think for myself
If and when I do kill myself, I'll finally have made a decision on my own and stuck with it

And everyone who ever doubted me as a person can go fuck themselves
Yes, I've heard that suicide is not the end tough, those fucking bastards always plant the doubt so you don't kill yourself.

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Hey man go see your Grandpa, even if our parents think your a degenerate he will have nothing but love for you.

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