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>see couple
>chubby, like 4/10 face, girl
>6'3 skinny rugged bf

why do so many men settle for less?
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Personality. Same reason my fat brother has a qt g. Or maybe he just has a big dick
>watch My 600lb Life
>even my mother points out the morbidly obese women on the show have husbands that are much better looking than them
I was watching this today too. Many of the men sabotage their wives because they're afraid that if they lose weight and are able to wipe their asses, they'll leave them.

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I haven't been on this board in awhile.
Do any robots live in Baltimore? I know the one girl on omegle does but anyone else?
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I'm 2 hours away. I avoid that area whenever possible

Hour south in DC.
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Fredrick, but the board you are looking for is /soc/

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>anime """milf""""""
>has that "my ovaries are crusted-over nuggets of coal with one downie each left in them, and I'm cucking you with three different races, but you're going to put up with it because your sexual market value is shit and you have no options, so enjoy my meatflaps, horror clit, and fifty-seven varieties of herpes" expression
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How many of us true robots are left? Do you want to read about how I messed up my chance at finally losing my virginity?
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Hey... can someone help me... i'm dating a girl who don't pay me any attention, and she says that she is in that way... but I look her hugging other guys and some stuffs like that... am I let it be in that way? or I should send her far far away?
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What sorta experiences made you the person you are today?
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being born in the first place

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I'm so fucking tired of women using pms as an excuse for being a cunt. I live with my older sister so we both pay less rent, and she uses fucking pms of all things to start arguments, snap at me when I've done nothing, and exaggerate things I say to make me look bad. I get it, hormonal imbalances I guess. But for fucks sake at least make an effort to be polite.

God damn women. Completely worthless.
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Living with your sister?
That's really unfortunate, sorry to hear that anon. I can't be around my sister for more than a day without being annoyed to no end. I couldn't imagine having to live with her, yikes!!
if you were a chad she'd be polite even if she's on the rag

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>horse face skinny gf
>cute face fat gf
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How fat are we talking?

cute fat face gf

Would you rather questions like this are easy because I'm into fat girls
can't fix horseface
can fix fat
ez choice desu

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Why haven't you NEETs killed yourselves yet?
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i live like a king, why would i kill myelf
I can't be fucked to off myself in happier news wanting to ditch the neet life despite being dead inside
i still think that i need to suffer more and that death would be a reward

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When I was a child my father took me into his bed
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in a good or bad way 100% origino
>When I was a child my father took me into his bed
I remember my uncle was drunk off Jose cuervo and so high off his damn mind he tried to make me sleep on the bed with him in the den. I was like the fuck you think I'm stupid I pushed him and went to one of my cousins room and locked the door.

I known the feels anon.
In a bad touch way :(

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Reminder that /d/ has daily yandere threads.

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>controlling and manipulative behaviors all centered around his fragile ego which he makes up for by being condescending and arrogant
>argues for the sake of arguing, becomes condescending when you disagree and/or call them out
>he'll eventually commit suicide and has already committed social suicide to the infinite degree
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>>he seeks for friends on OkCupid
What's wrong with that? Some of us already know nobody wants to date us. Not suppose to have friends either? This bait is fucking weak.
uhhhhhh LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wow... i forgot this placed is filled with mentally ill transvestites with schizophrenia, bpd, sociopathy, and general insanity

d i s g u s t !!!!!!!!!!

literally you're so gross.

>>37576923 how do you not
You really should of got beat up a lot more in your life.

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>Be me
>Little kid, 8-9
>Live in central Ohio
>Go to shitty local Meijer because central Ohio
>Walk in dirty sliding door
>See prize vending machine
>Beg mom for quarter
>Get quarter and insert into machine that would "dispense random prize"
>All the prizes displayed looked amazing
>Turn dial, wait for egg to roll out
>Tiny zebra eraser
>Get angry I wasted money on an eraser
>Tell mom
>She says throw it away
>I think about it
>I throw it away
>Later, when walking out, I walk past the machine again and have a thought
>That eraser wasn't wanted by anyone. No one wants an eraser from a vending machine as a prize. I felt bad for the eraser for being stuck in a life where he would only disappoint people.
>Realize what I did was cruel and heartless to throw my friend away
>Beg mom to let me dig through the trash to find it
>Still actually regret it now
>End up throwing tantrum in car because mom wouldn't let me go back for eraser
Pic very related
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Mate that's not autism, that's being nine years old and not having a proper handle on your emotions yet because you're nine years old and don't have a proper handle on your emotions yet.
Yes, but I still think about the fucking eraser. I still wonder what happened to it. In my mind it has emotions and was my friend, someone I could relate to.

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Anyone else feel bad about him quitting youtube again? I miss his comfy streams
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Well then maybe you fuckers shouldn't have harassed him and threatened his family.
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I didn't do anything to Eggy you norman
Bitch, you wanna come to say that to my face? I'll whip my dick out and slep you across the face with it.

Do your parents know you're a fuckup? If so to what extnt?
>go to uni five houra away from home
>as far as my parents know I have plenty of friends, a gf, and above average grades
>goes as far as me creating fictional people that I claim are my friends that I can tell them about
>tfw none of it is true
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>used to have big drug and alcohol issues
>got sober and moved out
>in the last year have been lapsing back into abuse
>visiting mom today
>she says, "you look great, you look like you're thinking much clearer"
>mfw before I went over there I did a line of coke and smoked a bowl, then downed a beer.
>lied to my mom about how I'm doing great

They do not.

>Always been a good liar
>Graduated from uni
>Spat more lies at parents than truth
>They never bothered to get involved in my life
>Just went along with claims I had a large social circle and got out a lot
>I have not had friends a very, very long time

I even lied to them that I was still employed when I was between jobs for a while in 2015. I live alone; they never knew.

I don't trust them with almost anything. It shouldn't be like this for a parent-child relationship, but it is. I'm alone in this world.
Sometimes I tell my mom I spent the saturday night going out with my friends and stuff.

Its a lie, I stay alone in my apt the whole weekend.

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