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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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Hi kekyoin, I missed your past few posts, but I'm here now, always glad to see you
Senpai you really do skip days wtf you were in the 40's like 10 days ago
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What do you guys think about putting one of those japanese slanted temple roofs on a regular western house?

Help! I'm stuck home alone in a black out, what do?
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Prepare yourself for the possibility that your sensitive electronics got fried


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I fucked up again guys. I texted a girl a barely know and I have to see her class tomorrow What do?!
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what did you say? did she reply? post conversation
why did you text her if you didn't want to lol
Seconding this.


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>stop browsing /r9k/ for a while
>come back
>everyone is autistic
>memes aren't funny
>not entertaining
>people unironically hold irrational beliefs

have i become a normalfag or has /r9k/ gotten worse??
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This is when you realize you can't play pretend any longer. This is also when you realize plenty of threads drip through this forum, unread or replied.

what did you mean by this

That's for you to figure out anon.

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was it reaIly worth it?

Go there now.

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What did you eat today fatbots?

>3 cheeseburgers
>1 box of pasta
>2 bags of popcorn
>2 potatos with cheese.
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>half a chicken cesar salad probably 200 cals
>some taco thing maybe 600 cals at most
Being stressed makes me not want to eat at all.
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>4 pieces of pizza
>Iced coffee
>Toast with butter
>3 pieces of chicken
>1/4th of a 7 layer bar

If I didn't drink all my calories, I'd be /fit/ again

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*blocks the path which you travel*
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Hail, and we'll met, forest dweller.
Jokes on you; I don't leave the house.
>run past her because I know for sure she won't be able to keep up

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What is it that we want if our connections are always fruitless?
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One that isn't
But that's searching for something that doesn't exist.
I mean, what qualifies as a fruitful connection?
maybe i dunno stop bangin barren girls

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>Too autistic for normies
>Too normie for r9k
>Like Mecha but doesn't like gundam
>Likes anime but old anime
>Likes politics but isn't good at debating them
>Likes TV Shows but mostly old Japanese superheroes.
Honestly I just want friends, I want people who I can talk to without being told that my interests are shit/stupid etc.I just want to fit in something.
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I'll /m/asturbate with you if you're a stealth roastie.
Do you still have a link for the Slayers anime?
Smooth, the stealth roast is probably wet already.

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tfw you will never be chad

why live
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He isn't chad and those women aren't stacys. Op btfo.
fat women shouldn't wear yellow
nice I bet their pussies are so wet there

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I finally torrented it. What am I in for lads?
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kill yourself please

The fuck does "480IP" mean?

neck yourself

originally nigger

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>will never get to fuck a girl in the ass
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abominable sodomite.
burn in hell.
I've actually had anal sex with two girls a total of three times.
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How was it? Describe it in great detail please

>I can tell what time it is quite accurately without looking at the clock

>I can make people extremely uncomfortable with only my bare presence
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>I have a slightly above average tolerance to alcohol
>I'm decent at waterskiing
>I can get dubs in your shitty thread
Fug, let's try that last one again
nice superpower fag

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can dirty dan please be summoned? I have a bone to pick.
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he owns a series of porn sites and he's like, the leading star
I looked at a panel of thumb nails and was like hammer hammer ur next
his site has the only mff pegging while anal I could find, thank god dirty dan's not involved, though i'm sure he's rustling in the background of the vid
a few of the videos on thestall.com made me PUKE, every time I think of a certain one, and I've not seen it for months I get sick and sometimes throw up

Hey /b/, tons of people i know wear these things. Can anyone tell me what they mean?
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choker posting has now become more annoying than stanley posting, congrats you fucking nigger
It means that they're into anal
They're just a type of necklace. I wear leather chokers myself, it literally means nothing it's just fashion.

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