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>Trump hires Scaramucci
>Trump sees all those 2016 clips of Scaramucci shitting on Trump
>Trump fires Scaramucci

Americans, get your shit together!
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>man gets hired
>man gets fired
Except the manbaby Lumpf fired him because the guy called him an idiot.
yeah, he's allowed to do that

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>he roleplays with his imaginary gf at night to help him fall asleep
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I just watch twitch streams or hulu
It feels good OP
>He imagines being loved
>He has imaginary conversations with his imaginary significant other

>you now vs you 5 years ago
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>you now
everything is shit
>you 5 years ago
everything was shit
In a fight? I'd mop the floor with him the fat cunt.

In terms of happiness and money, he has name beat though. He even had a gf and got laid regularly. Fucking cunt, she was perfect. Poor guy won't see the hurt coming though.
Miserable then, miserable now. Made tons of improvements; education, fitness you name it. At the core of my being I'm still just a miserable fuck though.

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>tfw depression was caused by excessive over-thinking
>all I had to do was turn off my brain and it would go away
>wasted 20 years of my life when the fix was that easy

So is this how normies do it? They just shut their brain off?

Really makes you (not) think
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you cannot shut your brain off anon thats why we are cursed
>So is this how normies do it? They just shut their brain off?

No, we do it by having lives so that we're not depressed.
so HOW do u turn off ur brain? That would fix most of my problems.

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is she cute?
is that a chad?
how can I defeat chad?
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>is she cute?

>is that a chad?

>how can I defeat chad?
you can't
She busted
He looks like a potato head Slav
You will never defeat Chad
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He looks like this dude's son

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Anon, why are you looking at my feet?
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They're fucking disgusting you ugly mutt. Put that shit away ya fat bitch lmao
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>Ugly 3d
>fat ass wide ass feet
sickening. tie a noose to a bridge railing, wear it and jump off desu

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>that guy who wears his backpack everywhere and acts like it's normal
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There's nothing wrong with carrying a backpack
I'm a lone wanderer OKAY.
maybe I ride a bicycle to work OKAY
maybe I like having a change of clothes and some water wherever I am. Maybe I don't want to go out smelling of your pig of a mom after I've fucked her, came all over her greasy body then rolled around her smearing everything on me while she cried out my name.
maybe I want to have a shower in your bathroom after I did the act. then I want to wear some clothes. maybe someone gives me a parcel and I need to carry it but want to keep my hands free.
how about that you jerk.
Looks like we found him boys

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>online friend blocked me because they got sick of my shit

You were really cool, it's a shame. All the best.

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That wasn't very nice of him, what happend, anon?
I don't really know and I'm honestly not that inclined to find out because I expected this to happen much sooner anyway. My guess is that I slip in insensitive comments by mistake because I'm an off the cuff kind of person where I'll just say whatever comes to mind. My other guess is they just got bored. Ill still miss them though.
You deserve it if you are rude.

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Are women capable of love?
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The Mother of God loves us all.
no. women are savages whose brains did not evolve.
Did Donald love his first 2 wives he cheated on and humiliated in public?

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What are you doing today, /r9k/?
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>when the friendzone is your endzone
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11am woke up
1110 browsed r9k, checked the news
1130 made a couple sandwiches
1145 rubbed some gel on my legs to stop the pain from running
1200 watched some youtube vids on photography
1300 put on some music and kept track and replied to my threads here and on /p/
1739 right now, will make food soon probably
Woke up, went to work. Looking forward to going home, getting stoned, and playing Splatoon

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or a guy

I know this is /r9k/, but show me what you got.

t. under bra and panties feeling/groping while cuddling and kissing.
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Well, i spilled my seed in her every morning and night for a few years, so all the way i guess?
A girl asked if she could come over to my house once in high school. I said now becuase I wanted to play video games and thought she was icky.
What's source on OP?
I've had sex with 6 different women, 11 if you count oral. I still find the light stuff (holding hands, peck kisses, cuddling, and boob grabbing) my favorite. I think I've had sober sex maybe 8 times, only really wanna fuck when drinking.

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>tfw eye floaters
>possible vitreous detachment or worse
Anyone else suffering with this shit?
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Yeah, I've had them for years and think nothing of them.
Sometimes I get weird black things at the corner of my eyes, its like a fly flying past the side of my face really quickly.
Its from staring at screens for too long
I've got tons of them. They're even starting to form a small web. I know there's a way to get rid of them but I don't have that kind of money.

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>20 years old
>Video games no longer bring me any joy
>toaster pc so barely even got to get into them
>Can only have fun doing dry, boring hobbies like lurking here
>Don't know how much more of life I can take
>Feel like I'm worth dirt
>Even literature got old
>Can't stay alive just working anymore
>Don't have anywhere to go, and can't make friends now that I'm out of highschool

I wish the USA had a different culture. I wish I could walk right up to someone's house and say, "Hello", but it's not that way, and it never will be.

I'm now existing as a tool for my mother to use, and I can't think of anything else to be
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>I'm now existing as a tool for my mother to use
Giving mummy her cummies?
no, and fuck your wasted get.
Is this a pic of Silky?

>tfw you will never live in capital wasteland
>tfw you will never explore the wastes with your beloved gf and dog
>tfw you will never put your mind to use to develop innovative and deadly weapons
>tfw you will never own a shack in megaton
>the you will never own and maintain your power armor

Hold me brothers
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knowing my luck, i'd be one of the ghouls.
With all my acne scars I look like a ghoul.
The vaults in fallout seem really comfy, I would love to live in one of them myself alone with unlimited supply of food and entertainment
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>tfw you will never enlist to join the enclave
>tfw you will never have an enclave officer gf while you're a standard trooper
>tfw you will never be tasked with setting up an outpost with your enclave officer gf along with your mind controlled deathclaw pet

Why even live? Also I unironically enjoyed fallout 3

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I'm going to get a Japanese gf and there's nothing you can do to stop me!
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Are you white? You'll be too big for her!
tell me how please i need one too
_I_ might not, but the world will
dreams never come true, anon, they never do

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