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>your MBTI
>what kind of painting you like the most

i'll start us off
>pic related
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Dude thats fucking gay
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It's not a painting but it might as well be tbqh, probably my favorite shot in all of film, Kubrick's Barry Lyndon

I love it like any high art
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this one makes me really sad because I want to experience something like this.

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>Excuse me, sir. Do you have a minute to talk about white identity?

wat do
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>white identity
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Strip her naked and fuck her brains out.
He Iooks so smug!

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Who wants to come to the offline meeting?
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Where is it?

originalia desu
Um.. where? and am I allowed to bring weapons?
I mean, if its close I will.

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Who /stalk girls/ online here?

>Creating fake profiles to add them as friends
>Looking up their friends and family for more pics of them
>Have a folder of hundreds of pics stored by file size
>Spend hours googling their usernames to find hidden profiles
>Too scared to ever speak to them

I can't be the only one /r9k/

Pic related, a girl I've been stalking for months
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>Pic related, a girl I've been stalking for months
you might as well start posting your creepy ass collection if she's 18+
so you have never spoken to them? jesus
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>tfw the girl you've been stalking has changed her status to "in a relationship with Chad".

Can I have my dad back, please?
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What happened, OP? I want to know.
He's been dead for 13 years. I just want him back.
I'm sorry, OP. The only thing you can do is move on and get on with your life.
Death is something that happens to everybody, and is inevitable.

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>be manlet
>be straight
>try to get gf and can't
>get into trap porn
>get curious and buy girls clothes and dress up
>feels cool
>post some pics online
>get a lot of replies
>try to find guy for mutual fuck
>put on a wig, makeup, and a red dress
>go over to his place
>he has a roommate
>huh, this was planned
>he whips out his dick
>time to get to work
>blow him
>he tells me he's about to cum and pulls out cumming on my dress
>okay my turn
>roommate whips out his dick
>it's huge and perfectly straight
>incredible urge to suck on it
>okay, my turn can wait
>suck on it
>after a while he grabs my head and starts grunting
>a..are you fucking cumming in my mouth
>tastes kindof nasty
>roommate says this isn't a hotel and tells me to GTFO
>get in my car
>look in the rearview mirror
>I'm dressed as a girl and literally just sucked 2 dicks
>start to cry
>go home
>feel empty inside
>next day
>guy messages me again
>want to come over?
>I just want someone to like me so I dress up and go over to his place again
>roommate is there too
>do anal with original guy
>feels okay - nothing special
>he pulls out and cums in his condom
>gives me a blowjob
>feels so good
>go to kitchen to get a glass of water
>roommate comes up and shoves me onto head first into the counter
>hikes up my dress
>starts rubbing his dick against my ass
>scream to original guy for help
>he just laughs
>get unintentional boner
>try to fight off roommate
>roommate says since I have a boner I must want to get fucked
>starts fucking me bareback
>cums in me and tells me to gtfo
>in my car crying about to call the cops but change my mind because I liked the attention
>been going to their place after I get off of work and on the weekends for the last 3 weeks now to service them

What's wrong with me? They're just using me and don't care for me but I feel good while satisfying them, then feel abused and vow to never see them again, then I get lonely and go fuck them again, rinse and repeat.
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do it.jpg
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You're gay, Anon. Accept it.

I'm not gay. Semen disgusts me and I don't really enjoy anal or giving head. I just do it for the attention and because I get a blowjob or handjob in exchange.
You're a real woman now. Congratulations! Now get the fuck out you whore.

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Faces of r9k 4chan. Post and rate others. Personally I think im 9/10

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If you don't have scars on your face or some kind of deformity you don't belong here
A bit chubby cheeks but it's manageable. get some muscle for better frame and a new haircut and you're set.
being asian brown or black is p much a deformity desu
whites cant be robot

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When I'm not drunk on beer I'm not happy. Simple as that. Thank you for this life saving beverage!
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I eat and drink everything way too slow for beer to be effective.

Even if I'm eating cookies with a glass of milk the cookies dry out and the milk gets nasty before I finish them. So when it comes to booze I can only drink straight liquor with a chaser. Otherwise I take like 2 hours to finish a beer and it does nothing for me. But two hours for a half glass of vodka and some chaser is perfect.
I'm going to turn 21 in two years. What should be my first alcoholic beverage consumed legally?
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Hmm. I down my first beer then sit the next. You need to get your neurosis leves set straight dude. Being that calm is way too good for your own best!

