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>girl agreed to take my cuddle virginity
Am I still welcome on this board?
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It's already infested with failed normies anyways
>going to lose my eye contact virginity tomorrow
what am i in for guys?

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I'm a fuckin' neet, you don't get it do ya?
Government says you can't work for money so they hand it to ya
Got room service, get my tendies biiiiitch
Collect checks like I'm a bookie at Santa Anita
Tell your friends I'm taking their tax dollars too
Eatin' McDonald's, buyin' vidya gotta whole lot to do
Chris-Chan, bought two anime figurines
Still getting paid and I don't do a fucking thing
How you feel? How you feel? How you feel?
Ain't worked a day in my life, wagies work for every meal
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This is the best deal.
I'm a wagecuck and I love these threads
Keep up the good work OP
Roasties don't know how I feel

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Why haven't you quit playing video games yet /r9k/?
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Because they're one of the last things that make me feel like I don't want to die.
I've cut back on them immensely. I've used the time to play my guitar more and to work out.
Then I would have literally nothing to do in my free time apart from drinking

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What thoughts go through a girl's head when she posts a picture like this of herself?
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"I hope this gets Chad to notice and fuck me"
>Guys will masturbate to my picture and this makes me moist because I love attention more than dick

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>Tfw not racist because I actually talked and had black friends
>Tfw they turn every negative shit racist say into a joke because racists are morons
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This site is 18+. Come back when you're not 12.
>Tfw 30+
>No longer angry due to young man hormones

Come back when you're a grown-up
Irony. Racists have the mind set of a 12 year old.

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You don't really hate all girls do you anon? There's no way you haven't met at least one girl you think is a good person, right? Come on, tell us about her!
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some online none in real life
>You don't really hate all girls do you anon?
i dont hate 2D girls, no.
I work as bartender with a qt brown bartender next to me, great sense of humour and extremely sassy. I love her..but she is married. My life is just meant for suffering.

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There's this website that claims to be a 'lifestyle subscription service' that will send you things every month or so. It's mostly clothing; shoes, hats, jackets, shirts, pains, etc. There's also things like charging cables (iPhone), wallets, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, and other various things like that.

But then it gets weird.
They also will ship you an "identification bracelet," the purpose of which is unspecified, a hair bleach kit that says "BE HOLY LOT 0025 THE KEY BRB 7:51 PM 01/12/2017 BECAUSE I AM HOLY" on the side, and, um, a tattoo gun. They will literally send you a tattoo gun. I'm not sure if that's legal.

Oh, and everything's black. Even the soap. All of it. It's all black. There's some rambling nonsensical text scattered all over the place, even on some of the products. Their instagram is weird. I don't know.
It's like a goth Blue Apron but for clothing and tattoo guns and hair bleach.

what the fuck, /r9k/
Can someone help me figure this out? Is it a joke or something?
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definitely sounds like some cult initiation shit
you should try to join them and fuck around with the group
Why don't you show us the actual product before you start a shill thread?
I wouldn't suggest. If it's a murder/suicide cult, they'll kill you for that shit.

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>girl in my class is very talkative
>be me
>shy and depressed
>we smile to each other and talk regularly
>never done much and don't have her phone line
>nonetheless she seems to enjoy talking to me
>it's dance-hall time
>she's the first girl to even bother talking to me since I was 11
>completely ignore her for the last week of school before dance

I had one chance. Why didn't I take it, robots? She was the only girl who ever gave me attention. And despite my ills I could hold a conversation with her. Wtf happened? I still think about this every week.
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She never thought of you that way, you were just another orbiter, you didn't lose out on any chance because you never had one in the first place
I'm not so sure. She was a bit particular (still a qt) and single. And she was the one who almost always made the first step. I'm afraid I missed out bigly.
There's always another chance, anon.
If you run into her again, strike up conversation and set up a date.

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Chess Thread! Make a move, post the updated board.

http://www.jinchess.com/chessboard/composer/ to update the board.
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fuck off with your phishing website
Also, post chess related greentexts. I know some there are some chess loving autists on this board.

>be me, a boyscout
>go to summer camp
>dislike talking with people so I bring a chessboard
>cream all the normies in chess
>one kid named Will gets tired of losing
>he makes his own game
Rules for Will's Chess:
>Kings are snipers: can snipe any piece, only 3 shots
>Queens are suicide bombers: throw queen at board, any pieces knocked down are dead
>bishops are missles: launch a bishop to anywhere to obliterate all adjacent tiles
>horses are rabid: they infect any piece they capture, but die after 3 turns (rabid pieces are controlled by the player who infects them)
>rooks are bulldozers, move vertically/horizontally but can plow through opponents pieces
>black has million man march: once all main black pieces are destroyed black advances all its pawns forward until they capture or reach the back line.
It's not a phishing website, just the first one to come up on google. Use paint if you want.

What's the worst experience you've had playing for D and D?
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See you space duckboy
My character got captured, mutilated and turned into a rape slave by orcs.
>Someone made fun of me for giving my orc purple eyes

It was pretty weird

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Wisdom Wojak.jpg
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Who here has had their wisdom teeth out? If so, what was your experience like?
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I did, really miserable experience. Not so much the operation or the recovery itself, that wasn't too bad. But somehow or other through the operation, either my teeth or my jaw the dentist shattered them (I'm not exactly sure how it's done) to get the teeth out. Well after the recovery I kept noticing and feeling these chuncks and shards of bone in or protruding from my gums at the back. They hurt, caused irritation, and even would protrude out very sharp and cut my tongue or cheeks. I tried picking at them to get them out which was very painful and basicall ripping away the gum flesh to tear bone chunks out, and some even I had to go back to the dentist for.

It's been over a year now, and I can still feel one or two of the things still under my gums.
Did you have yours out at a dentist?
Went fine around 7 years ago, felt pure bliss on vicodin when I'm usually super worried about how I look and just sat around playing weebshit in the living room while kicking back in a recliner for a week, my biggest fear was developing dry socket but I never did. I feel worse after having fillings done.

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>tfw still play runescape 3
why do i play this game
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There's a part three?
I don't know. You have to have severe autism to play OSRS, but I at least understand the appeal. RS3 is simply utter dogshit.
Yeah, didn't you hear?
Runescape 3: Revelations
It's actually the prequel.

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Are you better looking than pic related?
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I could definitely beat the shit out of pic related, so, like, who cares?
I agree with this anon. I'm pretty sure anyone here could rip his anus out.
Nope. I'm unconventionally unattractive. Some pseudo 5/10 that isn't ugly enough to be repulsive, but so just enough that people aren't interested in me

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Any robots got wheels? What kinda car ya got?
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Just got my first car yesterday, 2017 Hyundai Ioniq. I like it a lot actually, gets 57 mpg city and doesn't look as wimpy as a lot of hybrids do.
Got a corsa c anon. what do you have?
I've got a 1998 jetta glx with a 12"in sub pushing 800amps gonna turbo probably in August

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Do you have a small penis, anon?
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Yes. Especially because I'm 6'1".

Yep. 4 inches.
Supposedly average, 5"5. Looks a bit bigger since I'm 5'7.

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