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I remember playing with dolls and shit when I was a kid, and girls would dress me up. Why can't this happen with women? Why isn't there any synergy?
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>that kid who always changed the school's computer backgrounds to memes
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>that kid who threw apples at random people in the lunchroom
That kid who couldn't shake hands and, as a result, remains unemployed to this day.
>that one EDGY kid who showed his shitty drawings to everyone

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>Taking a summer class on human sexuality
>"Fun" debate paper to be written
>"Should society enforce monogamy? Please use experimental experience to support your position"

It's not too often that you get to red pill a bunch of people. There are some scientific studies given, but I've only found 2 that really support my argument, like the fact that men with no wives/gf are more prone to criminality, how the family unit is the bedrock of civilization, etc.

Anyone know any other good sources? I'm not asking you to write my paper, just looking for more sources.
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/pol/ would eat this shit up
try there

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>my mom has a meetup with one of her old college friends
>I have to go with her
>her friend's daughter is going to be there
>mom tells me, "I'm letting you know ahead of time that she's really pretty so you won't be surprised, she's around your age" (I'm 21)
>yeah, I've seen pretty girls before
>the day comes
>she reminds me that this girl is really hot
>she shows me a picture of her in a bikini
>mom, what the hell
>we finally meet them
>yeah, she's pretty
>mom asks "what grade are you in?"
>"I'm going into 10th"

Long story short, I think my mom tried to set me up with a 15 year old girl. She was really hot though. I'd say 8/10.
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Go for it!
This is your chance anon!

Also your mum and her mum will back you up in court on the off chance goes south
No. I checked out her social media after. She seems like a regular teen girl. Not mature enough to have a relationship with.

Also I don't want to go to prison.
I beg you to give it a shot, ask your mum and her mum for help.

You can do this, so long as you're not horribly deformed or something.

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Phebbit is actually getting sucky now. Whats the new news aggregation site
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Heres the 2nd half of my blocklist
>using reddit
you need to go back forever
begone newfaggot cancer

whats the best dating app?

besides tinder
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No app will save you. In my experience Grindr is good though.
christian mingle

I think theres a few links outside. No app support though sadly.

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There is a cute spergy girl in my group project; how do I get her number to ask her out later?! We've only talked briefly a couple times before, but like 70-80% of it was just school shit. How do I do this without being a complete autist?
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i know this may not work, but if your even decently attractive and you just play it cool and say you find her interesting and would like to get to know her then just ask for her number and see how things go
Alright, I'll try that tomorrow. Ty.

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Yeah it's good. just watch real couple sex and you'll see. find those pics of orlando whatever his name is and katy perry nude at the beach. take a look at his dick.

Furtermore, studies have consistently shown that women don't care after 3 inches. this board just exacerbates and exaggerates people's insecurities.
>3 inches

Somehow i find that hard to believe

this place has fucked with people's perception of reality. guys think women care about big dicks because they care about big boobs. WRONG.

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Is boipucci a meme?
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Homosexuality is the ultimate shit meme, that the West has bought wholesale it seems.

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if you just don't touch your face and take these jew-pharma concoctions, then you can orbit me. Any non-pharma meme magic to get rid of this scam like eat cucumbers or something
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>be me
>read Wicca spell on a webpage
>Tells me to write how much inches do I want added on my penis, cum on it, and flush it down the toilet
>Do it
>Paper stuck in the toilet
>Fear for humiliation when the note is found when the toilet is unclogged
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Nothing is ever simple when you can't accept yourself.
Did it work?


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>be me
>be tonight
>be over 20, still living with my mom.
>On vacation with her, love her to death
>She has a massive drinking problem, her and her boyfriend always arguing
>boyfriend is fucking awesome, went to war, total badass
>Mom arguing with her bf all night tonight, bf finally got tired of it
>bf told her to leave, we are, supposedly
>Been crying about it since me and him are really good friends
>He's been teaching me how to do shit and my mom ruined one of his best friendships
>mom is an absolute bitch
What do? I'll probably be up all night. I'm moving back in with my dad tomorrow. if anyone has advice or some shit that would be appreciated. I can tell some stories of my mom in greentext format if anyone wants. it'll help get my mind off shit.
Pic related, it's me
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>love her to death
>mom is an absolute bitch
pick one OP, too bad your mom couldn't and ended up with you
Try talking with him through text, social media or email?

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>tfw live in the ghetto but ain't hood
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San Francisco is completely gentrified so I'm not sure you're actually in the hood anon
people like the niners outside that city too
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iktf anon:
>moved a lot as a kid, lived in Charlotte NC, some super White suburbs in NJ, then Atlanta but my parents always kept us away from the hood
>moved to Asia from like 9th grade and didn't come back to America until I was 19
>talk "white"
>hobbies are roguelike games, programming, playing guitar and piano, skateboarding, and reading literature
>didn't really ever listen to rap music
>i'm broke and live in the hood now
>every time i'm walking somewhere I catch the locals just giving me funny glances, or straight up staring at me in disbelief, or sizing me up like i'm a mark
>can't play basketball for shit
>I started wearing athletic clothes and those huge flashy shoes, listening to rap music, and trying to walk differently to blend in but i think most people can still clearly tell i'm not one of them
>try to avoid ever talking because my voice is a 100% giveaway
its an obscure feel man, but i feel your pain

>gib qt asian gf
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*Ibs orginal*

Would you date a girl who has a body like this?
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I'd date an overweight girl but not an obese one. That girl is morbidly obese territory.
Yeah sure

That's probably near my upper limit but as long as she plays video games I don't care
Only if she'd let me use her as a cushion

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