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So I met this girl on normiebook. We chatted for a few months. Got to know each other etc. Flash forward a few months, there's this consert/resort thing we both wanted to go to. So we meet up obviously. We talk for a while, walk around the resort. Then later at night I asked her if she wanted to come with me to my villa/small house thing at the resort. She said yes.

The rest is history. I lost my virginity guys.
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Will you please get off my board now?
What's your favorite meal?
Ok cool story. Get of r9k fag

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Who has some more of these memes? I'm not a virgin so I like laughing at them.
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Chad lounge in here
File: IMG_3887.png (269KB, 719x767px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Populist walk
thesee are funnny as fuckk

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Being an incel is pathetic, take the wizpill and become a volcel with us on wizchan and be a free man
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No wizards younger than age 30. You can't just take a pill to get to this level.
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volcel it's like you're choosing to be prison gay
Better then being depressed you arent kissing some landwhales feet begging her for nudes

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>"I don't know Anon, where would you like to go for dinner?"
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I've had this said to me countless times and I fucking hate it. Because where you want to go isn't where they want to go and you have to play a stupid fucking guessing game to figure out where they actually want to go.
"I'll pay for the meal"
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They're signaling that they crave your leadership anon, even when they act like they aren't happy with the result, they are happier than if they have to be the male.

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How does this shit even happen. She used to be so innocent and sweet. When she became a teenager she started wearing more and more revealing clothes, then a boy she liked became a vegan and a feminist and it's all been downhill from there. Just today this happened

>super hot day
>I decide to chill in the back garden with a book
>16 year old sister is there fully fucking nude
>ask her to put her tits away
>"if you don't like it anon just look away"
>start talking to her about why women cover up their tits in public, give gives the old feminist "they're not even sexual organs so what does it matter?, not my problem people stare"
>she clearly fucking likes random dudes looking at her tits
>I propose a hypothetical
>if you where on a nudist beach, with a boyfriend, and he calmed said "look, I don't really feel comfortable with us getting nude and having strangers gawk at us, could we maybe keep some clothes on?"
>I shit you not her response was "it's not my problem if he doesn't want strangers staring at me, that's on him. Plus I probably wouldn't ever date a guy with opinions as ass backwards as that!, I can do what I want!!"

Girls have lost all respect for men. They seriously think they can do whatever the fuck they want and men, even their boyfriends and family members, just HAVE to accept it otherwise it is somehow oppressive. How long before she starts justifying full on cheating? The worst part is that I've witnessed this entire process. She used to be so sweet and innocent. (((they))) have corrupted her with their propaganda, as they're doing to all women. Stay vigilant, robots. Also how have women pissed you off this week?
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I think she wanted the dick anon
maybe if I was a socialist progressive vegan into cuck porn but I'm the opposite of that and remember "I would never be interested in a guy I slightly disagreed with morally!"
rate her outta ten

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Any other robots who look a lot younger then they actually are?

> Be 25, look 15.
> Girls at my age think I am just a kid trying too hard
> Getting drinks is almost impossible
> Always the only one who has to get his ID out each time he want to see a movie
> Colleagues treat me like a kid
> Get pulled over by almost every cop I see on the roads

On the flip side:
> Door-to-door salesman ask for my parents and leave when I tell them they "aren't home"
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I didn't know Andy Milonakis posted on r9k
I've been told I look about 10 years younger than my actual age. This was a negative when I was younger.

I'm 40 now, so it doesn't really make any difference anymore.
> born 1976
Well, that's the first time i doubted Wikipedia.

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>6ft 5in (196 cm)
>245 pounds
>Black belt in karate
>Won the European karate championships in 1980 and 1981
>Won the heavyweight tournament in Australia in 1982
>Master's degree in chemical engineering
>Got MIT scholarship
>Known actor
>$14 million net worth
>Blonde hair, blue eyes
>160 measured IQ
>Face of the Eternal Aryan meme

So what are YOU doing to improve your life right now?
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>not pointing out that his name is literally adolf
>being this gay
Be this genetically gifted and priveliged but not going further beyond karate and a movie. I honestly expect a lot more.
Discount Gordon Ramsay.

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