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Would you rather be a non-white equivalent of Chad or stay white?
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white chad>racially ambiguous chad>nig chad>you

I'd prefer to be Korean chad over White Chad
>become Chad or lose 20 IQ points

Thanks, but I'll stay white.

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Anon, I've got a couple of questions for you.
1. How old are you?
2. What had your parents accomplished by your age?

I'll start
>My mother was already married and had a child by 20.
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>My parents were already married, had a trailer house, and had me
That's about it really. More of their accomplishments came later in life once my sister was born. Still, it feels like they've done more. Oh well.
>father had done a year of military service and was studying economics
>mother had worked at some luxury brand and then started studying as well
>my parents got married at 22 and 24, in uni

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I want to fall asleep and live inside my dreams for the rest of my life.
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same the senpai
>ywn see her again because shes not real and she was just a dream

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but anon.. life is but a dream.. : )

Why are dumb people so opposed to the idea of using proven scientific methods to improve the quality of the population? It would seem to me that we even have a moral imperative to promote the dissemination of gene traits we deem valuable, and to suppress those we deem harmful. I'm not even trying to make this conversation about race, but traits. If a stupid person wants to have a child, we should prevent that from happening regardless of what their skin looks like.
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because genetics isn't so cut and dry as "stupid people mating equates to creation of more stupid people" regression toward the mean is a noticeable thing in genetics. perhaps you should be more careful about promoting eugenics when you would probably be subject to it yourself.
It's a good idea in theory, but there are already so many stupid people in the world that you'd hardly be able to put a dent in it. If you made these genetically modified ubermensch LEADERS, that'd be a different story
Autism is a defect. If we have no spergs we wouldn't have interesting things.

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What does a woman's clit taste like?
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Salty milk and copper coins?
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Semen mixed with a little rancid pussy smegma
Not like much, girlgoo is mostly kinda salty with a hint of sweet. Not bad at all but it's not a strong taste.

The Virgin Kiss
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>dat thigh gap
Shes a nazi
>image search
The thigh gap isn't Nazi

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How old were you when you realised there was more to life than life?
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Life is all there is for the human consciousness.
How can you be 100% certain on that when life itself is based purely on chemical reactions and man made math that isn't even 3,000 years old yet?
Because most people report seeing jackshit after dying and coming back.

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>day going ok
>about to go downstairs
>mother is awake
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Choke that bitch back to sleep then order a pizza
Seems like a really good day, maybe she will make you breakfast.
She will just nag and tell me to do shit.

She has the power over my life, she'll want to remind me of that as much as possible.

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In the year 2018, unfriendly xenos come to earth with firepower unmatched by our pitiful nuclear weapons. As an experiment, they kidnap each and every human but you to take to their planet. You are alone, save for the beady black eyes that stare down at you from above.
Last hummun on earth
Wat do
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I would kill everyone on Earth.
Go to a place with a bunch of stores and use their printers and computers to start printing out everything I can find on the internet before it dies.
I guess I'll fap.

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>you will never smell Chloe's shoes
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Is this game good? I played LIS but apparently there's not even any time travel in this one?

I like it better desu, the time travel is replaced with a 'bitch them out' mechanic that's fun to play with.
Still elements of magic and mystery but they replaced the gameplay mechanics Max had to better suit Chloe and it works pretty well

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Compton, with a crazy nigga called ice cube
You can't say nigga.

>orders a ham and pineapple pizza
>remove the pineapples before I eat
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You are dumb and also stupid for doing that.
not a very good thread imo !!!!!
OMG how could you do such a thing you ass hole!

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>tfw trapped in the 4chan hell


it's making me go insane but for some reason I keep coming back and spending hours here
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wow simply very very epic my dude
woah look at that get my dude very very nice
yes that was a good get but look at this get its gona be even better

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This homeless nigger just raped my pure breed British short hair cat,and now she's pregnant with his kids.

Now he keeps coming to my backyard even though I kick him out every time.

How to stop my cat pregnancy?
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Report yourself to the police for not following the mandatory spay-neuter laws in your jurisdiction.
>cucked by a cat
Ha ha hows it feel having a REAL TOMCAT fuck ur pussy cuckboi?

I'm a sad boy. Can I have a hug?
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only if you brought the arizona greentea
*gives hugs*
Yes. Also a kiss, if you want.

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